Anubis (アヌビス, Anubisu) was a former pharaoh of Egypt. He is later revived as a evil spirit by a necromancer witch.[1]


Although little is show of his personality, Anubis did not like his subjects being led by other individuals besides himself. He also seems to be perverted, as he pulled Liz and Patty's clothes apart and off when he captured them.[1]


Anubis's whole body is mummified, thus covered in bandages. One of his hands is shaped like a hammer. Although he has no legs, he does have a worm-like rear. He sports a golden lower garment with black stripes. He seems to have a separate model head attached to one side, sporting black hair and red eyes. His face is oval-shaped and has three golden spikes coming off of it. He holds a striped cane-like object in his mouth. He also possesses only one eye and on his forehead is a small disc with a smiling face design.[1]  


  • Wrapping (包帯, Hōtai): Anubis has shown the ability to manipulate his wrapping into a number of forms to attack or restrain his opponents. His wrapping possess special power that can also absorb powers of Demon Weapons, preventing them from assuming their weapon forms for as long as they are in contact with them. His wrapping were also powerful enough to injure the likes of Death the Kid and easily kill Samantha upon being revived.[2]
  • Anubis's Sarcophagus: After his presumed death, Anubis came to being contained within his sarcophagus. While in the sarcophagus, he is capable of using his wrappings and witnessing his enemies. His sarcophagus appears to have special properties, being able to house his entire body despite being far larger then the item itself.[1]


Prologues arc Edit

Soul Eater Episode 3 HD - Pharaoh holds Thompsons captive

Anubis holds Liz and Patty captive as Kid arrives.

Resurrected by the necromancer witch Samantha, he devours her out of anger for trifling with the souls of his people.[1] He later captured the weapons Liz and Patty Thompson, who had collected his people's souls in the absence of their meister, Death the Kid. When Kid returned, Anubis attacked him from his sarcophagus. Kid did nothing to defend himself, as his obsession with symmetry prevented him from destroying Anubis's perfectly symmetrical coffin. After brutally beating Kid, Anubis emerged from his sarcophagus to finish him off personally, revealing his true, mummified, and horrendously asymmetrical form. Seeing this, Kid immediately recovered and obliterated the pharaoh, leaving nothing but the decorative circle on his forehead, which was the only symmetrical part of his body.[1]


  • The icon at the center of the Pharaoh's head is actually the emblem for Atsushi Ōkubo's earlier manga series, B. Ichi.
  • The Wrath of the Pharaoh may be a reference to the legendary Curse of the pharaohs, made popular by Tutankhamun.


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