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The Black Dragon Arc is the sixth story arc of Soul Eater. Death the Kid and the Thompson Sisters investigate the disappearance of souls and encounter not only the Flying Dutchman but Crona and Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Stein and Sid investigate the possibility of Dr. Medusa being a Witch and her interest in Maka and Soul.



Notable Instances

  • This arc reveals why Medusa Gorgon has been researching the Black Blood to make Crona and Ragnarok into a Kishin: Medusa actually wants to see whether the Black Blood can resurrect the first Kishin, Asura, whose global spread of madness can force the world to evolve and therefore stop the DWMA's fixation on maintaining what she calls the status quo.
  • This arc confirms that Death's large soul, first seen encompassing Death City in Chapter 3, is a seal to prevent Asura's escape from beneath Death City. Therefore, Death sends his meisters and weapons around the world to fight for him because not only does he need to maintain this seal around Death City at all times, but that after forming this seal he may never leave Death City.
  • The Flying Dutchman refers to Asura as the Kishin "closest" to Kid. While his remark refers to Asura as residing within Death City itself, his remark may foreshadow that Asura is another fragment of Death, hence Kid's brother and therefore "close" to him familially.
  • This arc suggests that Asura has been developing an army before his escape, whether by his own guidance or by potential followers taking the role themselves. The first such member to appear, the Flying Dutchman, will resurrect his Nidhogg as a Clown Factory in The Clown Arc. Later members of Asura's army will also appear, such as the defected Death Scythe Justin Law and the Clown Army, although whether they join Asura before or after his resurrection is not yet clear.
  • This arc includes the first appearance of Mira Naigus, who appears in her human form in this arc's anime episodes but in only her weapon form and without dialogue in this arc's manga chapters.
  • This arc includes the first appearances in the manga of Harvar D. Éclair (in weapon form only) and Kilik Rung, both of whom appear far earlier in the anime as cameos in Episode 4.
  • This arc reveals that Mizune, who was killed by Medusa, is actually one of many sisters.
  • During their battle on the Nidhogg, Crona hints at their childhood, mentioning "the Little One" (a rabbit in the manga, a dragon in the anime) that they had to kill to appease Medusa, which will be shown in the next arc.
  • In this arc, Eruka says, "I love destroying things. I'm so glad I was born a witch." Later arc will reveal that destruction is integral to the very nature of witches, such as when Kim Diehl reveals that she had regenerative magic that made her an outcast among witches, when Kim offers to guide Angela Leon away from the path of destruction, and when Kid asks the Witch Judge and Maba to allow witches to channel that destructive nature to stop Asura and to find a way for witches, humans, and shinigami to co-exist.
  • This arc includes an anime-only story, "The Legend of the Holy Sword 2," which as it is told largely by the self-aggrandizing Excalibur, provides potentially apocryphal information about himself, his love life, his family, his meister King Arthur, and Sherlock Holmes


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