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"BREW" - The Tempest Arc is the eleventh major story arc in Soul Eater.This arc documents the battle between the DWMA and Arachnophobia on Lost Island, Alaska, to acquire BREW, a Demon Tool created by the sorcerer Eibon.



Notable InstancesEdit

  • Medusa's acquisition of BREW will be instrumental to her future plans to propose a truce with Shibusen to protect herself. In the manga, Medusa will use BREW as a bargaining chip to lead a mission of Shibusen students to destroy Arachne, while in the anime, Medusa will use BREW to prevent Shibusen from attacking her while she kidnaps Stein.
  • Upon Medusa's delivery of BREW to Shibusen, the organization will use it to defeat Arachnophobia and other threats. In the manga, Kid uses BREW to defeat Mosquito, then Crona uses BREW to trap Asura on the Moon. In the anime, Joe Buttataki uses BREW to make Death City into a mobile robot that allows Death to capture Asura.
  • This arc delves into Eibon's history with both Death and the witches, including how Arachne came upon his plans to create her own demon weapons.
  • Based on Kid’s dialogue—“So that’s the head of Arachnophobia, huh?”—this chapter is his first encounter with Arachne, or rather the image of her.
  • After this defeat, Black☆Star struggles with self-doubt, leading him to depart to the Nakatsukasa Clan's home in Japan so to adapt to Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword Mode.
  • This arc is the first time showing the series' other three-meister team in combat: Ox Ford with his weapon Harvar D. Éclair, Kim Diehl with her weapon Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, and Kilik Rung with his weapons Fire and Thunder. With Black☆Star and Tsubaki's absence in subsequent chapters, these meisters and weapons take on a larger role in those chapters.
  • Maka’s uncertainty whether Eibon is only a vision or actually present foreshadows the reveal that indeed Eibon had hidden himself away inside the magnetic field so to avoid interacting with the rest of the world.
  • Excluding his cameo with the other Eight Shinigami Warriors in Chapter 16, Chapter 35 is the first appearance of Eibon as he is usually seen, and the first time he is named as such.
  • Chapter 36 hints at Giriko and Justin’s development as partners following the Baga Yaga Castle arc: Justin’s desire to kill is stated directly but, typical for how calm Justin seems, rather subdued; and Giriko finds himself enjoying the fights against Justin.
  • This arc introduces Joe Buttataki, who Death brings to the Academy to provide assistance in response to this failure to acquire BREW. In the manga, Joe is retrieved due to Death's suspicions that the mission failed due to a mole within Shibusen. In the anime, Joe is retrieved because Death wants him to develop new technology based on the demon tools they have so that they may have technology to use against Arachne's BREW.
  • The anime version of this arc introduces Maka Albarn and Soul Eater's technique, Genie Hunter, which will not premiere in the manga until The Clown Arc, where it is known as the Demon-Hunt.
  • This arc reveals Soul's actual last name, Evans. More information about the Evans is presented in the manga in its Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc and its Salvage Arc; however, little additional information is provided in the anime.


  • The Yen Press translation capitalizes all letters in the word "BREW" for chapter titles to Volume 9. Many readers alternate in spelling "Brew" in all capital letters or capitalizing only the letter "B." 
  • The titles given for the additional meisters are "Pot Meister Kilik Rung," "Spear Meister Ox Ford," and "Lamp Meister Kim Diehl."
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Death the Kid refers to his father’s earlier appearance as “his hardcore days.”
  • Arachne refers to Brew as being the same as Eibon. The anime would interpret this idea so as to make Brew literally Eibon himself. The manga, in contrast, would leave Brew as an object primarily separate from Eibon, although both BREW and the Book of Eibon will be referred to Eibon himself.
  • Asura’s mad form resembles the larger form he would take upon consuming Arachne’s soul in the Soul Eater anime’s final episodes.


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