100 Years Ago (100年前, 100 Nen mae)[1] is one of the various transformations the Bloodsucker, Mosquito, possess.[2]


For this form, the muscles in Mosquito's upper body enlarge significantly, giving him the appearance of a huge spherical torso with giant muscular arms. He walks on his knuckles like a gorilla and all of his strength and manoeuvrability relies on his arms. His legs on the other hand, are still tiny and cannot even touch the floor. In the anime, he is quite large, towering over Maka and her friends in comparison to the manga, in which he is roughly the same size as them.[2][3]


This form is the weakest Transformation Mosquito has at his disposal. Despite this, however, even Death the Kid at the time remarked that alone he was unable to take on Mosquito as well as Maka's Team struggling with his power until establishing a Teamwise Soul Resonance via Soul's Piano.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Stinger (スティンガー, Sutingā): Mosquito is still capable of using his stinger in combat.

Curtain of Muscle (肉のカーテン, Niku no kāten; FUNimation "Muscle Curtain"): This acclaimed ability contributes to his durability, allowing him to take punishment from the likes of Maka/Soul's Witch-Hunt, Black☆Star/Tsubaki's Mode: Uncanny Sword Shadow☆Star technique, and Death the Kid/Liz & Patty's Demon Twin Guns.[5]

  • Enhanced Durability: Claimed to be Mosquito at his "toughest", this form's body is rather hard and can take punishment from Maka's Team with their Demon Weapons forms. Their attacks proved insufficient in dealing any lasting damage until they performed a Team-Wise Soul Resonance.[6]
Episode 35 - Weight from 100 Years Ago

Weight from 100 Years Ago.

Weight From 100 Years Ago (100年前の重み, 100-Nen mae no omomi): An attack in which Mosquito rolls over his opponents, sending them into the air in which he leaps and comes crashing down on his opponents with his heavy weight. This technique was effective enough to injure all of Maka's Team, who made the mistake of conviently lining themselves up for such an attack.[5]

Enhanced Agility:Despite his frame, he can condense and roll himself around similar that to a pinball as well as jump amazing distances into the air.[5]


Despite his durability, a powerful Chain Resonance has been seen able to penetrate through his defenses.[4] In addition, it seems Magic has a profound effect on him, with Free using his Icicle Fist spell to easily damage Mosquito.[7] And it seems that while he's unable to be injured by the Witch-Hunt, one of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister, he's still viable to the Demon-Hunt.


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