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Chapter 0.1 - Intro
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"Soul Eater"

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Prologue 1: Soul Eater (プロローグ1: ソウル=イーター, Purorōgu 1: Sōru Ītā)

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0 (Part 1)

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Icon - JPN : June 22, 2004
Icon - USA : October 27th, 2009

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Episode 1

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Prologues Arc

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Two lone teens hunt unrighteous evil souls of 99 humans and a single witch so that one can be become an instrument of Death himself. This one can remarkably transform into a scythe and the other commands him; she dances with the weapon in perfect harmony. Their 100th soul is that of a witch who puts them in a battle which risks their lives.

"Soul Eater" (ソウル=イーター, Sōru Ītā) is the first of three initial one-shots by mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo, and as its popularity increased it eventually kickstarted the Soul Eater franchise. Furthermore, while many regard it as "Chapter 1", it is part of three chapters that takes prior to the major events down the line in the manga's run. Acting as prequel of a sort (thus giving off a "Chapter 0" effect), Soul Eater ran in Japan from June 2004 to October 2009.

The anime equivalent of this chapter is "Resonance of the Soul – Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?".

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Death City (first appearance)




Chapter 0.1 - Maka and Soul defeats Jack the Ripper

Maka and Soul defeat Jack the Ripper.

A girl holding a scythe faces the Bloodthirsty Killer known as "Jack the Ripper" and proclaims she's going to take his soul. The killer looks in glee at his opponent. The girl, Maka Albarn, then begins speaking to her weapon and questions if he's even human. The scythe, Soul Eater, confirms that he is human and that appearances doesn't mean anything. He even goes as far as to point out he may look human but can turn into a weapon. He also remarks it's the soul that counts. As Jack jumps towards the duo, Maka edge on, also remarking this is their ninety-ninth soul. She then proceeds to easily defeat the killer. As he is killed, his soul is shown. The weapon, Soul Eater, transforms to his human form, consumes the soul and thanks his wielder for it. She reminds him that they have collected their ninety-ninth soul and Soul Eater remarks all they have left is a witch's soul. He also says doing so will not only make him a Death Scythe, but also increase his "Manly Coolness Factor".

Chapter 0.1 - Death explains the danger of the witch

Shinigami-sama explains the danger of the witch.

Maka then informs Soul that she will report to Shinigami-sama and looks for a mirror. Finding one, she huffs her breath on it and writes "42-42-564" and establishes contact with the Shinigami-sama. The Shinigami greets the scythe meister and asks how she is doing. She then informs him that Soul has consumed his ninety-ninth soul and that all they need is a witch's soul. Shinigami-sama compliments her, going so far as to say she's a "fine, little scythe meister just like your [her] mother". The compliment causes Maka to blush. However, the warm moment is interrupted by a man who shouts at Soul, gaining his attention. He tells Soul that if he lays a hand on Maka, he'll kill Soul. However, Soul retorts with that he's too cool to go out with a "shorty". Spirit, Maka's father, is offended, questioning Soul on Maka's attractiveness. Spirit then tells her that he loves him, only for Maka to deny his affections and states she doesn't see him as a father, much to Spirit's surprise. Shinigami-sama then tells them to set the family drama aside. He reveals that to make a Death Scythe, ninety-nine human souls that're evil and one witch soul is required but warns the witch soul to be by far the most difficult, with many meisters losing their battles to witches.

He then tells them to be careful and the Meister-Weapon pair assure him that they'll do their best. As the "call" ends, Spirit plays with a Maka doll and sulks, much to the irritation of Shinigami-sama, who threatens to deliver a Shinigami Chop if he didn't stop.

Blair's HouseEdit

Blair poses in front of Soul

Soul interrupts Blair's bath.

In a house that seem to be shaped into a pumpkin, a woman currently bathes and sings as she does. Maka and Soul stand outside with intent of hunting the "Witch Blair". Soul comments on how the house is made of pumpkins and how that's cool and delicious. He also tells Maka he intends to take the witch head-on, in contrast to a sneak attack. Though Maka objects, he jumps into the air and kicks down a window. He is taken by surprise when he finds the "witch" bathing and falls into the bathtub with her. Despite being surprised, he tries to maintain his "coolness" by remarking since he's a cool guy, he's used to seeing women naked, though Blair reminds him of his nosebleed.

Maka then makes an entrance, kicking Soul and calling him a "dumbass". She the informs Blair that they're going to take her soul, though Blair is comedically more concerned about Soul's well-being, much to Maka's chagrin. As Soul transforms, Blair is impressed and demands to have the scythe. She then casts the Halloween Cannon spell towards Maka and Soul, blasting the two out of the side of her house.


Chapter 0.1 - Spirit cires over maka

Spirit cries over Maka, much to Arisa and Risa's surprise.

Meanwhile, Spirit is having fun at Chupa♡Cabra's as both Arisa and Risa flirt with him. When Arisa begins speaking about his daughter, he freezes in embarassment. Risa then brings her up to speed: Because of Spirit's womanizing tendencies, it got him in trouble with his wife and they're currently in a divorce. In addition, his daughter hates her father so much she became a Scythe Meister to create a Scythe better then him. Spirit then yells out "MAKA!", now in a sad frenzy, and iterates how much he loves her mother and her. He the pays and leaves, though the girls tells him to come again....and he simply replies with "okay".

Versus Blair the WitchEdit

Chapter 0.1 - Maka and Soul argue

Maka and Soul argue on their next course of strategy.

In the next day, the duo try to take on Blair again, Soul remarking he was caught off guard because of her sex appeal, though Maka reprimands him by stating if showing a "little skin" can take him down, he'll never be a Death Scythe. However, their conversation causes them to be noticed by Blair and she embraces Soul, taking him down in a nosebleed fashion.

The next day, Maka has come up with a plan and written it on paper, though Soul doubts it'll work. When Maka asks as to what he suggests, he iterates he doesn't know and replies with "Pure spunk, I guess". Their bickering causes Blair to sneak up on them and utilize another Halloween Cannon, KOing them.

Chapter 0.1 - Blair and Maka battle

Maka and Blair battle.

The next day, they battle Blair once again though are having a difficult time, Blair remarking they'll never be able to defeat her. Soul questions what she is doing and claims they're going to lose again, only for Maka to retort that it's only because he "lusts" for her so much she's off and goes further to say that men are scumbags and implies he rushed in to see her bathe. When Soul angrily questions how he would know that, she claims "women's intuition", though Soul also questions what that means. Blair then tells Soul to become her partner instead and that she'll forgive him, Though Maka reminds her that she's his "owner".

Blair then decides she'll to kill her to take Soul. She the sends the fabric of her dress towards Maka, which scraps her. Maka then jumps and slashes downward, only her to dodge and perform the Smashing Pumpkin attack. As Maka dodges, she sends her Zukun familiar towards Maka's leg; it grabs and launches on the air, though she stops herself by forcing the blade of the Scythe into a rooftop. As Maka questions their next course of action, Soul doesn't respond and considers Blair's earlier offer.

Chapter 0.1 - Spirit wants to save Maka

Though Spirit wants to save Maka, his meister stops him.

Meanwhile, Spirit makes his way back to the Death Room, only for Shinigami-sama to inform him Maka is danger and is fighting a witch. He also tells Spirit she might die. Though Spirit wants to save his daughter, Shinigmai-sama comments on how easily they can handle a threat with one swing or a Shinigami Chop and how as a father, he must understand what he means. He withholds his feelings for saving Maka, only saying her name as he looks at her fight through a mirror. As the fight rages on, Soul then transforms back into a human, saying he quits trying to be a Death Scythe and wants to be Blair's scythe, much to Maka's surprise. As Blair is happy, Spirit remarks for Soul to get away from his daughter, to which he's then given a Shinigami Chop to the head. Maka accuses Blair of using magic to sway Soul to herself though Soul denies this, stating any man would pick a sexy lady with a nice body over a "shorty". Spirit agrees from afar, earning another Shinigami Chop by his meister.

Chapter 0.1 - Soul isn't powered up

Soul isn't powered up as he thought.

Maka grows angry, yelling at Soul for seemingly abandoning her for another woman whom he considers better. She also asks what sense does it make for him to "cheat" on her by siding with Blair, though Soul says he doesn't know..."as a cool guy like me [him] doesn't cheat" and wraps his scythe arm around her. Taking his hand as he transforms, they kill Blair and gain her soul. After gaining her soul, Soul eats it. At first he feels powered up...however, the feeling quickly stops. Blair emerges once again, revealing she wasn't a witch but just a cat with strong magical powers. As Maka and Soul are distraught to find they have to restart their quest, Spirit says he doesn't care and will still be with Blair, earning yet another chop. As Maka and Soul drive off on Soul's motorcycle, Blair follows.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Jack the Ripper is killed in one move whearas in the anime, the fight is extended.
  • In the anime, it is ninety-nine Kishin Eggs and one Witch Soul needed to make a Death Scythe. In the manga, it is ninety-nine evil human souls and one witch soul instead. Later in the manga, we learn that people on Shinigami's List are hunted, a concept that doesn't exist in the anime.
  • In the anime, Spirit gets chopped; in the manga, he's only threatened. In addition, he's irritated Death in the anime by whinning about Maka while in the manga, he was sulking over her denying his fatherly affections.


  • Blair is not a witch, but the characters and the manga itself initially refers to her as one. By the end of this chapter, Blair is confirmed to be a cat.
  • Soul's nosebleed is a frequent manga representation of sexual excitement.[1]
  • Maka's written plan includes the phrase "Maka's Blair Witch Project," alluding to the 1999 horror film that inspires Blair's name.[2]

References Edit

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