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Blair (ブレアBurea) is a cat witch who was once mistaken for a genuine witch by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater.[7] She later would take residence at Maka and Soul's Apartment[8] and works as an employee at Chupa♡Cabra's.[9] She also occasionally works alongside the DWMA,[10] Maka, and Soul on their various quests.[11]

Cultural references[]

Blair's name is an allusion to the movie The Blair Witch Project, a United States found-footage film about three student filmmakers who attempt to locate evidence of the existence of a witch known as "Blair Witch", a famous local legend.[12]


Blair is very good at understanding other people and even showing kindness to others who are troubled. Though she is a cat, she is not mean at all, though she can act overly friendly to Soul. She is always looking for some fun, whether it is harmless or not. Playful and fun-loving, she is quite an affable person. She is well endowed, which is used when she flirts with Soul, usually by appearing out of her cat form in little to no clothing. Blair has no shame in exposing her naked body in the presence of males, exemplified by when she pulls down her towel in front of Soul and Maka's guests. This is most likely partly due to the fact that, in her cat form, she is always naked, regardless of whether she has fur covering her body or not.


Human Form[]

In human form, she takes on the appearance of a young, tall woman with large breasts and an alluring figure. She has short violet hair with long strands on each side of her face that curl up and around to resemble her tail. The bauble she wears in her cat form can be seen below her neck. She has a set of purple cat-like ears with pink tips instead of human ears, which are initially hidden by her hat. Her black witch's hat coils around at the end and retains her bright yellow cat eyes. She also has a curled up purple cat tail that resembles her cat form one. Her lips are curled like the shape of a "3" to represent those of a cat. She also has two little sharp fangs in her mouth in human form like a cat's. She dresses in many types of revealing clothing such as tank tops and bikinis, but her signature witch outfit consists of a black-blue dress that shows off her shoulders and wraps around her neck, long, open sleeves that reveal her hands and shoulders, a short skirt with a white frill and long high-heeled boots that curl upwards at the toes. When fighting against Mizune's human form, she keeps her hat and boots but switches her dress for a black-blue bikini top under a similar-colored coat with a fur collar, and matching shorts. The coat's bottom hem is notably short, ending just below her breasts, exposing her stomach and lower back.

Inside the Book of Eibon during her transformation to the opposite sex as a result of the Lust Chapter, her seductive figure is carried on even to the opposite gender, and she appears as a highly attractive young man with a well-muscled build with black pants tight on the knees and matching shoes, an opened shirt showing her bare chest. Her witch hat remains but it is shorter, more like a top hat or a fedora but the top still has the curly tip. The bauble on her chest that resembles her cat collar has now turned into a necklace. She has also got a belt and a second, thin belt hanging down to her left.[13]

Cat Form[]

In cat form, she is a purple cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail. She wears a smaller version of her witch's hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern's face.[14]



Blair's capabilities allowed her to hold her own and defeat Maka Albarn and Soul Eater on several occasions, forcing the aforementioned weapon to employ deception in order to defeat her. Despite her great fighting power, however, Death speculated that either a single Shinigami Chop or a single scythe swipe from Death Scythe could defeat her.[15] In her cat form, she was able to physical overwhelm the Mizune sisters individually.[16]

Special Abilities[]

Monster Cat Physiology: According to Blair, she is a cat with immense magical power and as such, is capable of several abilities unusual for a cat capable enough to mistake her for a genuine Witch.[1]

  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): As a Monster Cat, she is capable of transforming herself into either her human form or cat form.[1]
  • Cat Form: One of Blair's two forms includes her cat form, in which is her natural form. She is capable of performing Magic in this form also.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Even in her cat form, Blair possesses extraordinary strength enough to kick a Mizune sibling away at an incredible height.[17]
  • Acrobatic Skill: Of Blair's own admission, she has kept herself in top physical shape in case she gets into an altercation. This has allowed her to battle the likes of the Mizune Family without being damaged by any of their Beam Whiskers while performing incredible feats such as somersaults.[17]
  • Human Form: She can also transform into her human form at will, allowing her to use the form's appearance in seducing others.[1]
  • Enhanced Speed: Blair was fast enough to not only dodge Maka's scythe attack at the last minute, but to the point where Maka lost track of her movement in the moment she swung her scythe at her during their battle.[18]
  • Nine Lives: As a Monster Cat, Blair is capable of living up to nine lives at a time, meaning she can only be killed permanently after being killed nine times.[1]

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a Monster Cat, Blair possess a high amount of magical power in which can enable various of magical-related feats, with her offensive powers great enough to contend with EAT Class-level student like that of Maka Albarn[1] and genuine Witches such as the Mizune Family.[19] One of her skills in using magic includes an unnamed magic that allows her to levitate objects to perform tasks such as cooking.[20]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): While in her cat form, Blair has displayed great proficiency in unarmed combat during her battle with the Mizune Family. She was able to easily damage one Mizune sister with only the use of her hand-to-hand combat skills.[17]

Seduction: Blair is a competent seducer, often using her appearance to exploit the perverted nature of Soul Eater himself and has even unknowingly enticed the likes of Spirit Albarn while both him and Death spectated her battle with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater.[1]

List of magics[]

General Magic
  • Shrink (縮まる, Chidjimaru): Blair can perform magic in which can allow her to change the size of objects at will by pointing her finger at the desired object after chanting her mantra and shrinking it in size as a result.[21]
  • Wardrobe Change: Blair can use her magic to summon her outfit while naked in order to instantly get herself dressed.[1]
  • Blair's Magic (ブレアの魔法, Burea no Mahō): Blair's main magic allows her to create and ignite the pumpkins in which she created using her Magic and launch them towards an opponent.[1]
Direct Attack Spells (Blair's Magic)

Pumpkin Cannon.

  • Pumpkin Cannon (パンプキン砲, Panpukin Hō): Perhaps Blair's most powerful, offensive attack. This spell fires a large projectile with incredible destructive power upon contact capable of downing Maka Albarn in one-hit during their first battle.[1] There's a linear version of the blast in which can be fired from Blair even in her cat form powerful enough to push back the Flying Dutchman with ease.[22]
  • Pumpkin Cannon (Hunky Version) (パンプキン砲(イケメンVer), Panpukin Hou(Ikemen Version)): As a male, the version of the attack is performed in close range and is capable of pushing away/defeating the Succubus in a single shot.[13]
  • Smashing Pumpkin (スマシングパンプキン, Sumashingu Panpukin): A destructive spell in which creates a large pumpkin and enlarges it, smashing the target as result. This spell is performed in the air and was capable of downing some of the Mizune Family members.[23]


Blair's Magic Lifeform, Zukun.

Zukun (ズワン, Zuwan; FUNimation "Zwan"): Acting as her Magic Lifeform on her persons, Zukun is Blair's hat in which she can command. Taking the appearance of a hand with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, Zwan can easily lift Blair's opponents such as Maka Albarn, being strong enough to effortlessly throw the EAT-level Meister into the air at a considerable distance.[24]


Prologues arc[]

Soul in Blair's bath

Blair is first seen bathing within her home as Maka and Soul track down the home of "Witch Blair". Without any hesitation in an attempt to be "manly", Soul jumps and kicked one of the windows, breaking into the bathroom and landing headfirst in her bust in the bathtub. As he realizes Blair is naked, he gets a nosebleed as a result. As she questions on what happened, Soul reassures that he's a cool guy and is used to seeing women naked. However, Blair reminds him his nose is bleeding. Maka then appears and strikes her weapon with a dropkick, telling Blair that they're after her soul. However, Blair is seemingly more concerned about his well-being. As Maka orders Soul to transform into a scythe, Blair is impressed at his ability. Maka then states she will take Blair's soul and make a Death Scythe stronger then her father, though Blair is more interested in taking the Scythe for herself. She then casts the Halloween Cannon spell, defeating both Maka and Soul while blowing a hole into her home.[1]

Blair and Maka battle for the fourth time

The next day, Maka and Soul attempted a sneak attack. However, Blair then noticed them talking and hugged Soul. causing Soul to have another nose bleed. The day after, Maka and Soul went back to Blair's home with a written plan made by Maka. As both clashed on how to approach the situation, Blair suddenly appears, casting yet another Halloween Cannon spell that K.O both Maka and Soul.[1]

On their fourth attempt, Maka and Soul manage to enter into a battle with Blair as opposed to easily being knocked out by her spells. As Maka is having trouble dodging Blair's Flying Pumpkins spell, the latter tells Maka she'll never defeat her. As Soul and Maka argue once more, Blair interrupts and states that Soul should be with her instead and she would forgive him for everything he does. However, Maka refutes the statement, saying Soul is her scythe and she has to go through her first with making "deals" such as that. With those words, Blair's demeanor changes into a more serious one as states she intends to kill Maka and take Soul. The battle continues as Blair has the upperhand, countering and dodging Maka's attacks. As she dodges, she casts the Smashing Pumpkin spell. She then uses Zukun to send Maka into the air.[1]

Blair pesters both Maka and Soul after restarting their quest.

Soul then "betrays" Maka for Blair and is eventually revealed to be a ruse; he transforms into a scythe and Maka uses him to defeat Blair by cutting her in half. Once Soul had eaten Blair's soul, he noted the absence of the surge of power, only after which Blair turned up in cat form and noted that she was not a witch, and they had only been assuming that. Maka then recalled what Death said earlier and realized that eating Blair's cat-soul meant they had lost all the 99 previous Kishin souls they had captured. Afterwards, Blair continued to follow Soul and Maka. Maka questions how Blair is following and assumed she is a ghost, though Blair simply tells questions her if she's aware of how many souls a cat has. She also asks Soul to be hers playfully.[1]

Remedial Lessons Arc[]

Blair is seen on top of Soul seductively as she wakes him up, which surprises him. She then smothers Soul with her breasts and offers to have fun with him. Maka then walks in, having prepared Soul breakfast. Blair then wishes Maka a good morning. Soul gets kicked out of the window immediately afterwards for being seduced by her.

Blair is later seen at Chupa♡Cabra's entertaining Spirit, having got the job for three days.[sourcing needed] She then asks Spirit if he's getting along with Maka. As Spirit informs her that she mostly ignores him, Blair mentions that the divorce between him and that his wife is finalized. She then claims that he should be happy at that. Spirit, however, continues to be negative. He states that his ex-wife isn't allowing him to pay any alimony or child support for Maka. Blair continues to support Spirit, telling him that the role of a parent is beyond just providing money and that he should still do whatever he can for her. She then suggest that he should find another wife using his womanizing skills, which he refuses to do. Risa then appears, telling Blair she shouldn't depress the guests.

Both Blair and Risa listen to Spirit as he discusses his time with his former meister, Stein. He revealed then that for five years Stein experimented on his body. The two women were surprised at the revelation and expressed they wondered how he didn't even notice.

Blair then brings up the fact that Stein and Spirit were partners, so their wavelengths must have matched. Spirit then replies that was because if Stein was curious about any weapon at all for any reason, he'll master it to some degree. He also stated that he was more powerful then his ex-wife and was a genius.

Fight to the Death Arc[]

Blair goes to look for food after the DWMA anniversary celebration is interrupted by Free's spacial magic, complaining that she was refused access. She sees multiple Mizune pass by and realizes that they had attacked the fish seller that Blair apparently often visited. Angered by this, she attacked them. With the agility and speed of her cat form, she overwhelms the five Mizune. However, even she eventually admits that fighting five-on-one is too much.

Blair confronts Mizune in their combined form.

The prolonged confrontation provokes the family into assembling their combined form (involving a total of five Mizune), transforming them into a single fully grown woman before commenting, "I wouldn’t get too cocky if I were you, kitty; didn’t you know a cornered rat will bite the cat?"[25] Reacting to this, Blair assumes her human form, angered by the mouse-themed witch attempting to seduce men instead of her, and the two provocative woman face off by groping each other's chest. The pair then attract attention from a large group of males.

The pair continue their perverted fondling contest, constantly trading insults between themselves, until Asura emerges from beneath the ground. This sight alone brings a conclusion to their fight and Mizune retreats to the outskirts of the city.

Clown arc[]

Blair, staying in her cat form, joins Maka and Soul on their mission with Death the Kid, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson to ascertain the revival of the supposedly abandoned Borscht Seven Factory in Russia. While Kid and the Thompsons stay outside, unable to find a clean, symmetrically acceptable entrance, and terrified at the monstrous appearance of the factory, Maka, Soul, and Blair enter.

Inside, Maka and Soul face a Clown, a creature of madness incarnate, that is being manufactured in this factory by the Flying Dutchman, who had survived his previous fight against Kid and Crona on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg.

After saving Maka and Soul with her Pumpkin Cannon from the Dutchman's attack with the factory's own pipes, Blair steals the Dutchman's hat, distracting him while Maka and Soul fight the Clown and eventually defeat it. Blair leads the Dutchman through the entire factory, her cat size allowing her to fit in small spaces that the Dutchman cannot fit through, leaving him torn and bruised by the factory's machinery. The Dutchman manages to trap Blair in one furnace, but she survives, whether by those remaining souls out of her original nine or by the failure of the furnace to hurt her.

Blair finally drops the Dutchman's hat atop the factory's self-destruct button. As the Dutchman picks up the hat, he accidentally hits his hand against the button, destroying the factory and, because his body is an extension of that factory, himself. Blair is reunited with Maka and Soul, as they turn around to see the factory evaporate into harmless light.

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc[]

Salvage arc[]

Blair is called along with her Chupa♡Cabra's colleagues Risa and Arisa to the Death Room. While the trio assume they are here because Spirit wants to host a party, they are eventually corrected by Death that they were summoned to assist with a mission. After punishing Spirit for misleading Blair and her coworkers, Death explains that these three magic users, along with Kim Diehl and the recently captured Eruka Frog, will use their magic for a DWMA mission. Blair and these witches will use their magic to transport DWMA forces into the Book of Eibon to rescue Death the Kid, who had been captured by Noah during DWMA's attack on Baba Yaga Castle.

Again in her cat form, Blair accompanies members of the newly formed elite DWMA student group Spartoi—Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, Kilik, Fire, and Thunder—into the manuscript copy of the Book of Eibon held by the Academy's library. Blair will act as a tether to the students to communicate messages from the world outside the Book to the students, and to draw the students out of the Book when evacuation is necessary.

After the witches and a DWMA studentOxteleport Blair and the students into the book, the latter discover the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents leads Blair and the students to the first chapter of the Book, the Lust Chapter. This is where all females turn into males and all males turn into females. While the students are distracted by the Succubus who lurks in the chapter, Blair realizes that their new male body will distract this lustful Succubus long enough to arm and fire Halloween Cannon, disabling the latter and allowing the students' passage to subsequent chapters. She does so.

Blair reverts to cat form and stays as such for the remainder of their time inside the Book. After passing through the Gluttony Chapter, Blair and most of the DWMA students are separated from Soul and Maka. While the students eventually resume their previous gender, with Liz and Tsubaki as the last to revert to women, Blair stays in cat form, their sex assumed by Liz and Tsubaki to still be male due to Blair's supposed lustfulness.

Upon reaching the Greed Chapter, Black☆Star is invited by the Table of Contents to retrieve Kid from the Hidden Chapter. Upon convincing the Great Old One of Power to release Kid, this being releases them as well as their classmates and Blair out of the Book. At this moment, Noah has brought the book outside of base to fight other members of DWMA. Blair, resuming her female sex, uses her magic to assist Maka and their teammates in a fight that leaves Noah dead, Gopher escaping with the Book of Eibon, Tezca Tlipoca seemingly dead, and the members of DWMA too injured to pursue.

Dark Side of the Moon arc[]

DWMA members return from the Moon, having trapped Asura but also Crona and leaving the Moon covered by a barrier of Black Blood. Crona's presence on the Moon causes a global spread of the Madness of Boobs.

While Maka and Soul recover from injuries and the loss of Crona in their apartment, the barely dressed Blair pushes Soul into her breasts, causing him a nosebleed. While likely influenced by the Madness of Boobs, Maka notices Blair's breasts, then grows irate at Blair's behavior towards Soul. Blair pulls Maka in for a hug, claiming three is more fun. Maka's eyes again glaze over as her face is close to Blair's breasts. The scene ends here without clarification as to what happens next.


  • Though not a genuine member of the witch race, she is still classified as a witch.[26]
  • Blair's self-ascribed nickname, "Bu-tan", is a shorter, cutesy abbreviation of "Blair-chan"/"Burea-chan".[27] "-Tan" is a babytalk variant of "-chan", making "Bu-tan" roughly translateable to "Little Miss B".
  • Blair was ranked 15th in the Official popularity poll and ranked 17th in the second.
  • Blair tends to refer to herself in the third person.[28][29]
  • Her name is a reference to the movie The Blair Witch Project.


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