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Borscht Seven Factory (ボル7工場 Borushichi Koujou in Japanese) is an old abandoned factory and the birthplace of the Clown.


The factory is seen to be a large and tall structure with many floors and pipes forming buildings together. Although supposedly abandoned for 6 years,[1] when Maka and her partner along with Kid and his partners arrive to the scene, they happen to come across an intense amount of steam and factory noises from within.[2] There are many air vents around the factory, but there seems to be no "official entrance".[3][4]

Nidhogg Factory[]

Liz gazes in horror at the Nidhogg Monster Factory

What is hidden in this factory is the Nidhogg Factory (ニーズヘッグ工場 Niizuheggu Koujou). After his defeat at the Ghost Ship Nidhogg, the Evil Ghost, the Flying Dutchman takes over a part of Borscht Seven Factory and changes it into the Nidhogg Factory. It is usually hidden amongst the other buildings of the factory, but its distinguishing feature is its two large eyes that stare out at people.

The Nidhogg Factory and the Flying Dutchman are one in the same: as he was able to do with the ship Nidhogg, the Dutchman can control all parts of the factory to attack at opponents with pipes and other machinery. However, any damage, including total destruction, to the Factory inflicts similar harm onto the Dutchman.

The factory is full of old machines such as incinerators, conveyor belts, and pipes, all of which can be activated under the Flying Dutchman's control. There is also, funnily enough, a self-destruct switch which, if one presses it, will cause the factory (and the Flying Dutchman as he has a symbiotic relationship with the building) to disappear in a ray of light, without harming any other occupants, such as the DWMA students assigned to investigate the Borscht Seven Factory.

The Birthplace of the Clown[]

This factory is a crib of madness. And the clown has issued forth his birthing cry. He is the one who offers freedom to the people...[5]

Flying Dutchman, Chapter 41

Thanks to the high levels of insanity in the area (probably through the Flying Dutchman's power), The Clown is born in the Nidhogg Factory, supposedly from the machinery of the factory itself, that had been warped due to the insanity.

Part in the Story[]

Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, Blair, Death the Kid, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson accept a mission from the DWMA go to the factory to investigate its strange goings-on. Because of the factory's asymmetric layout, Kid, Liz, and Patty stay outside, while Maka, Soul, and Blair enter. Inside, they are attacked by the Flying Dutchman and later the Clown.

While Blair fights with the Flying Dutchman, who tries to trap her in an incinerator and tries to have the machinery in the factory tear her to pieces, Maka and Soul face off against the Clown. Although Maka is almost consumed by the Clown's insanity, Soul manages to get through to her and the two activate Demon-Hunt. While the attack seems to kill the Clown, its soul disappears like a magic trick, such that the being seems to escape.

The Nidhogg factory disappears into light

Meanwhile, Blair steals the Flying Dutchman's hat, distracting him from the fight between Maka and The Clown. Blair drops the hat atop the Factory's self-destruct button, managing to trick the Flying Dutchman to press the button and destroy the factory and himself. The destruction takes the form of a beam of light, leaving Maka and her peers unharmed.


  • Borscht 7 Factory, in the original Japanese "borushichi," is a pun on two different words. First, "borushichi," sounds like "ball 7," a form of billiards. Second, "borushichi" is pronounced in Japanese like as "Borushichi," which is the same pronunciation used for the Ukrainian dish "borscht". Soul Eater Volume 11: Yen Press English translation, page 186


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