A Bloodsucker[1] (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki) is a monsterous race known for their ability to siphon blood out of living beings.[2]


Bloodsucker generally possess a human-like appearance with a few abnormalities such as fangs. This makes them a popular dress-up choice during Halloween.[3]

The soul of bloodsuckers also seem to generally be a pinkish hue in color and look similar to that of a witch's soul. It is among the species in the anime counted as a Kishin Eggs when deceased or sensed.[4] Their souls also register as "monster" souls.[5]

Special AbilitiesEdit

From what is witnessed of Mosquito, Bloodsuckers seem to have abilities such as:

  • High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Bloodsuckers have great physical potential that allows them the potential of fighting off powerful beings such as a werewolf and even a incomplete death god.[6]
  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): Bloodsuckers have the ability to transform themselves (in the case of Mosquito, to a body of a previous age).[7]
  • Soul-Sensing Abilities (魂感知能力, Tamashī Kanchi Nōryoku): In the anime, Bloodsuckers can have soul-sensing abilities and can use techniques such as soul perception.[8]
  • Blood Siphoning: Their most noted ability, as their name implies, is the ability to siphon blood from another individual tp heal and rejuvenate themselves.[9]
  • Longevity: Bloodsuckers can live a long lifespan (similar to the likes of witches) for over 800 years. Though they age, the ability of transformation can circumvent such weaknesses.[10]

List of BloodsuckersEdit


  • Despite being referred to as an "old monster", Mosquito's soul as a Bloodsucker (as a hitomi) appears to possess an appearance similar to a Kishin Egg in the anime.[11]


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