The Amazon basin is a part of South America where the Amazon river is drained.[1]


The Amazon basin includes dense foliage, perfect for Arachne to hide the location of Baba Yaga Castle, headquarters for her organization Arachnophobia. The large number of trees and other vegetation also hides the spider sensor threads Arachne and her organization have left throughout the Amazon basin so that, if tripped, they are alerted to the intrusion of potential threats. The foliage is so thick that Medusa had to use her Vector Arrows to cut a path for her DWMA students to walk to the hidden location of Baba Yaga Castle.[2]

Because the Amazon historically was the site of numerous mining endeavors, tunnels are found near the location where Medusa's DWMA students leave their boat on the famous Amazon River to Baba Yaga Castle. One such mine tunnel is a path Medusa used to travel undetected to a secret entrance into Baba Yaga Castle, and this tunnel is marked with symbols that resemble Medusa's own Vector Arrow.[2] Other elements of a previous mining endeavour may also be present in the Amazon basin, as when Mosquito first brought Arachne to Baba Yaga Castle, there was a train tunnel and train tracks nearby.[3]

Some of the river near Baba Yaga Castle in the Amazon basin has been polluted as a byproduct of Arachne's magic nearby. This river pollution then mutated nearby animals, plants, and fungi, with patterns resembling spider webs appearing in the water, on plant leaves, and on mushrooms. One animal mutated by this pollution, the Squid(?), was a threat to any intruders into the basin, as Medusa and her DWMA students learned until their combined magic and attacks killed the animal, its soul later claimed by Death the Kid.[2]

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Trial Enrollment ArcEdit

Following her resurrection in Loew Village, Czech Republic, the witch Arachne met with Giriko and Mosquito to travel to her castle, Baba Yaga Castle, hidden from the DWMA in the Amazon basin. With their former head revived, Arachophobia becomes active.[3]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle ArcEdit

The DWMA sends its soldiers and students to the Amazon basin, armed with the location of Arachnophobia's headquarters, Baba Yaga Castle, as provided by Medusa. As part of her deal to provide the DWMA with the location of Baba Yaga Castle and to bypass all of the spider sensors, Medusa is put in charge of the mission, leading Maka Albarn and other DWMA students undercover into the castle. Death, suspicious of Medusa, assigns additional students and staff to the Amazon basin, some without Medusa's knowledge. Azusa Yumi joins Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus's advanced operations soldiers, using her Thousand-Mile Eyes to keep an eye on Medusa between the rainforest's edge and Baba Yaga Castle in case it is necessary to assassinate Medusa. Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa join Sid and Mira's group later but defy orders to approach the castle directly, confronting and eventually killing the samurai Mifune. As well, likely because the Amazon basin is part of his justification as Death Scythe, Tezca Tlipoca with his meister Enrique followed Medusa into Baba Yaga Castle, protecting Maka Albarn and Soul Eater against Medusa's attempts to kill the two after possessing the soulless corpse of Arachne.[4]

After Maka Albarn killed Arachne, the DWMA was able to defeat most of Arachnophobia, although at least one member was hidden from either arrest or death.[5]


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