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Arachne's Madness is a Madness type emitted by the powerful Witch, Arachne Gorgon, via her Madness Wavelength.[1]



Due to her immense Soul Wavelength, Arachne possesses a Madness Wavelength. This, when combined with her Magic, makes this particular madness particularly powerful. Whenever an individual is caught in her split, spider web-shaped soul, they are ensnared with a spell from her Magic, pulling them into this particular type of Madness.[2]

Those under its influence begin feeling a powerful, painful sensation within their heads, described by Kilik Rung as spiders inside his head that are ripping it apart.[3] Sid Barrett comments that the madness also makes him feel like he's "losing his mind".[4] This madness was powerful enough to affect most of the DWMA and Arachnophobia forces around, including the likes of Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus, Soul Eater, Ox Ford, Black☆Star, Kim Diehl, and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré.[5]


However, there are some limitation to this particular madness. Individuals like Harvar D. Éclair, who is described as being 'hardheaded all the time',[6] and those possessing the Anti-Demon Wavelength[7] are immune to this madness. Black☆Star and some of the DWMA forces showed that willpower can resist this madness.[4] In addition, Noah (Greed), most likely due to being an Icon and created from the Book of Eibon, which carries the madness of a Great Old One, felt this madness as some sort of "refreshing breeze".[4]


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