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Bats are mammals whose forelimbs form webbed wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Like in the real world, bats in Soul Eater are present throughout much of the world. In Soul Eater they serve various functions, including as messenger bats to deliver letters in Death City and as one of the transformations capable by Mosquito.


Bats vary in appearance by kind and use. Bats common to Death City may appear threatening, with sharp teeth and glowing eyes.[1] However, some bats appear less threatening, even cartoonish, with little articulation around their head such that it is difficult to determine where their heads end and their torsos begin.[2]

When composing Mosquito's form from 400 years ago, these bats lack variation in overall appearance, appearing simply like the silhouette of a bat's head and wings without other notable features.[3]


Bats are common to Death City, appearing in the morning despite being nocturnal and even in the Death Room.[4]

Some bats in Death City are domesticated as Messenger Bats. To summon these Messenger Bats, a person may use a Death City Souvenir Bat Whistle, a common purchase available for purchase from one of the city's souvenir carts. One blow on the whistle summons bats to a location. A message may then be attached to the bat's leg, whether by tying a slip of paper with the message around a bat's leg or by placing the message inside a cylindrical canister to attach to the bat's leg. Because Meme Tatane uses these bats to deliver messages to other parties, such as Shaula Gorgon and Tsugumi Harudori, Tsugumi was able to track one bat back to Shaula, locating where she was orchestrating her attack of possessed N.O.T. upon Death City and where she was keeping Meme captive.[5] Although Meme is the only person shown using Messenger Bats, the sale of the Bat Whistle suggests that they may be used by other persons in Death City to send letters.

For Mosquito, he is able to divide his body into bats that can scatter them reassemble into his form from 400 years ago, allowing him to dodge attacks and sustain himself in combat.[3]


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