Alexandre (アレクサンドル, Arekusandoru) is the Meister to Dengu Dinga, Death's Weapon in charge of Africa.[1]


Being a polite individual, he's self-less, as he was willing to sacrifice his own life for DWMA.[2] He is also capable of taking his superiors advice for inspiration such as being inspired by Spirit to live on and fight rather than embracing death for a worthy cause and willing to protect comrades such as Death the Kid.[3]


Alexandre is completely bald and wears white war paint in the shape of a keyhole on his face, with none of his partner's piercings. He wears a black sleeveless vest over his chest with various bandages wrapped around part of the right side. A version of Death's old skull mask can be seen on his belt, and wears two bangles. Like his partner, he also sports a skirt with hieroglyphs, on which another black skirt is, and has four black lines tattooed on his right shoulder.


As a partner of a Death's Weapon, it is assumed that Alexandre is one of DWMA's more proficient Meisters. His exact level of power and skill remains relatively unknown.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Meister (職人, Shokunin): Alexandre is a proficient Meister skilled with an axe. He was able to fend off and killed countless Clowns during the battle on the Moon despite feeling fatigued overtime from their regenerative abilities. He also was skilled enough to battle against the Galoot Clown despite it's superior size.[3]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Per being a Meister, Alexandre is capable of controlling his own Soul Wavelength.[4]

  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): Alexandre is capable of sending his wavelength into a Demon Weapon, allowing it to amplify it and send it back, and then repeat the process to perform specialized techniques.[4]

Enhanced Conditioning: Alexandre was capable of fighting the Clown Army alongside with his fellow DWMA comrades for long periods of time.[2]

Enhanced Speed: Alexandre was fast enough to move and leap into the air to use Light Refraction against lasers from Moonlight despite the lasers having moved first prior.[3]

Enhanced Agility: He is shown able to leap incredible distances into the air.[3]


Partnered with Dengu Dinga

Rainbow Axe (虹の斧, Niji no Ono): With the Rainbow Axe on hand, Alexandre is capable of using it's form to cut opponents and utilize light-based techniques.[3]

Chapter 95 - Alexandre and Dengu use Rainbow


  • Rainbow (レインボー, Reinbō): A powerful overhead swing, resulting in the creation of a distinctive rainbow-like trail that follows the axe-head's previous movement. This semi-circular arc not only allows the normally blunt axe blade to actually cut a target, but it also greatly increases the cutting area of the axe itself, as the arc is significantly wider than the original axe-head.[3]
  • Light Refraction (光屈折, Kōkussetsu): A defensive, Soul Resonance technique used to bend/alter light itself. It can be used to alter the trajectory of incoming beam-like attacks. However, the technique can only protect one point at a time.[4]


War on the MoonEdit

Alexandre flew with an army of DWMA soldiers to the moon. When they close, the airship was attacked by the clown, Moonlight. With being attack from all side and his weapon wanting to protect the ship, Alexandre used his weapon and performed a soul resonance and repelled the attacks. However, the clown then attempted to hit the backside, though he failed.[citation needed]

The DWMA eventually landed on the moon and began fighting against the clowns. Together with Zubaidah and their Jinn Galland, Alexandere and Dengu fought against a giant clown. By means of the soul resonance Rainbow the clown they could cut off a leg and the clown was then finished off by Zubaidah and Jinn's soul resonance attack. However, the clown would then be revived.[citation needed]

Witch TrialEdit

As the Airship was now taking off back to Death City and was under attack, the meister used his weapon's capabilities to defend the airship.[citation needed]

War on the Moon IIEdit

Dark Side of the MoonEdit



  • Unlike usual partnerships where the weapon follows the Meister, Dengu Dinga takes the lead in their Meister/Weapon partnership. He also refers to Dengu as "Dengu-sama".[4]


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