King Arthur (キング·アーサー, Kingu Āsā) was the legendary warrior knight and king of Britain in the 12th century as well as one of the Knights of the Round Table who was formerly the well-known Meister of the most powerful weapon in the world, Excalibur. While mentioned in the manga, he only appears in the anime.[1][2]


Arthur is seen wearing armor resembling that of a Greek or Roman origin with a golden helmet bearing a Mohican style plume and silver armor adorned by red cloth flaps. Arthur has black hair, a thick black beard and a small mustache. In one instance he is shown wearing Excalibur in a hilt on his sword belt.[1]


Arthur is portrayed as a good and noble king, albeit one who sometimes doubted himself. His creation of the Round Table portrayed him as someone who trusted his knights as equals and valued their friendship.[1]


Little is known about the individual. It was known, however, that he was formerly the wielder of the Holy Sword.[2]


Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken): King Arthur once held the legendary blade most powerful weapon in the world, the Holy Sword. Using this sword enabled him to at least use it's standard powers and allowed him to summon Wings of Light, instantaneous teleportation, and to slice through space itself.[2]


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