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"I am the Black Clown. I am born of Medusa. I am one who lures people in Madness. Will you fall into my Madness?"

— The Black Clown to Spartoi in "The Witch's Research (Part 1)"

The Black Clown (黒の道化師, Kuro no Dōkeshi) is a Man-made Clown created by the Witch, Medusa Gorgon.[3]


Soul Eater Chapter 66 - Black Clown

Black Clown's appearance.

The Black Clown's form bears some resemblance to a human in its general shape, yet many of its features are mistakingly less defined. This is most notable in regards to the creature's face; which only demonstrates a mouth, with lips accented by pectoral shapes and square teeth, and a single semicircular slit. Its head is adorned both with a strange mask, containing a centrally placed vertical line of three circles, and a towering striped helmet. The remainder of its body is entirely black, except for striped accents on its six fingers and narrow legs. Its clothing consists of multiple layered sheets; draped largely over its shoulders, chest and the front portion of its waist. A single studded strap encircles each of its wrists and a buckled belt is present around its waist.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Transformation (変身, Henshin): The Black Clown has an unusual ability in transforming into a sword via Black Blood liquidation.[5]

  • Darkness (暗黒, Ankoku): A unique type of short sword with a black and white color scheme that looks similar to that of Ragnarok's own as well as a guard. Part of the blade has the Black Clown's mouth at the lower end of it. This weapon replaces the usage of the Black Sword used by Crona.[5]
Chapter 67 - Black Clown performs Bloody Needle on Kilik

Bloody Needle.

Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu): The Black Clown is entirely compromised of Black Blood, as it names implies. This allows the Clown to withstand attacks from Kilik Rung using the Demon Pots and Kim Diehl using the Demon Lamp, despite Kilik being one of the top DWMA students whom, according to Medusa, delivers "High-Level Instantaneous Maximum Firepower". The Black Clown can also control it's own blood for some uses.[6]

  • Bloody Needle (ブラッディー・ニードル, Buraddī Nīdoru): Using droplets of blood spilled during battle, it can turn it into offensive needles and attack an opponent with it.[7]
Chapter 67 - Black Clown using Vector Arrow

Black Clown utilizing Vector Arrow.

Snake (ベクトル, Bekutoru): From Medusa Gorgon's own magic, the Black Clown was bestowed with the ability to utilize this magic, created from underneath the cloak draped over its shoulders. However, the amount of "arrows" produced is substantially less then Medusa's own.[8]

  • Vector Arrow (ベクトルアロー, Bekutoru Arō): A spell that utilizes vector-like arrows called snakes towards other individuals with capability of piercing and skewering. Black Clown shown use of this spell against Kilik.[7]

Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): While not as significant and powerful as Arachne's or an authentic Clown, the Black Clown possess a Madness Wavelength in which can jam the Incom Demon Tool and potentially infect others with Madness.[9]

  • Madness Infection (狂気感染, Kyōki Kansen):Although like ordinary clown's abilities to infect others with Madness, it is weaker then that of an ordinary clown.[10]
Chapter 66 - The Black Clown appears

Black Clown's Evaporation.

Evaporation: During its first appearance, the Black Clown demonstrated the ability to emerge silently from the ground, without inflicting any damage to the immediate area. It was later revealed; that to do so it undergoes a process of liquefaction, which it refers to as "evaporating", before forcibly absorbing itself into the ground. When reforming itself after conducting this technique, it appears as a black mass composed of numerous Snake arrows, before assuming it's actual body.[11]


As assumed with possessor of Black Blood, they're susceptible to attacks from a user's Soul Wavelength such as Soul Menace and individuals strong enough can also beak through the Black Blood.


Witch's Research arcEdit

Dark Side of the Moon arcEdit

Upon ingesting Asura,[12] Crona reforms the Black Clown's weapon form to attack Maka and Black☆Star.[13]


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