Alone (アローン, Arōn) was a wolfman formerly the Immortal Clan member who attempted to become a Kishin.[1]




Alone's appearance

Alone, in comparison to Free, almost has no hair on his body. In fact, he is emaciated and his bones are visible. His head's hair is light grey and in the form of a horse's tail. There is a screwed piece of metal on his nose. He seems to have no teeth, but a part of his skin forms angular shapes at the mouth, suggesting these as teeth appear. His eyes are a golden colour. The clothes he has on are red, ripped shorts, whose belt looks like a purple dog collar with spikes. On his hands he has two bolt-decorated violet bracelets, holding two blades that extend over his hands.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Wolfman Physiology: Alone possess both human and wolf-like qualities per being a Werwolf.[2]

  • Transformation (変身, Henshin) (Former): Alone formerly possessed the power to transform into a Human and Wolfman at will. However, after consuming Human souls, he lost the ability to revert to his Human form.[2]
  • Immortality (不死, Fushi) (Former): A member of the Immortal Clan, Alone formerly possessed the ability of being immortal. According to Death the Kid, he lost his ability when he began consuming Human souls.[2]

Wind Wolf Fist (風狼拳, Kaze ōkami Ken): A style of fighting in which revolves around the usage of wind. Unknown if magic or a special power as a Wolfman, Alone's proficiency with this skill allows him to attack with the use of wind alongside his claws.[2]


At some point, Alone lusted for power and began consuming Human souls. However, doing so resulted in him losing his clan's infamous Immortality and human form as a side effect.[1]


Monotone Princess arcEdit

Shortly after Nars' defeat by Death the Kid, Alone arrives and seals the Soul Cocoon and escapes. Due to this, he becomes a person of interest towards Death Weapon Meister Academy, believing him to be the mastermind behind the Soul Cocoon.[1]


  • He is the only character of Monotone Princess whose sketches are not included in Soul Eater Soul Art. Instead, one Tatari is present among the Monotone Princess pages.


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