If your "duty" means abandoning your friends who are in danger and handing over your body and soul...then you should toss that crap into the sewer where it belongs!!

—Anastasia to Akane, Chapter 39 (NOT!)

Anastasia Yngling (アナスタシア・イングリング, Anasutashia Inguringu) is a princess hailing from the esteemed House Yngling[6] who ran away from home and joined Death Weapon Meister Academy to better learn more of the common people. Joining the academy under the alias of "Anya Hepburn" (アーニャ・ヘプバーン, Ānya Hepubān) she is presented as one of Tsugumi Harudori's candidates for a meister.[1]


Coming from a wealthy and dignified background, Anastasia initially came off rather unfriendly and condescending, having feigned disinterest in being a partner to Tsugumi despite having found her to be the epitome of what she sought in "common people". She also showcased herself to be rather blunt and judgemental, being unafraid to call Hao and Raid "vulgar slobs" and expressing disappointment in Tsugumi's meek personality disallowing her to initially transform.[9] Anastasia also doesn't showcase positive emotions towards the various things that actually pleases her, often pretending to be disinterested especially in front of Tsugumi.[10] Through her seemingly cold exterior, Anastasia genuinely wishes to learn how to better interact with those whose backgrounds aren't as well off as herself and enjoys more simple opportunities such as being a waitress[11] or working as a committee member[citation needed] than her duties as a princess.[citation needed]

However, Anastasia has some flaws of her own; of her own admission, Anastasia can come off rather distant to others due to her awkwardness between being formal and casual around friends[12] She is also ignorant to the ways of the world due to her sheltered life, making her unable to realize when she is being scammed.[13] Her pride can also get the best of her at times, having challenged and fought against Liz and Patty even when presented with a clear disadvantage.[14]

Despite being far more serious than either of her teammates, she possess some quirks and eccentricities herself. She is formal to the point of being unable to drop honorifics without inadvertently insulting another[7] She also possess a prodigal nature to the point of seeing $200 as a small amount of money[15] and is easily impressed by tasks usually considered mundane or usually done by more common people.[citation needed] Tsugumi also once teased Anastasia for being a glutton.[15]


Anya wielding Tsugumi's demon halberd.

Anya is a slim fourteen-year-old girl. She has deep blue eyes and long blonde hair going way beyond her shoulders curling up a bit at the end, fitted with a white frilly headband. Her outfit is of a long white blazer with puffed up shoulders, with a blue line going across each sleeve. A single blue line also goes down her blazer from her left shoulder right down to the hem, where it is crossed by another blue line going across. Until Episode 2, she wore her family brooch, with the family crest in the blue part of the brooch. She also has a white cross stitched on her blazer's collar, and as of Chapter 4 of the manga and Episode 2 of the anime, she begins wearing a DWMA brooch, that of a cross with Shinigami's mask on it. Beneath her blazer, she wears an extravagant pleated white dress which fans out a little at the knees and white leggings and white Mary Jane-style shoes with small crosses embroidered on them. She also wears cross-shaped earrings.

When working part-time at Deathbucks Cafe, she wears its waitress uniform. She wears a small cap in the shape of an upside down Shinigami's mask, along with a dress shirt sporting tied puffy shoulders and black ribbons along with a large extravagant polka dot bow tie. Above that, she wears a well-fitting black dress held up with suspenders, tied with a ribbon behind her back and with cross-stitches on the front. The skirt fans out at her thighs and has a white stripe going across the bottom. She wears white knee-length stockings and black shoes. In this outfit, she also wears her hair up.



Anastasia proved to be superior to fellow NOT students, Raid and Hao, in combat with their respective weapons though was confident in her abilities to fight them without one regardless.[1] Anastasia also managed to gain the disarm and gain the upper-hand against a brainwashed Meme in a battle using Tsgumi's demon halberd transformation.[16]

However, she proved incapable of prevailing against Shaula's servant.[17] Furthermore, even with the help of her team, Shaula proved to be far too powerful for them, the witch claiming she can match any number of NOT students.[18]

Special Abilities

Royal Martial Arts (イヤル武術, Iyaru bujutsu): Anastasia has been taught by trainers affiliated with Yngling family in various medieval-like combat arts and proved herself skilled enough to battle.[2]

  • Royal Karate (ロイヤル空手, Roiyaru Karate): Anastasia's main offensive art when unarmed. Characterized by a stance with fists up almost like a boxing position and the left foot is pointed forward while the right foot turns 45 degrees toward the right, she is capable enough to have fended off Shaula's servant in combat for a few moments.[2]
  • Royal Joust (イヤル槍術, Iyaru sōjutsu): A capable spear meister, Anya's chosen fighting style is a spear-related martial art in which focuses on a horizontal stance and thrusting techniques, Anya proved proficient enough to hit a baseball accurately with a thrust despite having not ever played beforehand.[19] When using Tsugumi's demon halberd form, she was capable of easily defeating the likes of Hao using Raid's weapon form.[1]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai Karada nōryoku): Having went through rigorous training, Anastasia seems to be in great shape. During the athletics test, Eternal Feather stated that she has the highest recorded jump of any new female student (1.87 meters).[20]


Anya once admitted (to herself) that despite her training, Shaula's servant was her first time fighting an opponent unarmed. As a result of inexperience, she was easily beaten by the other when the latter fought dirty as well as momentarily froze in fear.[2]


Before enrolling at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Anya lived in a castle with her family. She lived a very strict and rather restricted life, as she mentioned she was not allowed in the kitchen back at home. She did get to see some of the outside world, however, such as a concert performance provided by one young piano player at her family's castle.[21]

Desiring freedom and wanting to learn about common people, she left Yngling Castle (although it is not yet clear whether she ran away or received permission to leave from parents) and attended Death Weapon Meister Academy.[22] Little did she know, her family and the DWMA had communicated with each other before her arrival, agreeing to assign two EAT Central Intelligence students, Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, to act as undercover NOT students to serve as her bodyguards, and to remove her from Death City in case of any danger.[23]


Introduction arc

Anya is seen inside DWMA in the room where all the newly enrolled students had gathered. Standing on her own, she regrets her decision in coming to Shibusen in her pursuit to learn what 'common' people are like, seeing that Shibusen students are anything but normal.While looking out the window she sees Death the Kid flying around on his skateboard. She is about to give up hope when she sees Tsugumi, and sees to her surprise the ultimate commoner of commoners in Tsugumi. However, due to her shyness, she acts very coldly towards Tsugumi.

However, she does not hesitate in getting herself involved when Tsugumi and Meme end up facing two other enrolled students in a fight. Calling the two enrolled male students 'vulgar,' she immediately accepts to duel them, and orders Tsugumi to transform. When Tsugumi nervously replies that she cannot, Anya, rather annoyed, tells her that she heard that commoners were bright, cheerful, kind and strong people, and that she is sorely disappointed that Tsugumi is not.

Finally, with encouragement from Sid, Tsugumi manages to transform, and Anya easily beats the two boys. Meme and Tsugumi thank Anya. Meme asks Tsugumi if she wants to be her partner and Tsugumi is on the point of agreeing, but looks to Anya. Anya coldly rejects her, and a dejected Tsugumi turns to agree to be partners with Meme when Anya suddenly grabs her sleeve, a rather desperate and tearful look in her eyes.

Both Anya and Meme end up being potential Meisters for Tsugumi. Led by Eternal Feather through Death City (Anya secretly admires the city and its 'common' atmosphere), they reach their dormitory. Each of them had been given a weekly student allowance for $200. Anya is rather disappointed that their dormitory looks so grand, expecting a more shabbier building. Eternal Feather then warns the three to watch out for the 'Witch of the Girl's Dormitory.'

Inside, they meet Kana Altair, a tarot-card reader. Anya blatantly says that Kana's tarot cards are a sham, causing Kana to insult her back, angering her. After meeting with Ms. Misery, the three girls reach their dormitory. Anya tries to pick the bed nearest to Tsugumi, and is disappointed when Meme picks it before she can. However, when Meme offers to switch, Anya coolly says that it does not matter, although she is shown to feel rather left out as Meme and Tsugumi chat to each other.

Soon, the three eat out and got to bed. When Anya wakes up, she sees Meme sleeping next to Tsugumi, who is tied to her bed. Wondering what had gone on, Anya says that what they are doing is rather 'disgusting.'

Tsugumi, after getting her allowance taken from Kim Diehl, returns to her dormitory, only to find that Anya had spent all of her money on getting strange bits and bobs (such as a tanuki statue, dubbed Josephine by Anya, a shop curtain and a guitar) and that Meme has lost her allowance (Anya says that it is nothing to worry about). Anya offers Tsugumi a taiyaki that she had bought, emphasizing that she was not interested in buying it. The three end up enjoying the taiyaki.

Putting their leftover money together, the three girls are only able to buy one helping of noodles between them, but Eternal Feather helps them out (Anya struggles in eating the noodles with chopsticks, causing Eternal Feather to give her a fork). The three find out that the Witch of the Girl's Dormitory is none other than Kim Diehl. Anya, interested in the rumours about her, listens as Kim, despite her cute appearance, is a downright bully. She forcefully gave Eternal Feather her name and asked for payment after (Anya mentions that Eternal Feather's name is embarrassing). The two see Ox talking to Kim in the distance, and sees Kim punch him and walk off. Eternal Feather explains that although most boys avoid her now, Ox the honour student is the only one who always approaches her.

Because the three have no money, Eternal Feather offers them a place to work part-time: Deathbucks Cafe. Anya, excited at the prospect of working, tries to make it look like she does not want to, but says that she will if Tsugumi really wants to. After arriving at the cafe, the two meet Akane and Clay, who are also working part-time. Anya does not hesitate to mock them for being slack with their money. Changing into the cafe's uniforms, Anya is embarrassed as she thinks the skirt is too short, and her embarrassment causes Meme and Tsugumi to be overwhelmed with how cute she looks.

Despite her apparent reluctance to work, Anya proves to be the most enthusiastic in working as a waitress, greeting guests with a bright smile and cheerfully taking everyone's orders. After taking a break, the students see Ox delivering coffee beans to the cafe. Anya wonders if Ox spends a lot of his money for Kim, to which Tsugumi tells her to be quiet.

After finishing their jobs at the cafe, the three girls are stopped by Ox, who gives Tsugumi the money he had earned to pay her back for the money Kim took from her, saying that all he wants in return is for her to not hate Kim. After, Tsugumi is still wondering on what to do with the money, and Anya tells her to spend it all. With encouragement from Meme, Tsugumi decides to hold a party for the three of them, and thank Ox for the money after. She tells Anya and Meme that they do not need to call her with the formal suffix '-san' any more. Although Meme is happy with this, Anya has trouble saying 'Tsugumi' and ends up calling her 'Tsugumin' (with the kanji of 'gumin' meaning 'ignorant person').

The three girls attend a lesson held by Sid in the dance studio, where he teaches them on how to work as Weapon and Meister. He calls in Maka and Soul for a quick demonstration before letting the others work on their own. However, after being told to work in pairs, Tsugumi is at a dilemma as she has two Meisters. Anya decides that it is her turn to be Tsugumi's Meister as Anya was her Meister the previous lesson. But before she can go any further, she is dragged away by Sid to work with another partner, who she gets annoyed with as he hardly responds to what she says. And after seeing Tsugumi and Meme acting friendly with each other, she ends up walking out of the lesson.

Out in the city, she tries to convince herself that it is inevitable that one person will always be left out in a partnership like hers. She soon grows saddened as she sees that she cannot act as openly and friendly around them. Suddenly, she is approached by a strange Traitor, who proceeds to attack her.

Although Anya tries to face the Traitor as calmly as she can, determined to show that she is able to fight without Tsugumi, she is cornered in the end, and injured by the strange needle on the Traitor's finger. Cornered, she cries for help, and Meme and Tsugumi finally arrive, much to her joy. Despite Anya's warnings, Meme prepares to fight, until Akane and Clay intervene, causing the Traitor to retreat. Anya, embarrassed and feeling a little humiliated, thanks Akane and Clay and returns to the girl's dormitory with Meme and Tsugumi.

Tsugumi and Meme realize that Anya is hurt and is also feeling rather ill (the needle the Traitor is wearing is suspected to be poisoned). However, Kim suddenly arrives, and secretly heals Anya's wound with her Regeneration Magic.

Tsugumi tells Anya that she and Meme were worried about her, and Anya coldly tells her not to mind about her, as it is better if Tsugumi and Meme be always together. As Tsugumi apologizes, she and Meme write down Anya's name on their arms to remind them that it is her turn to be Tsugumi's partner next, and the three all make up. However, as the ink on their arms washes off, Meme soon forgets whose turn it is the next day, much to Anya's annoyance.

How To! arc

After getting up once again in a new day at Death City, Tsugumi asks Anya and Meme why they came to Shibusen. Meme tells her that she forgot and Anya coldly refuses to answer her question.

Traitors arc

After helping Kim clean up a pool with her taking 90 percent of their wage, Tsugumi learn that Jacqueline want to be Kim's partner and so get Anya and Meme to help her out. After numerous attempts to get the two together, which fails, Kim and Jacqueline finally become partner's when Jacqueline see's Kim heal a hurt dog using magic showing that she is a Witch and Jacqueline promise to not tell anyone leading to a bond of trust to form.

The day before, Anya and Meme watch west side glory and Sukegan CSI which are both Delinquent movies and start acting like 'Delinquent' much to Tsugumi's dismay, when the waitress come and it's Liz Thompson she, Tsugumi and Meme are shocked to see the real thing, and though she and Meme think their better at being Delinquent's then her they learn from Master that they are on probation.

Next Patti Thompson came to give them their meals but slams the plates down on the table, Anya tries to tell her, that she was being rude and that she had not ordered what Patti placed onto the table, only to be frightened by the cold glare Patti gave her.

Anya vs Lis

Later, she gets into an argument with Liz leading to a fight between her, Tsugumi, Liz and Patti but they are shocked to learn that Patti can turn into a gun. After trying to hide and failing Anya is goad into attacking only for Liz to dodge by turning into a gun herself and Patti turning back to normal. This ends with Patti pointing Liz at Anya's head who then fires.

Patti corners Anya

However, due to them being on probation, Anya is not shot, Liz and Patti leave stating they can't be getting into any more trouble so they are letting the girls off on this.

After this she and Meme do not go back to Master's cafe again for several days until they got tired of being scared and watching Tsugumi go by herself everyday. Anya and Meme finally return to the cafe after hearing about Tsugumi's "fight". Anya enters through the door taking a deep breath, showing she doesn't want to be there.


This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

During a holiday, Anya, Tsugumi, and Meme had the day off. Anya suggested they use it to explore Shibusen. However, during their adventure, the three got lost in the maze like school, causing Meme and Anya to get into a argument over which way to go. Anya wanted Tsugumi to pick the path, but Tsugumi was unable to, so Anya gave in and said they should follow the path Meme picked. Following it, they ended up getting lost.

As the three girls wandered aimlessly, Meme commented that, as they had not seen any windows, they must be in the basement, leading Anya to guess that, due to the gentle slope, they likely didn't notice their descent.

As they went from room to room the girls found themselves being scared over and over again. First by a torture room that had Justin Law waiting inside and calling them lost little lambs and ask them if he could set their souls free, meaning he was going to show them the way out, but due to how creepy he said it, they thought he was going to kill them and ran away.

The next thing to scare them was when they came to a stop for rest and began talking about Shibusen's Eight Mysteries only to find a mirror next to them with Tezca Tlipoca in it. Due to the mask he was wearing and the creepy smile on it, they were quickly scared off.

After getting away, they managed to find their way outside. They stopped to catch their breath before talking about all the things they saw and began laughing at how much fun they had.

Jot! arc

Chotto! arc

One day after class, Anya and Meme looked with some annoyance as Tsugumi was fascinated with her mentor, Maka Albarn. While Tsugumi and Maka had a happy conversation, Anya stared at Maka's weapon partner, Soul Eater—and simultaneously she and Soul recognized each other. Soul took Anya by the wrist and led her down the hall. Anya realized Soul was the young pianist who once performed at her family's caste. Soul urged her to be quiet, as he had renounced his previously affluent lifestyle and wanted to blend in with people in Death City. To Soul's annoyance, Anya then mocked Soul's garish outfit.[21]

Preparations! arc

Death Fest arc


  • Anastasia's pseudonym, Anya Hepburn, may allude to the actress Audrey Hepburn.


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