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Angela Leon (アンジェラ・レオン, Anjera Reon) is a young Witch who was under the protection of the Bodyguard known as Mifune[3] and later Arachnophobia. Later after Mifune's passing, she then stays at the DWMA under their protection.[4]


Befitting for her age, Angela is often playful, cheery,[5] innocent, and rather naive and oblivious to some of the more serious issues in the world.[6] She also possess a more fierce and protective side, willing to reveal herself, defend, and even attack on behalf of those significant to her (such as Mifune) despite her young age and the danger.[7] In addition, she is shown to not be above calling out individuals on displaying negative traits such as arrogance.[8] However, she has also displayed a bratty side to her personality, willing to make fun of those she dislikes behind their back[9] as well as strike those who are even down due to circumstances such as embarassment.[10]


Being the age of that of a child, Angela sports a hat that resembles a chameleon, in which possesses white eyes and a long tongue. She wears a white dress with black ribbons. She also sports white gloves with circular objects on the fingertips which represent a chameleon's foot.[11] After being in DWMA, she wears a school uniform that consist of a normal shirt and skirt.[12] In the anime, the colors of some of her clothing are different. Her hat is black and yellow. Her dress is black with a white underdress and has red ribbons.[13]



Special Abilities[]

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a Witch, Angela has the ability to utilize the limitless energy known as Magic.[3]

  • Invisible (姿を消す, Sugataokesu): Fitting her theme as a Chameleon, Angela possesses magic in which can allow her to turn invisible at will. However, due to her young age, her magic is still developing and as such is still imperfect at, unable to completely cloak herself. It seems that only one of her arms are visible.[14]


Due to her status as a Witch and young age, she was often targeted by Humans who were interested in using her powers as a Witch to their own advantage.[15]

Mifune offers Angela candy.

Having been captured by an enemy of the De Niro Crime Family to harness her powers, Mifune is sent to kidnap (or kill) Angela. Upon finding out her age, he instead helps her evade her other would-be kidnappers as they hunt for the both of them. During one of their escapes as Mifune reassures her, a piece of candy is dropped from Mifune's person. He then rerieves the piece of candy, giving it to the young witch. From that point on, Mifune would become Angela's bodyguard and guardian figure.[16]


Prologues arc[]

Angela and Mifune as Tsubaki and Black☆Star decide not to kill the both of them.

Despite hiding out, both Angela and Mifune are founded out by both DWMA and Al Capone's Family. While the gang targets Angela for her soul,[17] the DWMA and Death himself later become aware of the fact that Angela was only a young witch and although the target was Mifune, Death was unable to inform Tsubaki and Black☆Star of their erroneous assumption of hunting her too.[18]

Before the duo was able to finish off Mifune, Angela interrupts and informs them of his reasoning to protect her and even attacks the assassin. When the two realized of Mifune's good intentions and Angela's age, they let both of them go.[19]

Uncanny Sword arc[]

Angela was one of the Witches who attended the Witch Mass with Mifune despite the rules normally prohibiting allowing outsiders. Angela tells Mifune that she was hungry, with the samurai stating that he was as well.[20]

Bodyguard arc[]

Angela talks about Mifune's kindness to Black☆Star.

Having accompanied Mosquito and Mifune at Arachnophobia's Demon Tool Development Lab, she runs to him and calls out his name as Mifune informs Mosquito that his purpose is only defending Angela.[21] When Black☆Star and Tusbaki arrive on the scene attacking the facility, Angela instantly recognizes the duo and watches as Mifune meets them once more. Unknown to her, she is then used as leverage by Mosquito for Mifune to coerce his cooperation.[22] As Black☆Star boasts about having defeated Mifune once, Angela calls him out for his arrogance and tells him that Mifune held back on him due to his love for kids.[23]

As Mifune finishes the battle, Angela idly stands by and plays with her chameleon hat. She is surprised to see Mosquito shot down by a sniper. Once he heals, he takes Angela as she calls out for him.[24] She is later transferred to one of the rooms in Baba Yaga Castle following the destruction of the Demon Tool Development Lab.[25]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc[]

Within Baba Yaga, Angela plays with two Arachnophobia henchmen who're DWMA students in disguise. Having been tasked by a commander to play with her as well as pretend she is completely invisible despite it not being true lest she will cry and nonstop. Both Soul and Death the Kid are attacked at the groin by Angela wielding a stick.[26]

Grigori arc[]

Having been taken in by the DWMA post the battle in Baba Yaga, her fate is personally discussed by Death and Sid Barrett, who agreeing to take her into their custody to protect her, much to the surprise of Tsubaki, Jackie, and Kim. Angela then walks up to Tsubaki, asking her when Mifune will pick her up, as she is unaware of his death.[27]

Angela tells Black☆Star the he "sucks" as she kicks him.

Sometime later, she would watch as Black☆Star would enter a sparring match against Patty within the sparring rooms in the academy, also wondering if they were going to fight before hand. When he loses to her due to letting his guard down, she then kicks him, citing that he "sucks".[28] At another time after the sparring match, Angela is looked after by both Harvar and Tsubaki, who end up playing with Angela along with Fire and Thunder.[29]

Dark Side of the Moon arc[]

Training herself by attempting to spy on both Black☆Star and Tsubaki, she is disappointed when the assassin himself notices her. Black☆Star then tells her that she needed to watch him closely to see if he amounts up to being a "real man" and If he doesn't, his soul would belong to her. Angela would then tell Black☆Star that it was coincidentally the same agreement in which Mifune told her.[30] She is later present at the New Shinigami Coronation, being held by the Witch Judge.[31]


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