Addition Mode (加法, Kahō) is an offensive technique of the Infinite One-Sword Style.[1]


Immediately following the connection of a robust swing with the intended opponent, the user releases the used blade and before the enemy can recover from the momentary stun inflicted by the previous blow, he attacks once again utilizing one of the swords in the immediate vicinity. This process is then repeated a further eleven times in quick succession, from various angles and positions around the victim, ultimately leaving a total of twelve swords attached to their body. The extent of the injuries caused as a result of this technique, vary from minor to fatal, dependent entirely on how much the user desires to exact upon the target. However, regardless of the amount of damage inflicted, it can be doubled through the subsequent use of the Multiplication technique. As the held sword makes contact with the enemy, they announces aloud the number of the strike, as follows: "One Sword" (一本, ippon), "Two Swords" (二本, Nihon)..."Twelve Swords" (十二本, Jūnihon)[2]


  • The '本' used when Mifune announces the number of each strike, is actually a counter for long, somewhat cylindrical objects like pencils and — in this case — swords. So literally, Mifune would be interpreted as saying "one cylindrical object", "two cylindrical objects"..."twelve cylindrical objects". However, given the context, the translation of 'sword' is used instead.


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