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Fear will envelop the world. Everything will be consumed by madness. This world I envision will be a haven, Medusa. I will become the mother of all things.

—Arachne to Medusa, Chapter 58

Arachne Gorgon (アラクネ・ゴーゴン, Arakune Gōgon) was the head of Arachnophobia who conspired to replace Death Weapon Meister Academy's position as a world power using madness with her in charge.[12] She was also the eldest of the Gorgon Sisters, a former associate of both Death and Eibon of some sort,[13] and considered the darkest blemish in the history of the Witch Order.[14][15]

Cultural References[]

The name "Arachne" comes from the Greek word "arachne" meaning "spider". According to legend, the first spider was originally a human woman (named Arachne) from Lydia (within modern-day Turkey) who was such a skilled weaver that she boasted she could weave better than Athena, who is the goddess of crafts among other things. After a weaving contest that didn't go in Athena's favor, she flew into a rage and turned Arachne into a spider.[16]


Carrying herself in an aristocratic and calm manner in most cases, Arachne is a sinister individual who prefers to manipulate others contrary to doing the dirty work herself. She tends to speak in a refined manner.[17] Arachne rarely ever shows any negative emotions, looking for any advantage and light of the situation in a pragmatic manner.[18] This pragmatic mindset causes her to view not only others but even herself, pointing out to Maka during her fight with the Meister and her partner that her defeat was directly the result of her sacrificing her attacking power by becoming Madness itself, dismissing the notion that courage and spirit had anything to contribute to her imminent death.[19] Arachne also seems to like to portray herself as a commanding and motherly figure, with Arachnophobia even regarding her as an "absolute mother figure" to the point of being cult-like[20] as well as desiring the power to becoming the "Mother of All Things".[21]

However, this does not mean even Arachne has noticeable flaws, still able to show even arrogance and pettiness, such as even bickering with her sister[22] and would rather play with her individuals and kill them than go in for the kill from the start.[23] She also has shown anger towards select individuals, which can hold off for as long as even eight centuries.[24] In all, despite her goals, it's even apparent that Arachne cares little for other's actual feelings and free will overall, allowing Crona to be killed at their reaction of rejecting any "love" they might have received from Arachne.

Arachne herself prefers high-quality treatment, with having her butler only gather the top of the line vehicles, preferring fancy entrances (such as a red carpet), and drinks the finest of champagne.[25] She even makes her own followers serve her champagne with a ladder in her Spider Queen Room despite the danger and how high she tends to sit.[26]


Arachne has an extremely pale and flawless complexion, making it appear like she’s almost constructed entirely out of porcelain. She has a curvy figure, with very large breasts, a thin waist, and wide hips. Her facial features comprise of long dark/black hair, worn in an upwards manner with two long strands that frame either side of her face, and eyes that have both completely grey irises and pupils, each containing a black spider web pattern.

Her typical clothing consists simply of a long black sleeveless dress; however, this dress is incredibly long, in that it completely conceals her feet, while ending in eight small trailing pieces of fabric like the legs of a spider. A narrow black band encircles her neck featuring a small spider emblem that lies at its front and eight extensions that protrude outwards upon the back, with four emerging from either side. Spider web netting branches the gap between the band and the dress, extending downwards from the aforementioned spider emblem. Two large "sleeves", separated entirely from the dress, are worn on her arms, ending just after her elbows. Each of these "sleeves" also display four protrusions, appearing at the ends of the significant amount of overhanging fabric. She also wears two spider earrings that hang downwards from her ears.



Lord Death considered Arachne formidable[27] and those like Gopher thought of her as a noteworthy witch.[28] After she separated herself to become madness, her madness abilities enabled her to utterly defeat Medusa.[29]

Statements in guidebooks

Arachne is remarked to have "rare magical power" (まれな魔力, Marena maryoku; alternately translated as "exceptional magical power").[30]

Special Abilities[]

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a witch, Arachne is capable of performing and utilizing magic befitting the theme of a spider. Unlike Medusa, she does not specialized in direct attack spells and instead, her magic is generally used to attack an opponent psychologically.[6] One ability she has using spiders created from her body, she can scatter them across the world and observe events through them. Because of this power, it better benefits her skills in information warfare.[31]

  • Mind Attack (精神攻撃, Seishin Kōgeki): A form of magic which allows Arachne attack an individual from within, exploiting the target's weaknesses within their mind, and propelling them into powerful illusions in an effort to turn them to Arachne's side.[5]
  • Requiem of Madness (狂来の鎮魂歌, Kyōrai no Chinkonka): As a result of her "magic training", Arachne was able to achieve a powerful form which would theoretically allow her to be able to absorb the Kishin himself. In this form, she takes the appearance of black mist with four holes acting as her disembodied consciousness, though can easily take a more physical form. She can harden herself enough to deal physical damage as well as launch spider webs towards her opponents offensively. She claimed while in this form that no physical attack can harm her, although she has been dealt hits physically with the force pushing her back.[6] After being hit by Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength, she was reduced to a more physical form in which her body is mostly transformed to resemble a giant spider, save her head and shoulders. In this form, parts of her body can become mist-like and serve as an attack, jump incredible heights, and create/spin spider webs at will. Like that of a spider, she can also clamp onto other surfaces with her legs.[32]

Arachne's Spiderweb on other souls.

  • Spiderweb (蜘蛛の糸, Kumo no ito): Spiderweb is a Magic which supports Arachne's spread of Madness, particularly her own variant. According to Soul Eater, this magic works by casting her soul out in a form of a spiderweb, enabling her to spread her Madness at a wider range than normal for those with a Madness Wavelength. She puts people under her spell, pulling them towards Madness.[33]

Arachne using Madness Attack.

Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): Arachne possess a powerful Soul Wavelength with the capability of swaying individuals within her own variant of Madness. This Madness Wavelength, in particular, can be felt from as far away as from Loew Village to Death City by Franken Stein (Czech Republic to USA).[5]

  • Arachne's Madness (アラクネの狂気, Arakune no Kyōki): This particular variant of Madness allows her to force those under the influence to lose their minds, with the sensation of their head being ripped apart by tiny spiders and powerful enough to affect those such as Sid Barret, Medusa, and most of the DWMA as well as Black☆Star, who resisted it's effects by sheer will.[34]

High-level intelligence: Arachne possess a great level of intellect, excelling in information warfare[35] and was able to formulate battle plans to successfully go against Death Weapon Meister Academy, resulting in both it's eastern and african branches to suffer heavy damage.[36]

  • Demon tool expert: DWMA Central Intelligence Agency's file on Arachne notes her to be an expert on creating demon tools.[37]
  • Expert manipulator: Arachne is a exceptional manipulator, able to coerce the likes of Mifune into her ranks and found the task easy.[9] With her charisma, she was able to found a whole organization that looks up to her as a absolute motherly figure in a cult-like manner.[38]

Weaponry: Not much is known about Arachne's prowess in close quarters combat, though her weapon of choice seems to be her fan. When Crona attempted to kill Arachne, Arachne easily blocked one of their attacks and retaliated with a slap from the fan with ease.[15]

Enhanced Strength: Arachne has displayed some degree of incredible strength, having blocked an attack from Crona using the Demon Sword with the use of her fan.[15]

Enhanced Durability: Arachne is one of the few individuals to have survived an encounter with Death, despite receiving fatal injuries.[39]


As a witch and magic-user herself, Arachne is susceptible to attacks like the Witch-Hunt and those who carry the Anti-Demon Wavelength. Despite having some considerable skill in close combat, she lacks physical attacks and according statements made even by herself, she no longer possesses the physcial combat skills she had due to being out of commission for over 800 years. This plays into her downfall in the manga when she loses to Maka Albarn.

List of techniques[]

Magic techniques
  • Arachne's magic spell (アラクネの魔法呪縛, Arakune no mahō jubaku): A form of magic which creates magically-enchanted web presumably from Arachne's soul and can be inserted into objects like that of the Oldest Golem. In turn, this thread can infect a victim and cause instant paralysis which takes several days to dissipate, even for Anti-Demon Wavelength carriers.[40]
Madness techniques
  • Madness Attack (狂気攻撃, Kyōki kōgeki): Using madness, she is able to mentally and physically incapacitate her opponents. While similar to her magic attack technique, she remarked this to be more powerful.[6]


Arachne's Fan: Arachne often seems to have a fan within her person, unknown whether she physically carries the fan itself or even has the ability to conjure it up one way or another. This object, however, is also seemingly her weapon of choice and durable enough to avoid being cut in half by the Black Sword.[41]


Arachne plans to blow up Lost Island facility.

Eight hundred years ago, Arachne was born as the eldest of the Gorgon Sisters and later in her life, was an associate of both Death and Eibon but for unknown reasons, all three grew distant from one another despite some level of closeness.[42] She would then start Arachnophobia and meet Mosquito at some point in time, appointing him as her steward. Her early plans during her time in Arachnophobia also involved making a device that could brainwash others.[43]

Wanting "BREW" for herself, Arachne decided to hide the Demon Tool on Lost Island to collect it at a later time and rigged the entire island to explode. She also manage to collect the Eibon's blueprints in which is presumably on the the Demon Weapons in addition. She rigged Lost Island to explode to cleverly hide it from Death's collection as well as attempt to end the Reaper's life by using the powerful force of the explosion to kill him. She then escapes prior to the destruction of Lost Island.[10]

Having the blueprints for the creation of the Demon Weapons, Arachne performed the experiment by killing other Witches for their souls and manufacturing them in large quantities.[44] This caused her to be labelled the most brazen heretic and darkest blemish in the Witch Order[1] and she was hunted as a result by not only her own kind but Death himself. She was cornered in Loew Village and expected aid from her sister, Medusa Gorgon, to fight Death. However, Medusa had betrayed her and left her to fight Death alone[45] and pushed her into certain death during their battle, with the Reaper being the far superior opponent.[46]

Badly wounded, she broke her body into pieces as spiders, which hid across the globe,[46] and hid her soul inside the Oldest Golem.[47] For the next 800 years, she would watch the entire world from her spiders and gained knowledge from it, including information about the DWMA and its establishment. Her soul inside the Oldest Golem would also be watched by one of her servants, Giriko.[7]


The Trial Enrollment Arc[]

After eight hundred years and reacting to Asura's Madness Wavelength, Arachne reforms herself, drawn to the her soul, which is inside the Oldest Golem. She is greeted by Giriko as she does so.[48] Her appearance and resemblance to Medusa surprises the members of the DWMA and Giriko attempts to inform her and bring her up to speed. However, she reveals that she's already up to speed and demonstrates this by revealing Soul's mistake from last night with Maka in which he burned her dinner. As well as this, she explains that she has been watching over the world for 800 years and even was aware of Crona being the child of her baby sister, Medusa. She then offers Crona her affections instead.[49] Crona attacks Arachne but is rebuffed with a fan slap to the face, with Arachne ordering Giriko to "rub this child out of existence" and watches as Giriko breaks through Crona's Black Blood, commenting that her sister's research hasn't amounted to much.[50] When Justin Law appears at Crona's defense, she informs Giriko of his identity.[51]

When Arachne notices the Oldest Golem's operating energy and gains Giriko's attention and rebuffed his attitude, she informs and orders him to withdraw. She's then carried away by Giriko.[52] Later, she then once again meets Mosquito for the first time in over eight hundred years as she gets inside a top of the line limousine, courtesy of her steward. Seeing both Mosquito and Giriko bickering, she stops them and tells Mosquito to take her back to Baba Yaga Castle. She is taken back to the castle and is warmly greeted by her followers of the organization: Arachnophobia. She proclaims "I can beat you...Shinigami".[53]

The Bodyguard Arc[]

Arachne is informed that Arachnophobia's new Demon Tool, the Morality Manipulation Machine, is nearing completion, according to the Mosquito, who is in charge of the project. When questioned if Mosquito could handle guarding it by himself by Giriko, who's itching to do something, Arachne reveals that she hired a bodyguard for him: The Bodyguard, Mifune. When questioned how she manage to hire him, she only stated the ease of manipulating a person who has a weakness.[54]

The Reunion Express Arc[]

Later, she is infomed by an apologetic Mosquito on the destruction of the Demon Tool and the lost of the fragment originating from the Book of Eibon, although was impressed by his skill. As she watches both Giriko and Mosquito bicker, she is informed by a minion of Medusa's appearance. She then tells the same minion to let her in.[55]

As Medusa enters, Arachne immediately takes noticed of the new body in which she had stolen before questioning the reason of her presence. Although Medusa claims it's just a visitation between sisters, Arachne doesn't believe so and chastises her. Arachne and Medusa then began conversing on the subject of Medusa's unique circumstances during her battle with Franken Stein and Death Scythe and how she survived the ordeal. Arachne becomes more serious, demanding once again for her actual motive, reminding her that she's still rather angry about Medusa's betrayal during her battle with Death in which nearly resulted in her own permanent demise. When her henchmen appear, Medusa then leaves. Although questioned by Giriko, Arachne decides to let her leave.[56]

"BREW" - The Tempest Arc[]

Receiving an update on the Lost Island's battle for "BREW", Arachne remarked that the Demon Tool was different from Eibon's other tools and so thought she should hide it from Death by seemingly wiping it off the Earth to reclaim at a later time, remarking the tool to be his masterpiece. She proclaims that it will be hers.[57] Pleased to learn Arachnophobia regaining "BREW", Mosquito informs her that the tool is no longer usable. However, rather then disappointed, she decides that as long as DWMA thinks Arachnophobia has "BREW", that they'll have the psychological advantage.[35]

Deal Arc[]

Having undergone practicing her own Magic, Arachne closes her eye and continues developing a new type of Magic and progresses to the third stage just as Arachnophobia had planned.[58]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc[]

During her practices of her Magic, she'd occasionally let the one called "Eibon" into her room, resulting in her neglecting Mosquito and Giriko and forbidding them from entering her room, an action which left both frustrated.[59]

Medusa defends Maka fom Arachne's attack.

When DWMA and Medusa's Army forces successfully dissipates the magical barrier around Arachne's room by destroying the Locks, she unleashes a Magic Attack on Medusa, Maka, and Soul.[60] Arachne would attempt to turn Soul onto her side under her magical influence, but is stopped by Maka.[61] She would watch as Maka, Soul, and Medusa attempt to find Arachne with Maka's Soul Perception, unknown to the fact she was actually them in an "requiem of madness".[62] Medusa then figures out the situation as Arachne finally makes her appearance, attacking Maka and Medusa.[63]

Arachne dispatches Medusa with "Madness Attack".

Pointing out the futility of their efforts and explains she transformed into Madness itself, Medusa deduces that she's attempting to attune herself with the Kishin and absorb him. Arachne goes on to state her goals of becoming the "Mother of All Things". When Medusa mocks Arachne for the "Mother of Demon Weapons" bit and points out that all she did was follow the instructions in the Book of Eibon, Arachne not only responds that it doesn't matter because it's what you get out of it that counts and further retorts Medusa by saying she can't even get a man when she wants one, referring to Franken Stein. When Medusa attempts to mock Medusa by comparing their "forms", Arachne unleashes a powerful attack on Medusa, completely defeating the Snake Witch in an instant. When Soul compares this to the attack on his mind earlier, Arachne tells him to think twice before comparing the Magic she used on him to what she's done to Medusa.[64]

Arachne is hit Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength.

Arahcne then faces Maka and Soul, taking note of both her Soul Perception abilities as well as Anti-Demon Wavelength, deciding to play around and toy with her rather then go for the outright kill to make her experience terror. While doing so, she would unleash her Madness onto the remaining DWMA and Arachnophobia troops as well as using her Spiderweb Magic to assist doing so.[65] Arachne becomes irritated as Maka and Soul immediately deduce the situation,[66] the battle continuing as they formulate an idea to stop the Madness from spreading, finding out her Magic in the process.[67] The duo then commandeer the Spiderweb Magic, Soul using his piano and Maka's Soul Perception to transmit Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to everyone infected as well as back to Arachne and results in her being reduced into a spider-like physical form much to her frustration.[68]

Arachne is killed by Maka's Demon-Hunt.

Now facing Maka with the Black Blood Armor and Demon-Hunt activated as well as being in a more physical form, Arachne and Maka continues their fight as Arachne uses her web to attack Maka. However, she'd soon find that the Black Blood Armor renders all of her attacks useless. As Maka prepares to finish her off with the Demon-Hunt, Arachne criticizes herself for discarding her body in which leaves her with little attacking power. Arachne questions Maka If she thinks courage is the answer to everything and attributes her impending defeat to the fact that her form sheds too much attacking power for her to fight, though Maka retorts with the claim she's just stronger then her. With one hit of the Demon-Hunt, Arachne is swiftly defeated and explodes, resulting in her being reduced to a soul.[69]

Her soul is later consumed by Soul Eater after he and Maka attained 99th evil human soul, resulting in the former attain the status of a Death Scythe.[70]



  • (To Giriko)"Oh, it's very easy to manipulate someone who has a weakness."[71]
  • (To Maka Albarn) "Do you really believe believe courage is the answer to everything, little girl? In the face of an overwhelmingly powerful foe, courage becomes utterly moot and all that remains is pure recklessness."[72]
  • (To Medusa Gorgon) "It doesn't matter who comes up with an idea or who actually implements it. What matters is what you are able to get out of it. And that's where you fall short, little sister. You can't even get a man when you want one."[22]


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