Atsushi-Ya (淳屋) is a bar that appears in the first of the original Soul Eater's side stories and is built for the insane and disheartened to take a break from it all. Usher, a character from the first Gaiden, is the owner who also doubles as its manager and You, another minor character, works as the bartender there. It was filled with pestilence by Rat shortly after it opened, and it closed for an undisclosed amount of time. Shortly after this plague, it is claimed that it will be reopened again.

There is a slightly different version of the location used in the Soul Eater Not! manga.

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Soul Eater Edit

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Atsushi-Ya appears as a building made up of two roughly spherical shapes, with one being smaller than the other and joined on top of it. Two rings resembling smoke or steam can be seen floating just above it. A small step leads to an entrance, which consists of two gate-like doors which do not fit in the doorway. Above this entrance is a sign, which reads 'Kaette kita Atsushi-Ya', with smaller writing located above it.

Curiously, Atsushi-Ya seems to be located in a completely barren place which often has a layer of fog or a similar substance at ground level. When an employee dies, a gravestone in the shape of a cross is erected for them to the left of the building.

Inside Edit

Being a bar, Atsushi-Ya has a bar with some stools for customers to sit on. The floor consists of wooden planks; the ceiling is also made of these planks, and they are arranged in a grid pattern which juts out slightly with a more simple layer underneath. There are shelves that presumably hold beverages.

Soul Eater Not! Edit


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Part in the story Edit

Atsushi-Ya is the main location for the comical activities and scenarios performed by the staff.


  • The "Atsushi" part of the business' name comes from the creator of Soul Eater, Atsushi Ōkubo.
  • Atsushi-Ya, as well as Usher and You, first appeared in the Gaiden for Ōkubo's previous manga, B Ichi.[1]
  • Atsushi-Ya and its characters, including Usher, Otter, and Waffle, go on to appear at the end of volumes of Fire Force, Ōkubo's subsequent manga after completing Soul Eater Not![2]


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