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No matter how many of us your strike down, You will die here. Don't mess with the DWMA.

—Akane to Shaula, Chapter 42 (NOT!)

Akane☆Hoshi (星☆茜, Hoshi☆Akane, lit. Red☆Star) is a meister, E.A.T. Class student, an employee at DWMA Central Intelligence Agency, and partner to Clay Sizemore.[5] He is one of the major supporting characters in Soul Eater Not! as well as a supporting character in Soul Eater.


Akane's manner of dress evidently demonstrates his reserved and courteous disposition. Intelligent and sociable when circumstances require, he is usually seen smiling when in public, though not quite in the same quantity and respect as his partner. Akane is generally respectful to those he meets. As with his attire, he can be very formal in his manner of speaking and the way he conducts himself, to the extent that during simple acts such as sitting, he retains an upright position and rarely places his hands on a table, unless they are previously folded. Even when conversing with someone as familiar as Tsugumi Harudori, he calls her by her surname instead of her given name. He is additionally described as a perfectionist by Clay Sizemore.

Akane places considerable confidence in his abilities despite being a part of the NOT curriculum, though, this is because of him previously being within the EAT ("Especially Advantaged Talent") class. He has even failed to attend required fundamental lessons on some occasions, citing that he has no need for such basics as the only reason for his absence.[6] He also seems to have no trouble bargaining information for money.

Akane is able to tolerate uncomfortable circumstances, claiming he clears his mind of distractions, including his warm blazer even in warm temperatures.[7]

Clay claims Akane is afraid of Halloween and monsters. While this may seem to be a mistake on Clay's part, as his pranks on Akane do not provoke a frightened reaction, Clay may be accurate, as Tsugumi, around whom Akane lets his guard down, managed to put Akane into a catatonic state with her own monster mask.[8]


Akane is relatively tall and slender in stature, when compared to most of the other students who share a similar age, whose facial features are largely obscured by his medium-length, dark, shaggy hair and stylishly framed glasses. Strangely, as even with these glasses removed, his right eye remains normal, while the left is not. His fringe of hair appears to conceal this star shaped pupil, which would ultimately show his relation to the Hoshi Family. His typical attire consists of a simple black suit accompanied by a white shirt and solid black tie, which is further adorned by the presence of an ornate Shinigami tie clip. This clothing is completed by a simple pair of black leather shoes and a light-colored belt.[9]

In Soul Eater, Akane's appearance has changed drastically, forfeiting the entirety of the formality that once characterized him during his youth. While still retaining its original color and length, his dark hair has since been arranged into a prominent array of spikes, both directed towards and obscuring the left-half of his face, whilst still allowing his glasses to be seen. It seems that his regular uniform, while undertaking his routine duties, is now comprised from a pair of dark trousers and white t-shirt, worn under a short-sleeved jacket. This coat is emblazoned by two Shinigami emblems, the teeth of which run down the entire length of its front, with a further pair of stars depicted upon either shoulder. He typically wears this jacket open with its collar upturned, while multiple black bands encircle both of his lower forearms.[10]


During his tenure as a undercover N.O.T Class student, Akane's performance on the athletics test by Sid's admission placed him not only on top of the N.O.T Class but even had beaten out most of the E.A.T Class.[11] Furthermore, Akane proved physically capable enough to have fought against Shaula Gorgon (with Clay's demon great sword form on hand) and countering her attacks. Anya attributed their victory in defeating Shaula from Akane and Clay's assistance while Meme remarked doubted they would have beaten Shaula without their assistance.[12]

During the battle on the Moon between DWMA and the Clown Army, Akane was capable of holding his own with White Rabbit and was remarked to be a worthwhile challenge by the clown.[13]

Statements from guidebooks

Akane and Clay are mentioned to have "exceptional fighting ability" among the N.O.T Class and are exceptional enough in DWMA Central Intelligence Agency for it's higher ups to have confidence in their abilities.[14]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Akane and White Rabbit fight

Akane fights against White Rabbit.

Great Sword Meister (グレートソード職人, Daiken Shokunin): Akane specializes in the usage of a great sword and primarily used his weapon partner's form, the Demon Great Sword. His proficiency is enough to use the sword to counter Shaula's magical attacks[15] and skillfully hold his own against White Rabbit, despite being at a disadvantage. The aforementioned Clown praised his skill for such a feat.[16]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Akane in particular has a powerful enough of a Soul Wavelength to control and use offensively.[17]

Chapter 4 (NOT!) - Akane dispatches a Traitor

Akane uses his martial skills to dispatch a traitor.

Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu): A skill notably taught by his family, Akane is proficient in using martial arts in both non-lethal and lethal means as the art focuses on using the old known lethal ways to kill an opponent.[18] His skill was great enough to dispatch a traitor with a single strike.[19]

  • Judo (柔道, Jūdō): Akane has knowledge in how judo originally started and was implied to have learn the old tradition of judo in which he was taught the style that was lethal and was another method to kill.[18]

Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu Jutsu): Akane possess assassination skills learned from his family.[20]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Akane possess a great level of athleticism, his training and abilities making him the top of the N.O.T Class (as well as one of the most esteem E.A.T Class students).[11]

  • Enhanced Speed: Akane is also an incredibly fast individual. He possessed enough speed to appear to take Meme's kick for Anya in a second despite being at a distance from her,[21] was noted by White Rabbit to be a quick individual when he appeared from behind the Clown to in front of him to protect the Eternal Spring Demon Tool,[22] and in the anime easily caught up to Anya simply by jumping and was even ahead of her.[23]
  • Enhanced Durability: Akane is a durable individual, being durable enough to take two direct hits from the Clown, White Rabbit. While the first hit pushed him into a wall and emerged with no visible injury, the second hit was able to create a minor injury, though the situation called for him to be voluntarily struck.[22] He also withstood a kick from a mind controlled Meme Tatane, who possess enough strength to send both him, and Anya into a bookcase and destroy it.[21]

Investigation: Being a member of DWMA's central intelligence, Akane possess remarkable skill in investigating and tracking down other witches in his work enough to be considered a trusted asset among the higher-ups of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[24]

Weaponry: A capable meister, Akane is familiar with other sorts of weaponry such as a halberd, although how much is unknown.[25]

List of special movesEdit

Wavelength Control techniques
Shaula Blocks Akane's Soul Menace

Soul Menace

  • Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i): A technique that creates an electrical-like force using his own wavelength, his is capable of cracking concrete[26] and provide enough force to push back Shaula some distance, whom had block the technique.[27]
Soul-Sensing Abilities techniques
  • Soul Perception (魂感知能力, Tamashī Kanchi Nōryoku): Akane's possess this soul sensing technique. His precision is precise enough to sense Asura's presence in meters when the Kishin rendered himself invisible to other's eye sight with his Madness of Fear.[28]


Akane was born in an old family dojo in which was ran by his family and was the main house of a special family in which it's off-shoot branch were known as the Star Clan. Rigorously taught in his family's special martial art form, the Old Ways and Art of Assassination, he would eventually join Death Weapon Meister Academy and DWMA Central Intelligence Agency in order to help people with the skills he had been taught, though not before adopting glasses that suppress his particular glare.[29]


Introduction arcEdit

Acting upon his mission in infiltrating the NOT class to secretly protect Anastasia (under the alias of "Anya Hepburn"), Akane attends the entrance ceremony at Death Weapon Meister Academy, seating himself alongside the other NOT class students.[30] Shortly after Sid's dismissal, Akane and Clay chances upon a skirmish occurring between Anya and Tsugumi against Hao and Raid. Akane stops his partners and asks him to hang back to see what the two care capable of doing despite his partner's reluctance.[31]

He then proceeds to attentively watch the fight in its entirety, even going as far as to push those blocking his view out of the way at one point when he found that Tsugumi Harudori's weapon was a halberd. When the confrontation ends quickly, he and his partner is notified to get the school nurse.[32]

In an anime-only scene, Akane and Clay come upon a job application submitted by the NOT class trio and contemplate working there alongside them or to simply get coffee there everyday. However, Clay accuses him of enjoying their current assignment.[33]

Choosing to seek employment at Master's Café (also known as Deathbucks Café), Akane and Clay are greeted with the familiar faces of Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn, where the pair then exchange introductions with their fellow students. Questioned about their reasons for attending a part-time job, Akane asserts that Clay spent their entire allowance on playing games, something which Clay attempts to refute but is prevented from doing so due to a quick glance from his meister. After changing into their respective waiter uniforms, the motivated pair begin to attend to their duties, while remaining worried about both Tsugumi's and Meme's attempts. During a short coffee break, Akane remarks about the deliciousness of his drink causing Clay to ponder the café's need to hire part-timers in spite of this, however, this thought is interrupted by the arrival of Ox Ford, with Akane explicitly referring to him as "senpai".[34]

Seeing out the rest of the week, both Akane and Clay receive their pay and thanks from the café's Master at the jobs conclusion.[35]

Overhearing Sid's conversation about another traitor-related incident, both Clay and Akane request to deal with the traitor by scaring the other off with their skill. Later, the duo confront the strange traitor. Attempting to scare off the man by pointing the sword at his head, Akane tells the man to give up. To his surprise, he leans over and attempts to retaliate, only to be beaten by a single blow from Akane.[36]

Arriving late to their scheduled class, Akane applauds Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans's performance, before blaming his tardiness on Clay goofing around at the arcade again. Akane then proceeds to privately recount today’s events to Sid, noting that he took the precaution of placing the strange individual in confinement, due to the circumstances surrounding his abnormal behavior being unknown.[37]

Appearing just in time to prevent Shaula's servant from inflicting further harm on Anya, Meme, and Tsugumi, Akane and Clay intervene as the former uses Soul Menace to separate both parties. Akane informs the traitor that they're not fighting agents of the DWMA and asks the assailant to leave, declaring her won't find much of a challenge with them. Seeing the traitor leave, both Akane and Clay takes them back to their dorm.[38]

How To! arcEdit

Encountering a solitary Tsugumi as she wanders the corridors between lessons, Akane enquires about the unusual absence of her companions Anya and Meme, resulting in him being told that they are currently in a class exclusively for meisters in response. Questioned as to why he also isn't attending, Akane asserts that they are just teaching the basics, so his presence isn't really required. Hearing this, Tsugumi timidly proposes that they speak with one another if time allows.[6]

Arriving at a restaurant, the two converse on the principal reasons a meister would attend the DWMA. Explaining that all meisters have different reasons, he surmises some meisters attend for career opportunities and explains how the DWMA is funded and that they evaluate students based on their spending habits. He also details that others also desire to be a international hero. When Tsugumi asks Akane's reasons for joining the DWMA, he reveals the reason: he was born in an old dojo that taught the Old Ways and art of assassination and was the progenitor of the branch known as the Star Clan, a clan of assassins that killed anyone for money and was destroyed by the DWMA for breaking the rules. After showing her his particular glare, he then further explain he thought it best to use it to help others and hopes to move into the EAT class.[39]

As Tsugumi began to state that she is worried about a lack of motivation in being in the academy, she frantically apologies for "saddling" the other with her personal problems, the male responding with the fact she is cute. Akane then asks if she wishes to try out for the EAT class. Though Tsugumi strongly rebuffs the suggestion, Akane replies with the fact that he would protect her form whatever threats may come and then asks her to be his partner.[39] Akane then reveals that he was joking, telling Tsugumi there's no need to rush to find a reason since she has been in the academy for two weeks. Before leaving, he also tells her that if she didn't find a reason to stay after a year, he'll help her figure out a reason.[40]

During the day of the Athletics Test for the NOT class, Akane manages to score a 6.32 with his partner about 4 seconds behind him, earning the admiration of the girls of the NOT class and beating out not only the NOT class by far but even most of the EAT class's score though his partner warns to not overdo it. During the test, he intently watches Anya and even Tsugumi, a fact the latter doesn't recognize. After the end of the tests, he gives Tsugumi some encouragement as he tells her that she did her best and will be fine despite not having found a definitive reason for being in the academy.[40]

Traitors arcEdit

Sid calls for both Akane and Clay as they head to the Death City's holding area for inmates as they investigate the Traitor incident. Arriving at the holding area, it is breached by Shaula's servant, who has managed to kill the suspect in custody that was knocked out by Akane and Clay days earlier. Sid tasks Clay and Akane with chasing the murderer while Sid checks out the crime scene.[41]

Jot! arcEdit

Preparations! arcEdit

Death Fest arcEdit

Hunt arcEdit

Chapter 90 - Akane and Clay CIA

Akane and Clay, now members of the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency

After a disembodied Tezca Tlipoca identified the moon as a potential place of residence for the Kishin, Asura, and with the confirmation of this suspicion due to Maka Albarn's Soul Perception ability, Shinigami orders that preparations be undertaken in anticipation for the final confrontation. With Franken Stein assuming command over the entire operation, Sid goes and instructs both Akane and Clay to provide assistance.[10] When meeting Noah and Gopher, they completely ignored them. They told them they are free to go in as long as both follow them. As Akane entered, he felt the "madness" leaking out and had a bad feeling. When they met up with Sid, he was surprised to see Noah and Gopher with them. Akane told Sid he was "using" them, as Noah said that "they" were using them. As Sid reached the end of the cave, they found a pitch black pit. Sid dropped a flare which woke up Asura. However, it was only a hallucination; hence proving that Asura is there.

War on the Moon arcEdit

War on the Moon II arcEdit

Dark Side of the Moon arcEdit


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