Bloody Needle
Black needle
Technique Data
English Title Bloody Needle
Romaji Buraddī Nīdoru
Katakana ブラッディー・ニードル
Alternate Title(s)
Type Piercing
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 8

Bloody Needle (ブラッディー・ニードル, Buraddī Nīdoru) is an attack used by Crona and Ragnarok which makes use of the Black Blood.


takes any of Crona's Black Blood which has been previously spilled and hardens the droplets, turning them into needles which extend towards the enemy intending to pierce them. Due to how quickly and easily Crona's blood can be spread during an intense battle, this technique is adept at surrounding an opponent, exploiting any available opening. As it is Ragnarok who influences the blood's state, the attack can be performed without any hindrance towards Crona's current movements, not only ensuring the continuation of an onslaught of sword strikes as well but, if the situation arises where Crona is rendered unconscious, it can form an effective means of defense.

This technique The Black Clown is also able to use Bloody Needle, due to its Black Blood composition, as a form of both immediate and automatic counter-attack to any strikes made against it. During a sort confrontation between itself, Kilik Rung and Kim Diehl, it was demonstrated that the small droplets of Black Blood used in this technique can be incinerated due to exposure to an intense flame, preventing the attack from occurring.

  • Bloody Needle being used to fight off Stein in the manga.
  • Bloody Needle being used unconsciously by Crona.

In Episode 44 of the anime, Crona tries to use Bloody Needle against Medusa in the battle in her lair. However, she sent her soul wavelength to cut off her child's use of the Black Blood, which gave her enough time to kill them for betraying her. Fortunately, Maka arrived just in time to defend Crona.


  • Bloody Needle's appearance appears to be based on Emine's ability to breath life into creatures called "Kamaitachi" made from his own blood from Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.

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