Calculation spells: magic calculation (演算魔法 - マジックカリキュレーション, Enzan Mahō Majikku Karikureshon) is a supportive magic technique used by various witches.[1]


This form of magic has several functions, one being that is used as a "place marker" for more complex magic and is especially useful for space-related abilities such as spatial magic's independent cube.[1]

It can also serve as a function of creating magical links between worlds, though the process is more complicated; a large magic circle with the designated number of magic users around it. In a case when more than one magic user is performing the magic, one of the magic users acts as the main caster of the magic, with the others acting as support in order to support the main caster's magic reserves.[2]

A requirement prior to the usage of this magic is that the caster must be incredibly knowledgeable in mathematics.[2]


A chant is seen to sometimes be a requirement. After a user says their usual chants, they recite:


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