Ao Hoshino (星野青, Hoshino Ao) is a N.O.T Class student at Death Weapon Meister Academy that served as a training partner for Tsugumi Harudori while both of her official Meisters were on leave.[1]


Ao is polite, cordial, and can described as optimistic and positive, as the thought of sharing her weapon partner with two other Meisters not only did not faze her but excited her in getting to know Meme and Anya. Because Tsugumi spoke highly of them, she has shown respect towards the two.[1]


Ao is about the same height as Tsugumi and her other meisters. She wears her hair with two tails bandaged and bangs. In addition, like Tsugumi, she wears a form of the DWMA sailor fuku, featuring a longer skirt than Tsugumi's and a DWMA skull logo on her left sleeve. Ao's most distinctive features include the stars in her eyes.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Scythe-Meister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin): Ao admitted to being skilled with Tsugumi's scythe portion of the Halberd weapon.[1]


Death Fest arcEdit

Following their defeat of Shaula Gorgon, Tsugumi is separated from her partners: Meme Tatane is evaluated after her possession by Shaula Gorgon and potential treachery against the DWMA, and Anya Hepburn returns to her parents' castle to report on her time in Death City. As Tsugumi continues to take classes since her Meister' departure, she eventually partners with Ao Hoshino, who comes to specialize in Tsugumi’s scythe form, effectively turning their trio into a quartet. Upon meeting Ao, Anya and Meme react with frustration that their weapon cannot commit.[1]


  • "hear you're both fantastic Meisters, so I'm really looking forward to learning a lot from your example."[1]


  • Ao's Light trait would make her a relative to both the Star Clan and Akane's Family.[1] The exact relation and how her background corresponds to them is unknown.


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