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Extra Lessons (Part 1)

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Volume 1

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May 12, 2004

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Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?

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Remedial Lessons Arc

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Due to their lack of success in soul gathering, Shinigami assigns Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and Black☆Star to Remedial Class. They're assigned to face the zombified teacher, Sid Barrett.

Remedial Lesson (Part 1) is the first serialized chapter of the manga. It was first printed in the Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine on May 12, 2004 and later reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 1. It was adapted as Episode 4, "Engage the Witch Hunter! A Heart-pounding Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?" in the anime Soul Eater.

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DWMA Students and Friends

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Rasputin's Unnamed Church
Death City


Killing the Phantom MonkEdit

Cp 1 Maka v Rasputin

Maka battling Rasputin.

Rasputin, the phantom monk, is thrown out a window, by Maka Albarn, whose foot and scythe are still shoved into his face. The scythe, which is Soul Eater Evans in his weapon form, warns the priest that they are about to take his soul. Rasputin smirks that not even bullets can harm his body, but Maka jumps past him, slicing his body in two with the scythe. Soul Eater transforms into his human form and eats Rasputin's soul.

Maka and Soul's ApartmentEdit

Chapter 1 - Blair wakes Soul

Blair wakes Soul.

The next morning in Death City, Soul wakes up, finding Blair on top of his bed. She invites him to either wake up or stay here to do something fun with her, as she shoves her breasts into his face. Down in the kitchen, Maka prepares breakfast, before coming up to Soul's room. She enters telling him to hurry up for breakfast, as they start school today, but then spots Blair. Unimpressed, she kicks Soul in the face, knocking him through the window and calling him an idiot.


At the Death Weapon Meister Academy Soul and Maka sit in class. Soul tries to get Maka's attention. Still annoyed, Maka refuses to listen to him, explaining that she's busy reading a book. After he calls her a bookworm, she uses the book to Maka Chop him on the head. Now prepared to listen, she asks Soul what it is. He tells her that she's heard part of it before and continues to talk about how a teacher “kicked the bucket” and got the goddess of freedom stuck to his forehead. Maka's familiar with the story and the teacher being Sid Barrett. Soul then asks her if she knows that people are saying that recently a man has been going after students and that one of the kids from the next class got beaten-up and the people who seen the guy say his blood changed. Maka closes her book and shows interest, prompting Soul to continue. Soul suddenly puts on a frightening face and shouts that he has a gaping hole on his forehead because he's a zombie. Maka screams and wallops Soul again. She tells him off for believing rumors about Sid.

The teacher then enters, saying that taking attendance can be a pain, so he's skipping it. Most students are surprised to see Spirit, who is the current Death Scythe, is their teacher, while Maka is more anxious, since he is her father. Spirit announces that the bell doesn't determine when class ends, but he does. He looks over to Maka, mentally asking if she thought that was cool. Soul tells Maka that her “stupid dad” is staring in their direction, but Maka tries to assure him he's just imagining it. Soul shouts down asking Death Scythe if he's to act as if they are strangers. Spirit explains that he's just a substitute until they get a replacement and corrects Soul, telling him to address him as Death Scythe-sensei.

Chapter 1 - Soul argues with Death Scythe

Soul argues with Death Scythe.

Spirit announces that he's about to check the attendance, but Soul reminds him that he said he wouldn't be doing that. Spirit corrects him again, saying that he wouldn't take the boy's attendance, but is going to take one for the young ladies. Soul shouts down telling him to stop messing around and calling him a dirty old man. He searches for Soul's name and fills in an "E" as his grade. With his hands clasped tightly to the end of the desk, Soul yells down again, demanding to know what he just wrote. Spirit ignores him and prepares to start the class. He then remembers that Maka and Soul had been called to see Shinagami and excuses both of them from the class. Maka and Soul leave for Shinigami's office, while Spirit continues the class suggesting a field trip to Chupa♡Cabra's.

Death RoomEdit

Chapter 1 - Black Star and Tsubaki spot Soul and Maka

Black☆Star eyes Soul and Maka.

As Maka and Soul make their way to the office, Black☆Star, equipped with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in her Chain Scythe form, watch from an overhead beam. He yells out the Way of Assassination's three rules. Maka cheerfully looks up exclaiming that it's Black☆Star and asks what he's doing. Soul sighs and remarks "Could you get any louder?". Tsubaki says that they've been completely uncovered, but Black☆Star blames it on his uncontrollable star quality. Maka asks if they were called here by Shinigami too. Black☆Star shrugs and replies, “Yeah".

They arrive at a mirror and Maka uses her finger to write out Shinigami's number on it. Shinigami appears and exchanges greetings. He tells the four that there's something he wants them to take. The group look back at him puzzled. “Remedial Class”, he continues. Maka and Soul are unimpressed. Maka interprets “Remedial Class” as lessons for stupid people. Soul, intending to become the strongest death scythe, outright refuses. Shinigami asks the four what their duty as meisters and weapons is. “To have the weapon eat the souls of ninety-nine humans and one witch....making it into the Death Scythe— Shinigami-sama's weapon!”. Shinigami whistles that she is correct and reminds them that they have currently gathered no souls.

Shinigami goes on to describe the syllabus for the remedial lessons, explaining that the teacher Sid became a zombie has been attacking students. Soul points out that he was right. Maka asks why Sid is attacking students, and points out that he was still a good teacher. Shinigami agrees that Sid was a good teacher, but now that he's a zombie he has been freed of the fear of death and wants the students to undergo the same experience that he did. The attacks on the students are only because they get in the way of his self-satisfying training presentations, Shinigami informs the group, and that it is still unknown who changed Sid and why. Black☆Star is up for the challenge. Before letting them go, Shinigami warns the group that should they fail this assignment, they'll be expelled.

Hook CemeteryEdit

Chapter 1 - At Sid's grave

Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki inspecting Sid's grave,

The quartet go to Hook Cemetery. Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki inspect Sid's grave. Soul starts yelling at Sid that he's going to get him expelled and that he never payed attention in any of his classes. Tsubaki starts to wonder if Soul has snapped, but Black☆Star diverts her attention to Maka, who is whimpering that she had always thought she would be a great meister like her mother, but is now just a dropout. Tsubaki asks Black☆Star is he's in any way worried, but he goes over to Soul and suggests they urinate on Sid's grave. Soul's snarls and agrees and also suggests that they defecate on it too.

Chapter 1 - Sid emerges

Sid appears.

Maka continues to sob, until Sid suddenly appears and snatches her by the ankle. In reaction, Soul dashes towards Sid, changing into a scythe in the process. Sid lifts up a spike, but isn't quick enough as the scythe comes spinning towards him. He releases Maka in order to dodge it quick enough. Thanking Soul, Maka equips herself with the scythe. Sid proceeds to rip his gravestone from the ground to use as a weapon, while he greets his former students. Black☆Star has Tsubaki change into her Chain Scythe, as they prepare to battle.

Maka starts to question Sid's motives. However, Sid makes ringing noises, imitating a school bell. He says being a zombie is great and acts as though they are about to start a class. The students ready themselves, but Sid tells them not to bother; they're all going to die anyway and if they become zombies the pressure of death is lifted, allowing them to escape the fear. Maka glares at Sid, reminding him how his old self was not like that. Sid makes a swing at Maka with the gravestone. Maka remains unresponsive, much to Soul's displeasure. Fortunately for them, Black☆Star intercepts, attempting to kick back the gravestone. However Sid is too strong and uses it to hit both him and Maka back, arguing that he was always like that.

Chapter 1 - Sid vs DWMA Pupils

Sid faces his former pupils.

Sid advises the "one star meisters" to give it up because they can't defeat him. Maka recalls how Sid was one of the highest ranking three star meisters when he was alive. Soul compliments him on that, but points out that if he keeps swinging his gravestone and breaks it, he will die again. Smiling, Sid replies that it's his gravestone, so he can uses it however he wants.

Making more ringing noises, Sid announces their second deadline, but by the end of this one they'll be dead. Maka jokes about the "term", insisting they hurry it on, so she can get her bath.

At Maka and Soul's house as Blair bathes herself, she contemplates going to school too to ease her boredom and bets Maka and Soul are having fun.

Back at the cemetery, Maka and Black☆Star continue to fight Sid. Sid points out his opponents need to understand each other better; Meisters and weapons have different wavelengths. Slightly baffled, Maka asks why he's giving advice to those after his soul. Sid replies that he's always been an enthusiastic educator, before knocking her back with his gravestone. Black☆Star attempts to attack Sid, but becomes subject to his Living End attack, pounding him into the ground under the gravestone. As Maka screams Black☆Star's name, she's amazed that Sid, who was formerly a knife meister can fight no problem with a gravestone, which isn't even a demon weapon.

Sid announces that the class is over and it's time for them to die. As Maka glares at Sid, determined, Black☆Star regains consciousness. Swinging Tsubaki's chain scythe mode around, he shouts that he's on stage and Sid's lesson has just begun. Waving the chains at either side of Sid, Black☆Star traps him in a corridor and proceeds to kick him in the celiac plexus. Sid stops to catch his breath, but Black☆Star's not prepared to give him a break. He has Tsubaki change into shuriken form and fires it at Sid. Sid dodges and launches a Living End attack at Maka, who manages to barely avoid it. As she gets up, she kicks Sid in the face, knocking him onto the ground.

Soul leaps to Maka's assistance, changing back into the scythe and telling her to tune into his frequency. Maka is reluctant, having never successfully initiated it before, but Soul assures her they can do it. The two attempt a Soul Resonance and Maka prepare to use the Witch-Hunt attack. However Maka loses control of the scythe causing it to nearly slice Black☆Star. Black☆Star yells at the duo for nearly killing him, while Maka and Soul scream at each other, arguing over whose fault it was. Soul and Maka then tell each other to die, while Black☆Star brags that they must have been after his "big" soul.

Shifting their focus back to the current problem, Maka and Soul make a swing at Sid with a regular attack, but Sid sinks into the ground. As the party anxiously stare at the ground, Sid swoops up behind Maka striking her with his spike, before going back under. Black☆Star and Tsubaki notice Sid is using The Way of Assassination, rule 1; "Blend into the shadows, control your breathing and wait for your target to let down their guard."

Chapter 1 - Black Star has Maka and Sid tied up

Black☆Star ties-up Sid, Soul and Maka.

Black☆Star and Tsubaki prepare to take the next step before Sid. Black☆Star becomes more serious and Maka notices his breathing changes. Black☆Star declares that they only need one assassin and he stands alone, as he etches out the Trap☆Star with the chain scythe. Reciting the second law of the Way of Assassination; "Tune in to your target; Predict their thoughts and actions", he concentrates on Sid's soul frequency through Tsubaki. Maka notices Black☆Star's breathing stop, right before Sid reappears. By activating the Trap☆Star, he ties up Sid in the chains. However, Maka finds herself chained up and shouts at Black☆Star, who is in stitches and claiming that it is her own fault for getting in the way.

As Shinigami watches the event through the mirror in the Death Room, he laughs that that is the end for now. His son, Death the Kid brings up the next matter; who is it that turned Sid into a zombie?

Chapter 1 - Soul tries to use Maka's Sex Appeal

Soul tries to get Sid to talk, by lifting up Maka's skirt.

Back in the cemetery, Soul, who is rather annoyed over Black☆Star and Tsubaki 'hogging all the good scenes', tries to interrogate Sid into saying who turned him into a zombie. Maka advises Sid to comply, threatening him with a Maka Chop. Sid refuses to tell them, saying he's always been a man to keep secrets. The group try to think of how to get him to talk. Black☆Star lifts up the end of Tsubaki's dress, showing Sid her thong. Sid's jaw drops and says that it was Dr. Stein, but refuses to tell them where Stein is now. Determined not to lose, Soul lifts up Maka's skirt and covers his eyes, showing Sid her underwear and asking Sid to tell her where. Sid stares blankly and doesn't say anything. Black☆Star puts his hand on Sid's shoulder, saying he can't blame him. Soul leans against a tree hanging his head in shame, believing his last move to be uncool and requests that Maka kills him. Maka complies and Maka Chops the three boys, who all apologiese with blood rushing from their heads. Sid even gives them the location of Stein; a lab just outside Death City.

Outside the city, at Patchwork Laboratory, Franken Stein taps away at his keyboard and twists the screw in his head to try to concentrate, but with no avail as he loses interest.

In the Death Room, Shinigami states that his weapon, Death Scythe is currently the most powerful weapon, before asking Death the Kid, if he knows who trained him to become that weapon. Kid goes with the obvious answer; Maka's mother. True to some degree, but Shinigami reveals that she was Spirit's second meister, leaving Kid deduce Stein had been the first. Shinigami affirms and says that Stein had been the most powerful meister to graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy. Back at the cemetery, the group brace themselves to face Stein.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In this chapter in the morning, bats and dragonesque tendrils can be seen flying around the DWMA. In the anime, these elements are lacking. However, bats would appear more frequently in both the Soul Eater Not! manga and anime.
  • In this chapter, Spirit plans to teach the class about cabaret clubs. In Episode 4, this lesson does not take place.
  • During Maka's battle with Sid, her skirt flips up to reveal her underwear. For much of the Soul Eater anime, including Episode 4, Maka's skirt may flip up but does not reveal her underwear.
  • The scene where Black☆Star and Soul use their partner's sexual appeal by revealing their underwear to make Sid talk did not take place in the anime. As well, Maka's Chop against the two boys and Sid also does not take place in the anime.


  • Posters in Soul's bedroom are for British electronic musicians such as Aphex Twin and Portishead. One of these posters marks one of the manga's first allusions to Aphex Twin, a later one coming in the form of Kilik Rung's AFX-T (Arm Force Extreme Twin) technique.
  • When preparing breakfast, Maka's slippers are labeled with the kanji for "Smash" and "Kill."
  • Sid says "Ohisashiburi-desu," a common Japanese phrase that roughly means "long time, no see." By speaking so formally with the addition of the suffix "desu," however, the word sounds like "death."[1]
  • As well, when chanting, Sid says "Kiru koon kaan koon." In Japanese, "Kiin koon kaan koon" is an onomatopoeic phrase for the sound of bells, yet Sid substitutes "kiin" with "kiru," the latter the transliteration of the word "Kill."[2]
  • Sid's attack, "Living End," includes with it the phrase "juuji atoshi," which means "cross slam,"[3] much like what Sid does with his tombstone.
  • As Black☆Star, Sid, and Soul apologize to Maka and Tsubaki after Maka performs a Maka Chop, one of the three says "My Queen." Who says that line and to whom it was addressed was not made clear.
  • Japanese fiction aimed at men has a panty-type classification system for female characters. Roughly speaking, female characters that are "childish" or "sexually immature" are likely to wear plain white panties of practical size or even a little large. Female characters that are "women" or "sexually active" wear small and subtly decorated panties. Female characters that are inbetween, sexually mature but not active, which is usually tied to "unrefined" behavior, wear striped panties, also known as shimapan. In this chapter, Tsubaki is shown to wear fine underwear, marking her as a woman, while Maka's plain white underwear communicates her sexually immaturity. Chapter 0.3 showed that Elizabeth Thompson is on Tsubaki's level, while Patricia Thompson is not interested in sexual activity yet. This classification is reflected in several later moments in the manga, like the events of the Lust chapter during the Salvage arc.

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