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The Bodyguard Arc is the ninth story arc in Soul Eater. After Maka is afflicted by Arachne's Thread, Black☆Star and Tsubaki seek revenge on Arachnophobia but find themselves locked in battle with the samurai, Mifune.



Notable InstancesEdit

  • Maka is recovering from paralysis brought on by her battle against Arachne. Her recovery will be celebrated at a party at Kid's residence in the Reunion Express Arc.
  • Black☆Star's defeat will bother him in subsequent arcs, culminating with a duel against Kid after the "BREW" - The Tempest Arc. Based on Mifune's advice in this arc, to sense the Will of the Nakatsukasa within Tsubaki, speaking with that Will. In the anime, Black☆Star will regain his composure after dueling Kid, then defeat Mifune in a nearly fatal battle. In the manga, Black☆Star regains his composure only after meeting with Tsubaki's family in Japan, then killing Mifune in combat.
  • This arc introduces Demon Tools, which Arachnophobia has become developing. Later arcs will reveal that the Morality Manipulation Machine and other Demon Tools come from plans written by the sorcerer Eibon, who is first named in this arc. Later arcs will reveal that Eibon wrote these plans in his Book of Eibon, which will be instrumental in numerous arcs up to the final arc of the manga.
  • The Morality Manipulation Machine will be re-created following Sid's destruction of the prototype. In the anime, it will be used to augment Asura's Madness; in the manga, it will be used in Baba Yaga Castle to brainwash Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre.
  • Since facing Black☆Star in combat, Mifune has been coerced into Arachnophobia, under threat that the organization will harm Angela.
  • This arc reveals Mifune's previous role as a bodyguard for the De Niro family, which led him to be ordered to assassinate a rival gang's witch. Upon discovering this witch to be the child Angela, Mifune turns against the De Niros and becomes Angela's bodyguard.
  • This arc reveals Azusa Yumi's weapon form, additional abilities such as the Thousand-Mile Eyes, and the extent of her abilities' range.
  • Giriko's remark that Mosquito has shrunk in the past 800 years foreshadows how much taller he was in his previous forms, such as forms from 100, 200, and 400 years ago.
  • Mosquito reveals that Tsubaki's clan, the Nakatsukasa, was one of the first set of weapons produced by Arachne herself.


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