Episode 1 - Jack the Ripper claims his victim

Jack the Ripper, a known bloodthirsty killer.

Bloodthirsty killers (殺人鬼, Satsujinki) are individuals who kill other beings, notable humans. Varying in appearance, they're often qualified to be added to Shinigami's List, in which their souls can then be consumed as part of a method to creating a death weapon.[1]

In both the anime and Soul Eater: Monotone Princess, bloodthirsty killers are instead casted to being human beings who come about consuming other human souls in order to gain power and risk becoming a kishin and have kishin egg-type souls. Various killers can follow a similar appearance between another, splitting them into categories (i.e Rippers).[2]

List of bloodthirsty killers

Name Status
Jack the Ripper Deceased
D-Frefre Deceased
Johnny Rubber Deceased
Sonson-J Deceased
Ugauman Deceased
The Can Deceased
Frey D. Sadoko Deceased


  • Although referred to as "bloodthristy killers" in Yen Press's translation, dubs also refer to them as "homocidal killers", "mass murderer", and "homicidal maniacs".


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