Bullet Wings
Gopher's Feathers
Technique Data
English Title Bullet Wings
Romaji Danshi
Katakana 弾翅
Alternate Title(s)
Type Magic, Projectile,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 64
Anime Debut
How is it? The feeling of having your soul targeted...

Gopher, Chapter 64

Bullet Wings (弾翅 Danshi in Japanese) is one of Gopher's evil magic abilities in which he utilizes his Grigori powers combined with powerful magic.

Gopher uses the Grigori wings sprouting out of his wrists to fire small bullet-like feathers at his target, in quick succession, similar to a machine gun. These projectiles are also seen as the feathers of his wings, that are fired through a simple flapping motion. It appears that an infinite amount of these projectiles can be launched, with any lost being instanteously replaced. Firing these projectiles does not hinder Gopher's flight capabilities in the slightest. These feathers do not hold as much power as real bullets, but can still cause some physical injury to an opponent. The large amount of feathers fired also makes this attack hard to avoid.

The attack is first demonstrated during Gopher's attempt to assassinate Maka and collect her soul, where each individual feather displays enough destructive force to both pierce and damage the surface of a large mountain and injure Maka. However, after Maka and Soul use proper Grigori wings of their own, they are actually able to dodge the projectiles, suggesting that this attack can be overcome.


  • The Japanese kanji used for the 'wings' in 'Bullet Wings' (翅) is quite a unique and rarely-used kanji used only to associate with the wings of insects rather than birds or other winged creatures, suggesting a difference, or an inferiority to the 'angel' wings Maka has.