Alfred (アルフレッド, Arufureddo) is a butler for House Yngling.[1]


Alfred appears as a young man dressed in the attire of a classical butler.[1]


Alfred is know to be extremely formal and friendly, as evident of his treatment to Anya. He's also is very courteous to the point even when he grabbed the Anya's bags as she was going to carry herself and she expressed gratitude, he was seemingly confused on why she thanked him.[1] Due to his status as a butler, he is shown willing to put the safety of Anya at a high priority, despite any protests from Anya herself.[2]

However, even Alfred possesses a quirk to him. He once stated the reason he drove so erratically as part of his defensive driving was because he wanted to be a hero in an action movie.[1]

Special Abilities

Royal Martial Arts (イヤル武術, Iyaru bujutsu): Alfred is a capable combatant using a medieval-like styles of fighting, being proficient enough to have fended himself from a recently infected Traitor with a single strike.[3]

  • Royal Karate (ロイヤル空手, Roiyaru Karate): A special variation of Karate practiced within those of House Yngling, Alfred has a level of proficiency with this martial art style.[3]

Defensive Driving: He is also proficient in defensive driving, with him stating the reason is due to him always wanting to be a hero in an action movie.[1]


Death Fest arc

Alfred arrives at Death City to pick up Princess Anastasia after the revelation of the danger present within the city by Shaula Gorgon. He helps her with her bags and escorts her out of the city with DWMA Intelligence Agency agents Clay Sizemore and Akane☆Hoshi at his side. He is also present when Mira Naigus, assuming Sid's position, tells the two agents to not to look for revenge on account of Sid Barrett's death.[4]

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 38 - Alfred drives away

Alfred using defensive driving to get away from Traitors.

Maneuvering through traffic, the Traitors begin their assault on Death City. With the clear and present danger it poses to Anya, Alfred follows Akane's order to drive, resulting him making hasty movements with the car much to Anya's surprise. When Anya questions his reasoning, he states he always wanted to be the hero of an action movie.[5] Unhappy with the idea of leaving Death City, Anya demands Alfred to turn the car around and resorts to covering his eyes, causing him to swirl out of control and hit a tree, totaling the car.[6] Alfred later follows both Akane and Clay as they head back to Death City to support the NOT trio. He encounters a Traitor, using Royal Karate to defend himself. He mysterious hears the Bell Tower ring, with Akane sensing a Witch with his Soul Perception.[7]

In the aftermath of Shaula's attack on Death City, Alfred and Anya make their way back to Yngling Castle to report the ordeal that took place in the town.[8]


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