Demon Tool Soldier 2 is a Demon Tool Soldier employed by Arachnophobia and likely created by the Icon of Greed, under the guise of Eibon.


While presenting a serious demeanor, Demon Tool Soldier 2 seems to have an almost silly fixation on sumo wrestling, repeating it in the list of martial arts in which he is an expert. This fixation on sumo wrestling fake-out moves is so predictable that Kilik was able to handily defeat the large, fast, and seemingly more powerful Demon Tool Soldier with one uppercut to his chin.[1]


A towering figure, Demon Tool Soldier 2 is almost twice the height of Kilik Rung. He has a muscular build with elongated limbs, fingers, and chest, although his head is of average size for someone of such height.[1]

When first stepping forward to confront Kilik, Demon Tool Soldier 2 was without an Arachophobia cloak and mask, appearing humanoid but with features that were inhuman. For example, his face is mostly featureless, consisting of only eyes. His body is colored in a mix of light and dark shades, accentuating his muscles. Across his abdomen is a large image of the number 2, and his shoulders are decorated with the Arachnophobia logo.[1]

While it is likely that Demon Tool Soldier 2 was first dressed in an Arachnophobia cloak and mask when Kilik arrived in Tower Two, it is not yet known whether there are scenes in the manga showing the Soldier in this attire.


Demon Tool Soldier 2 is programmed in all of the world's martial arts, including boxing, karate, judo, Thai boxing, Russian sambo, kickboxing, and, as he repeatedly mentions, sumo wrestling. His boxing footwork is quick, his Thai boxing middle-kick is explosive, and his karate straight-punch is forceful.[1]


Upon infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle as part of a joint team composed of DWMA students and Medusa's Army to assassinate Arachne and destroy her organization Arachnophobia, Kilik Rung and his weapons, Fire and Thunder, dressed in one set of Arachnophobia robes. This odd appearance led Arachnophobia agents to assume the undercover meister was a Demon Tool Soldier. Hence Kilik was led into Tower Two of Baba Yaga Castle and its Demon Tool Soldier Waiting Room. Upon hearing explosions of his teammates destroying the other Towers' Demon Tool Locks, Kilik removed his disguise to prepared to fight.[2]

Kilik proceeded to use Medusa's Vector Boost attacks to disable multiple weapons. With almost all Demon Tool Soldiers disabled, Demon Tool Soldier 2 stepped forward to defeat Kilik. Upon learning how Demon Tool Soldier 2 was programmed in all the world's martial arts, the meister was excited for a formidable opponent, yet shocked at his speed and power, barely dodging the Soldier's attacks. However, as Demon Tool Soldier 2 predictably returned to a sumo fake-out, on the third such attempt, Kilik downed the Soldier with an uppercut to his chin.[1]

While it is possible that Kilik's punch to the Soldier was fatal, whether the Soldier survived and what happened to him after the dissolution of Arachnophobia is not yet known.


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