Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu) is a synthetically made and weaponized bodily fluid created by the witch, Medusa Gorgon.[1]



Owing to its name, the blood appears black when seen outside the vessels as opposed to red.[2] According to Medusa, it is not much different from that of ordinary blood and can be affected by herbal medicine that improves circulation.[3]


Its got nothing to do with physical strength. The Black Blood flowing through his body, "Ragnarok", is supporting Crona's muscle strength in combination with his movements.[4]

—, Maka talking to Soul.

  • Black Blood can survive even stabbings
  • Even a small amount of Black Blood is durable

The Black Blood, unlike regular blood, is weaponized and can either harden or soften depending on the user who is controlling the Black Blood. The hardening and durability of an individual with the Black Blood, however, varies from individuals to individual. However, those with Black Blood are blessed with powerful healing capabilities and can heal from grievous injuries.[5] In addition, it can grant an individual a great amount of strength, durability and speed, as seen when Crona was able to stop all of Maka's attacks as well as moving at high speeds.[6]

Black Blood can also mold and alter itself to various shapes as well as harden to stop the bleeding of an individual as well as use its bleeding to its advantage in surprising and attacking an opponent.[7] A extremely proficient user like Crona (after fusing with the The Black Clown) can even utilize a technique, Mad Blood, like that of a sort of tidal wave and not only harden a sphere around an entire city,[8] but also around individuals and be virtually impervious, with those attempting to penetrate it temporarily going insane from the Madness of the Black Blood.[9] Soul is proven to be able to create even the Grigori Dress for his Meister, which acts as a type of armor.[10]

Madness of the Black BloodEdit

Main article: Madness of the Black Blood


Despite its versatility, the Black Blood holds crucial weaknesses in Wavelength attacks like Soul Menace; these can deal damage internally.[11] In the anime, applying a wavelength to an individual with Black Blood can even temporarily render the Black Blood inactive, acting as normal blood. In addition, those with great physical strength can break through the Black Blood.[12] However, this weakness doesn't apply to Asura, who was still durable and took no damage from Black☆Star performing his Ultimate Move: Black Star Big Wave attack on him.[13] This may be because he's a Kishin.

List of TechniquesEdit

Soul resonance


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