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Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki face Franken Stein, the strongest meister to graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy in order to complete their remedial lesson.

Remedial Lesson (Part 2) is the second serialized chapter of the manga.

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Kid expresses his concerns to his father, Shinigami, before they watch Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki face off against Stein. With Stein being the best meister to graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy and former partner of Death Scythe, he feels this lesson will undoubtedly lead to the students deaths.

Chapter 2 - Stein falls off his chair

Stein falls off his chair.

Outside Stein's lab, the students wonder what kind of person Stein could be, while inside Stein kicks back from his desk, allowing his office chair to roll back. Outside the party hear a door creak open. Much to their surprise the man emerges on his chair, toppling over as it hits the doorway. Stein sits-up and twists the screw in his head, proclaiming he's not feeling too well and goes back to try his stunt again. After another failed attempt, he looks up and his visitors and asks if they have some business with him.

Soul warns them that they've come to eat his soul and Stein realizes that they're students from the academy. Following Maka's questioning, he informs them that he's been attacking students for research purposes, as he regards everything in the world, including himself, as an experimental object.

Stein begins to read the wavelengths of his opponents, commenting that Maka's is that of a serious person who tries too hard, while Soul's is one of a twisted, sarcastic person. He deems the two to not be working together. Maka is impressed at his ability, but Soul seeks assurance that Maka can do the same. Maka reluctantly replies "of course", but the lie is exposed by Stein, who remarks that her soul is quavering. The conversation is interrupted by Black☆Star, now on the roof of the building. Patronizing their "commoner conversation", he jumps down and requests that his soul be read. Stein laughs that he's cool, but regards his soul as very self-absorbed and incompatible with any kind of partner. As he does so, he blocks Black☆Star's kick and punches him away. Tsubaki's cries give her away as Black☆Star's partner. From reading her soul's wavelength, Stein considers Tsubaki cooperative and accepting, allowing her to make herself match Black☆Star's wavelength. Having read enough data, Stein suggests that they get on with the practical session.

Chapter 2 - Blair makes Spirit depressed

Blair upsets Spirit as they talk.

Over at Chupa♡Cabra's, Death Scythe is attended to by Blair. Blair asks about Maka, upsetting Death Scythe, since she ignored him at school and still hates him. Since his divorce was recent, Blair insists that Maka's feeling will change. Regardless, Death Scythe is none the happier, since his wife took full custody of Maka and refused to accept any child support from him, leaving him no fatherly duties to Maka. Blair tries to cheer him up, suggesting that they find him a new wife to get rid of his womanizing habits. Death Scythe refuses and reflects back on how the bad days of his life started when he met Stein. Arisa arrives seeing Death Scythe with his head hung down and reminds Blair that she can't make the customer feel bad.

Back outside the lab, Maka makes a swing at Stein, who easily blocks. He kicks Maka in the back, sending his chair race backwards and smack into Black☆Star. Stein remembers hearing of Maka before and upon remembering he calls he Spirit's daughter. Maka explains to Soul that that was her father's name before he became Death Scythe, but is surprised that Stein would know that.

Resting his face on his hand, Stein remembers seeing Spirit's sleeping face, while back at Chupa♡Cabra's, Death Scythe tells the girls how Stein had spend five years cutting him up and experimenting on him while he slept, without his knowledge. Had his ex-wife not noticed, Death Scythe fears the experiments would still be going on. Stein address Maka as the daughter of the woman, who stole his training ingredient and announces that he'd like to dissect her.

Death Scythe tells Blair how Stein is capable of learning how to use his enemy's weapon, should he become curious about it. He regards Stein's senses and capabilities to be far above his ex-wife's.

Chapter 2 - Stein hits Maka with his wavelength

Maka is hit by Stein's Wavelength.

Stein prepares to use a shotei technique on Maka. Although she blocks with her weapon, she receives something similar to an electric shock. Over in the Death Room, Kid begins to worry, interpreting Stein's move as him drawing more power from his soul wavelength and hitting his opponent with it, without channeling it through a weapon. Shinigami affirms and compares the relationship between a mesiter and their weapon to a guitar and its amp. The wavelength it can produce on its own is small, but very large when connected to an amp or weapon. Kid is impressed and wonders how powerful Stein was when he had a weapon.

Overwhelmed by Stein's last attack, Maka's breathing and wavelength get messed-up. Soul tries telling her to pull herself together, but she ignores and launches an attack at Stein, only to get disarmed and blasted away. Stein grabs her and begins to comment on the smoothness of her skin. He removes her jacket and rolls up her top in order to start an incision. He draws out the lines of where he shall cut her.

Chapter 2 - Stein takes down Black Star

Stein takes down Black Star.

Black☆Star appears behind Stein, threatening to attack and break his glasses. Stein considers it futile, until Black☆Star mentions that he too can hit directly with soul wavelengths. Black☆Star hits him with a Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. Stein and Kid are surprised that Black☆Star was capable, however since Stein had previously checked his soul wavelength and has the ability to match his own match it, he made them cancel out. Stein closes in on Black☆Star and delivers a massive shock, knocking him out.

Unable to watch much more, Kid announces that he's going in. However Shinigami points out that Kid is a Shinigami, not a student, meaning he has no business interfering. With that, Kid requests that he, Liz and Patty be enrolled.

At the battlefield, Soul checks on Black☆Star's body. Tsubaki is still chained to Sid, who tells her to go to her meister and promises not to run away. Refusing to forgive Stein, Soul stands up and calls Maka to try perform their Soul Resonance again. Now able to read Stein's soul, Maka refuses, saying his level is much higher and they can't win.

Chapter 2 - Liz chastises Kid

Kid having a nervous breakdown.

Just outside the Death Room, Kid is having a nervous breakdown, over forgetting something like folding the toilet paper into triangles. Liz tries to convince him that the others won't care about that if he manages to save them, while Patty is in stitches laughing at the ordeal.

Soul tries to snap Maka out of her despair, noting that she only saw Stein's soul, she didn't see the future. He tells her not to give up without fighting and to make him a death scythe to stick to her womanizing father. After showing her that Stein is waiting for them, rather than taking them out, while they're wasting their time, Maka comes through and agrees to try the Soul Resonance again.

Chapter 2 - Stein passes Soul and Maka

Stein passes Soul and Maka.

The team manage to successfully perform Witch-Hunt and strike Stein. Stein is impressed that they're able to perform With-Hunt at their level, but they're still too weak to beat him with it. With Maka barely conscious, Stein moves in to finish her, but Soul changes into his human form and stands over Maka, refusing to let Stein at her. To everyone's surprise, Stein pats Soul on the head and says he'll give him a pass point and the remedial lesson is over.

Stein informs the students that Shinigami asked him to take care of the remedial lesson. Soul accuses him of killing Black☆Star, but learns that he's still alive and that Sid too had been in on it. With everyone tired, Stein offers to let them stay the night, which they all blatantly decline.

Chapter 2 - Stein enters the classroom as a new teacher

Stein enters as a new teacher of the DWMA.

The next day at school, Tsubaki, Black☆Star, Maka and Soul sit together, all freaked out by the events of last night. Remembers that they got a new teacher, Soul wonders if it could be Maka's father again. Maka prays otherwise, until Stein topples over on his chair into the room. Horrified Maka remarks that this must be the first time she ever wanted to see her father. On the floor Stein announces that they'll be dissecting frogs today.

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