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Italy (/ˈɪtəli/; Italian: Italia [iˈtaːlja]), officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica italiana), is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. Italy covers an area of more than 300,000 square kilometers (more than 116,000 square miles), with a largely temperate climate. Due to its shape, it is often referred to in Italy as lo Stivale (the Boot).[1]

As of 2015, with 61 million inhabitants, Italy is the fifth most populous country in Europe. Also as of that year, Italy has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and the eighth-largest in the world.[1]

Italy is one of the various locations within Soul Eater that is directly based from its real world counterpart. In Soul Eater, it is the location where Medusa Gorgon initiated tests on her child, Crona, to perfect the Black Blood and the weapon Ragnarok. In these initial tests, Crona killed all members of the Materazzi, a criminal organization in Italy, then injured Soul Eater in the church Santa Maria Novella Basilica. Italy therefore was the location where Soul first gained the Black Blood, which would be important for Maka Albarn's development as a meister and the defeat of the Kishin.

Santa Maria Novella Basilica in Italy also is where Crona returned after killing Medusa and where Crona reunited with Maka before leaving to possess the Kishin on The Moon.

Italy is supervised by DWMA, previously by the Death Scythe, Justin Law, before his defection to Asura's army.

Key LocationsEdit

Santa Maria Novella BasilicaEdit

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Soul Eater Episode 7 SD - Santa Maria

Maka and Soul arrive at Santa Maria Novella Basilica

Santa Maria Novella Church is where Maka and Soul first meet Crona, Ragnarok, and Medusa. It was also an unofficial hideout of the Italian Materazzi gang before they are all killed by Crona.

Key Organizations and PersonsEdit


DWMA conducts frequent investigations in Italy, with the manga showing both of these investigations as related to Crona. As the Death Scythe of Europe, Justin Law would have had jurisdiction over the nation.


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Materazzi Peace


The Materazzi is a human criminal organization in Italy, which often met in the Santa Maria Novella Basilica at night. Despite their offences, the members were not considered evil enough to be on Shinigami's list.

A group of about fifty or sixty members were wiped out by Crona, who was influenced by Medusa to take their souls, in order to become a Kishin.

Sonson J.Edit

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Sonson J

Sonson J.

Also known as the Bloodthirsty Killer of Emerald Lake, Sonson J. was an evil human assigned by DWMA to be assassinated. His presence is what brings Maka Albarn and Soul Eater to Italy, where they kill the murderer before sensing the soul of Crona.


Demon SwordEdit

Wishing to perfect her experiments with the Black Blood, Medusa travels to Italy, leaving her child Crona to wander the streets, killing multiple residents and consuming their souls towards becoming a Kishin.

Meanwhile, after losing all of their souls following the inadvertent consumption of one of Blair's souls, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater accept a mission to assassinate Sonson J.. However, after her departure, Franken Stein receives information from Death that another dangerous killer is present in Sonson J.'s location, and this killer is on their way to becoming a Kishin. Worried for Maka and Soul's safety, Stein joins Spirit Albarn to follow after Maka to investigate this killer before they can harm Maka and Soul.

After completing her mission, Maka then senses the presence of a soul, a merging of meister and weapon. Curious and intending to follow the expectations of DWMA, Maka demands that she and Soul investigate.

Crona holding Ragnarok as a sword

Crona stands in Santa Maria Novella Basilica

Her constantly improving Soul Perception brings Maka to Santa Maria Novella Basilica, where she senses about 50 to 60 souls—until they all vanish, consumed by the merged meister/weapon soul. Although afraid at what awaits her, Maka opens the door and wields Soul against the threat, a person named Crona who possesses incredible strength and endurance, due to the presence of Black Blood in their body and the magical influence of a nearby powerful witch.

In the battle, Maka cannot get enough injuries against Crona, and each time she blocks with her scythe, the meister's demon sword Ragnarok injures Soul. Soul demands that Maka use him to block despite his injuries, but when she refuses, Maka leaves herself open to a fatal strike by Crona. With no other obvious options, Soul transforms into his human form, Ragnarok slicing into his chest. Not only does the injury cause significant blood loss that leaves him close to death, but Soul is now infected with the Black Blood, which will make him prone to Madness for the rest of the series.

Before Crona can kill Maka, they are knocked back by the just arrived Spirit Albarn and Franken Stein. After Stein tends to Soul's injuries, he and Spirit quickly disable Crona. As Medusa has been observing Crona's activities the entire time, she attacks Stein and Spirit long enough to remove Crona and escape. As Soul is injured and Stein cannot ascertain how dangerous is this unknown witch, the physician advises leaving Italy immediately to save Soul's life and to report to Death.

War on the MoonEdit

Much later, Crona is defeated by DWMA, added as a student to the Death Weapon Meister Academy on a trial basis. However, Crona is then taken back by Medusa, brainwashed until their memories are lost (although an encounter with Black☆Star reawakens the memory of Maka Albarn). Crona's Black Blood grows stronger in each attack, destroying a town in Ukraine and killing the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his meister Feodor. As Crona has returned to the path of becoming a Kishin, Death decides to add them to his kill list, ordering Spartoi to locate Crona and assassinate them. While the members of Spartoi debate whether they should follow Death's order, especially as Crona is a former friend of many of the group's members, Maka Albarn works with Soul Eater's augmented Death Scythe abilities to conduct a global search through Soul Perception, eventually locating Crona in Italy.

Soul Eater Chapter 90 - Crona hallucinates Medusa

Crona hallucinates Medusa while waiting for Maka in Santa Maria Novella Basilica

After killing Medusa, Crona escapes to Santa Maria Novella Basilica, mistaken as another person praying at the church, as Crona mumbles and hallucinates the reappearance of Medusa. Here, Crona intends to wait for this mystery person named Maka to locate them.

While Death the Kid and the Thompsons depart with the Death Scythes to battle Asura on The Moon, the remaining members of Spartoi arrive in Italy to search for Crona. Maka misleads many of her teammates to feign ignorance as to where Crona is located. When Ox Ford orders the group to break up into teams to locate Crona, Black☆Star, Soul, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa learn from Maka that Crona is hiding in Santa Maria Novella Basilica. The three friends wait outside while Maka enters the church alone, in the hope of convincing her friend to rejoin them in Death City. When Crona admits to killing Medusa and not understanding what crimes Death accuses them of committing, Crona intends to seize order for themselves by going to the Moon to consume Asura. Using Thorn Vectors to keep back Maka and Black☆Star during their escape, Crona flies to the Moon, eluding Spartoi.

While Black☆Star intends to chase after Crona, Ox and Harvar D. Éclair warn that they will not be fast enough to follow. Frustrated, Maka files a report with Death, while she and Black☆Star, as the two flying meisters, will follow Crona. As Kim Diehl is ordered back to Death City to negotiate an alliance with the witches against Asura, the remaining members will return with her and then go to the Moon via the Demon Airship. Before the team breaks up, Tsubaki passes out headbands she purchased from a local street vendor, which Soul and the others decorate with a soul symbol to show their unity despite physical separation.

Once their teammates leave, Maka and Tsubaki then remove a suitcase, in which they placed their previous outfits, intending to turn their back on the name "Spartoi" and ignore their order to kill Crona. Instead, with Soul and Black☆Star, they intend to bring their friend Crona back to Death City alive.


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