I'm retired from that side of the business...but If the times comes for me to fight for sweet young kids, I'm ready to jump back into the front lines!

—Auntie to Tsugumi, Chapter 19 (NOT!)

Auntie (婆, Baba) was the secretary at Death Weapon Meister Academy whom assigned students quests based on their star ranking.[1] Later, she was also a DWMA soldier within the Airborne Division.[2]


Auntie is generally a polite woman whom enjoys her job as a receptionist and loves kids.[4] She also takes great pride in being a woman, as she has admitted that girls should also pay attention to their appearance.[4] She also seems to maintain the notion she is slim and is oblivious to her own weight gain, in which has been shown to have torn the belt of her own uniform.[4] She can also be very clumsy due to her own powerful strength.[4]

With her eccentricities comes a far more serious side of Auntie. She is a selfless woman, having been a former EAT student (something she takes pride in), and is willing to come out of retirement If it means helping out the younger generation.[4] She later honors this claim later when she joins in on the Battle on the Moon as a member of the Airborne Division[2] and was willing to attempt a suicide attack to takedown an enemy.[5] She also can be fierce at times, as shown when she resorted to physically putting down both Black☆Star & Kilik Rung when both of them fought over a quest.[6] In addition, she express disapproval in Kaguya's choice of wear and criticized it for being a bad influence on DWMA students[5] and once remarked to Kid that sometimes it's necessary to overpower the enemy contrary to his "sensitive" and "delicate" way he fights and even maintain confidence he had the strength to do so.[5]

Auntie has revealed that she prefers males who know how to be assertive.[2]


Auntie's Features closeup

A closeup of Auntie's features.

Auntie is a short, round woman with a compressed-looking snout and large lips as well as profound eyelashes.[2] In the anime, she possesses large, light blue eyes and short blonde hair which is worn curled at its ends as well as profound eyelashes and her cheeks.[7]

As the Receptionist in the DWMA, she normally wears the typical reception uniform; dark knee-length pants, light-colored high-length socks and light-colored shoes, checkerboard vests with ties held by skull brooches, and pill hats. these reception vests also include skull-shaped belts on the back to provide a slimmer figure and curves to female workers, though hers in particular is broken.[4] When she went to participate on the Battle of the Moon as a member of the Airborn Division, she wore a DWMA troop uniform in which consists of a black hooded military coat with a large open collar and large combat trousers equipped with black boots.[2]


As a experienced graduate from the EAT Class, Auntie is a powerful fighter. She has stated that she's so powerful she cannot even hold a Demon Weapon.[8] She was capable of taking down two of the top EAT Class fighters (prior to Death the Kid's entry in the DWMA) with a single blow simultaneously[6] as well as contend with Kaguya with her strength and skill alone.[5]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Being a former EAT student, Auntie possess considerable hand-to-hand combat skills. She's been seen able to easily put down both Black☆Star & Kilik Rung at the same time[6] and damage Kaguya despite her Angel's Raiment serving as her defense, a feat in which managed to surprise Kaguya.[5] Her fighting style is more aggressive and heavier than the likes of those such as Death the Kid, who compared her analysis of their style of fighting to Black☆Star.[5]

Chapter 92 - Auntie blows away Kaguya

Auntie blows Kaguya and her Heavenly Raiment away.

Enhanced Strength: Auntie's most well known trait is her amazing strength, in which has been shown to do damage to even the likes of Kaguya, who's defense was powerful enough to block Death the Kid's Death Cannon shots despite the latter connecting two of the Lines of Sanzu with her Angel's Raiment.[5] In addition to this, she can be rather clumsy with he strength and has been seen able to physically put down both Kilik Rung and Black☆Star with her own strength alone in one shot, both of them being the two top contending DWMA students within the academy.[6]

Enhanced Durability: Auntie survived her own kamikaze-like attack on Moonlight, where the latter was blown to pieces and would of been killed If not for a Clown's apparent Infinite Propagation.[9]

Enhanced Agility: Despite her old age, Auntie possesses amazing athleticism that allows her to jump high in the air and run at fast speeds with age being of no hindrance.[5]


Auntie was formerly an EAT Class student at Death Weapon Meister Academy but later graduated and retired at an unknown period from active DWMA military service, but continue working for the organization as a receptionist.[10]


Traitors arcEdit

Auntie meets the trio Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane when Mira Naigus selects them to work as part of the Extra-Curricular Lesson Solicitation Committee. She assigns them jobs as well as giving them advice on how to keep up on their appearance and instructions on how to perform their jobs.[11] When Tsugumi is surprised at her strength and guesses that she must of been an EAT student, she confirms this and says while she's retired, she'll have no issue in getting out of retirement If it meant helping young kids.[12]

JOT! arcEdit

When Anya questions on the what was on her arm, Auntie explained that she was wearing a sleeve protector in which would keep her from getting her sleeves dirty while working. She then overhears both Black☆Star and Kilik Rung fight over a quest. Auntie resorts to physically putting both Meisters down.[13]

Prologues arcEdit

In an anime-only scene, when Soul Eater and Black☆Star become very envious of the student who accepted the mission to take out Samantha, both students go up to Auntie in an effort to get to learn of the identity of the individual who accepted the mission. However, when asked, she responds with a smile and nods a "no".[14]

Clown arcEdit

Auntie appears when Maka accepts the quest to fight The Clown and The Flying Dutchman. As Maka takes the mission, Auntie is seen smiling at her, and approving her for the mission. Meanwhile, Ox, Harvar, and Kilik begin to decide on taking another Lesson as partners. The requirements for the mission are simply for those with an "uplifting and fired up heart", which the group prominently show. Auntie, watching from a distance, gives her iconic smile and a fierce expression of approval when Ox and Kilik ask her if they have the entry requirements, even going so far as to tell them that they are "Super" approved.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc (anime version)Edit

In an anime-only scene, As Spirit explains DWMA's strategy for destroying the Kishin and Arachnophobia to the entire student body and faculty listen extremely attentively, Auntie is shown at the reception with an serious expression and crossed arms as she listens to Spirit.[7]

War on the Moon arcEdit

Having now being apart of the Airborne Division and apparently coming out of retirement, Auntie was deployed out of the hatch along with Death the Kid and the rest of the troops as part of the division, whom the Death God was surprised to see. She advise him to go "give em' hell".[15] She later rushes to his aid when Kid is attacked by Kaguya.[16] Aiding Kid, she attacks Kaguya herself while advising Kid that it's sometimes better to just overpower the enemy and even cited he has the strength to do so.[17]

Soul Eater Chapter 93 - Justin kills Auntie

Justin kills Auntie.

Seeing Kid facing difficulty in penetrating Kaguya's Heavenly Raiment Wall with his Death Cannon, she encourages him while making plans of her own,[18] having grabbed a backpack full of bombs and timing herself to follow though Kid's Death Cannon's shot. As she takes an opening of Kaguya's defense, she compliments Kid before jumping through, blowing herself up and taking Moonlight with her in the explosion.[19] However, much to Kaguya's disgust, she survived the explosion and shrugs off the idea she could have died from that. However, Justin Law then arrives behind her, mortally injuring and killing Auntie in front of Death the Kid, Patty, and Liz. Reduced to a human soul, Justin then mercilessly extinguishes and destroys her soul.[20]

Media AppearancesEdit

Soul Eater: Monotone PrincessEdit

Auntie appears as a non-playable character in Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.


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