"Well now, that's good news. With that Witch's power, there will be no one who'll challenge the family no more!! You know?"

— Don Al Capone to the Mafia in "Prologue 2: Black☆Star"

Al Capone (アル·カポネ, Aru kapone), known by the epitet "King of the Underworld",[1] was a gang leader of his own making who intended to harness Angela Leon's witch soul for his own gain. He along with his mafia family were killed by Mifune.[1]

Cultural References

Al Capone was an infamous organized-crime boss most active during the 1920s. He was often seen with a hat drawn similar to how it's displayed in the series and smoking a cigar. He was also involved in smuggling and the bootlegging of liquor (banned during the Prohibition) and was in control of a prostitution ring. He was eventually convicted of tax evasion. The word "alcohol" written on Al Capone's hat alludes to the real Al Capone's role in bootlegging during Prohibition in the 1920s, when alcohol production and sale were outlawed.[3]


Being a mob boss, Al Capone is domineering and power-hungry, and takes pleasure in exhibiting his wealth, preferring to eat in luxurious banquets while sporting several rings and smoking cigars. He dislikes anyone who stands in his way to power and commands them to be eliminated immediately. He does not fight himself, unlike most Evil humans, and prefers to leave the dirty work to his henchmen. He frequently ends his sentences with, "you know?".[1]


Al Capone appears very much like a human, taking on the shape of a short portly man with slightly dark skin; a faint mustache; and close-cut, black hair. He has a wide mouth lined with sharp teeth, as with most Evil humans, and large eyes with small pupils that seem only half-open. His eyes have bags beneath them, making his eyes look ringed akin to a raccoon's. He is dressed in a suit and a hat with the Japanese kanji for "alcohol" emblazoned on the top of it. He is frequently seen with a cigar in his mouth and has a variety of expensive-looking rings on his right hand.[1]


He made himself known as a infamous gang leader under the title "King of the Underworld" in and at some point made himself a target on Shinigami's List. He also recently began having his Mafia family track down a particular witch.[1]


Prologues arc

Soul Eater Prologue 2 - Capone dead

Don is killed by Mifune.

As Al Capone is in a meeting in which he discusses "rubbing out" those who disrespects his organization, Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in her chain scythe weapon transformation make their "entrance" as Black☆Star announces they're there to assassinate him. However, Don's men pull out their weapons and began shooting at the duo, prompting them to disappear. He is later approached by one of his henchmen, informing him that they manage to track down a particular witch. Al Capone states that it is good news and that with the witch's power, they'll be no one of challenge his gang.[1]

Later, him along with his men arrive at Demon Castle Cinder where the witch lives. However, they all spot Mifune guarding the entrance to the castle. Mifune then questions on why the "King of the Underworld" is there and even states that depending on his answer, he will kill him. Not amused, he orders his henchmen to "rub him out".[1] However, the attempt fails and Al Capone ends up killed by Mifune.[1]


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