The 1000 Provisions (1000の項目, Sen no Kōmoku) are the 1000 demands the wielder of Excalibur must adhere to in order to obtain and continue to hold the right to be his partner. Only King Arthur[1] and Hero the Brave are known to have been able to fulfill this invasive requirement.[2]


In order to ensure that any potential wielder meets his desired calibre, Excalibur invokes a covenant between himself and the prospective applicant, which contains a total of 1000 required errands. Few fit the demands of a hero; by far most are based on the whims of Excalibur and might therefore even be hypocritical. Provision #452 stands out among all the others. It is the demand to attend a five-hour lecture by Excalibur about himself every single day. Excalibur's desire to narrate about himself is so great that he's willing to lessen the 1000 Provisions to 800 Provisions if Provision #452 will remain in effect.[1]

The known provisions that Excalibur demands of and inflicts upon his meisters:

  • No. 001: My mornings start off with a cup of coffee with cream[3]
  • No. 022: On a refreshing morning, start out with a refreshing greeting[2]
  • No. 058: Never talk to me when I'm humming to myself[3]
  • No. 075: Celebrate Excalibur's birthday in grand-style[2]
    • Excalibur considers every day to be his birthday, thus this task must be performed daily.
  • No. 172: Seek harmony[2]
  • No. 202: Only the grandest toilet is acceptable[2]
  • No. 278: Never put carrots in my meals[3]
  • No. 349: Meisters must eat everything, regardless of personal likes and dislikes[3]
  • No. 452: You must attend my five-hour story telling party[1]
    • The most important of all 1000 Provisions according to Excalibur.
  • No. 573: Always walk three steps behind me[2]
  • No. 578: The hero must never tell a lie[2]
  • No. 602: Food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients[2]
  • No. 667: You must praise Excalibur at all times[2]
  • No. 679: Always place a dehumidifier in your room[3]
  • No. 778: Never mail your mail without a return address and the proper postage, and don't call collect[3]
  • No. 998: When you order a package for home delivery, you must always use cash on delivery[3]


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