The Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō; FUNimation "Anti-Magic Wavelength") is a special, very powerful and rare type of Soul Wavelength.


  • The Wavelength can dissolve hallucinations

The Anti-Demon Wavelength is a special wavelength that specializes in driving away evil.[1] In defense this Wavelength acts as a powerful barrier against Madness. It can be used through Soul Resonance on others who are about to be pulled into Madness, and restore their sanity. In offence it can be infused into attacks causing them to be destructive against beings of Madness, even intangible ones, like Arachne after she abandons her body,[2] or creations like Black Blood.

This wavelength can be also carried over into attacks, which in turn become very effective against Witches or any individual harboring dark powers. It is even possible to take on and heavily wound an Immortal, as shown in the battle between Maka and Free.[3]

The most practical use of Anti-Demon Wavelength is spreading it through Chain Resonance over a user's team protecting them from Madness and allowing them to combat opponents with Madness Wavelength. Similarly, it can be used to stabilize the sanity of users of Madness Takehold.

List of techniquesEdit


  • It seems a great number of people in Tsar Pushka and Feodor's division in Russia are carriers of the Anti-Demon Wavelength.[4]


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