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New Student and Soul Observation

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Kid attends his first day of school at Death Weapon Meister Academy. However, he gets into a fight with Black Star and Soul, who challenges him due to his reputation and status as a Shinigami.

New Student and Soul Observation is the third serialized chapter of the manga.

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Chapter 3 - Kid rearranges candles

Kids ensures all is perfect at home.

Having made sure everything is perfect and symmetrical, Kid leaves for school with Liz and Patty, 3 hours late.


Chapter 3 - Stein's new experiment

Stein's new dissectoin lesson includes a extinct bird.

Over at the academy, Stein announces to his class that they'll be dissecting as usual again today. However this time they'll be dissecting a bird on the brink of extinction. Maka highlights her concerns over this, but Stein sees it as a chance to dissect it, before the race is wiped out. Noticing Soul and Black☆Star are absent, Stein asks if everything is okay. Maka replies that they're just slacking off and that the two idiots might as well become a team. After imagining Black☆Star deserting her for Soul, Tsubaki starts to panic.

At the main entrance to the academy, Soul and Black☆Star wait for the new student. Unable to accept Kid, being more popular than him, Black☆Star plans to assassinate him, but is freaking out over his lateness.

Chapter 3 - Kid, Liz, and Patty meet Soul

Soul meets Kid and his weapons.

Eventually Kid, Liz and Patty arrive. After admiring the symmetry of the building, they are confronted by Soul. Having mistaken him for someone there to give them a tour, Soul remarks that Kid is a parent's seven lights (A Japanese saying that implies one gets their wealth through their parents.) Kid breaks down and begs him to change the seven to an eight, due to its symmetry. Soul asks if there's something up with Kid, to which Liz replies that he's quite mad, while Patty laughs away.

Black☆Star makes his appearance overhead on one of the spikes protruding from the Academy, making an egotistical speech on how he shall be more popular after taking care of Kid, who stands in his way. But the spike he's standing on gives way. Disgusted at Black☆Star for destroying the symmetry, Kid has Liz and Patty turn into guns to fight him. Black☆Star accepts and gets Soul to assist him.

Back inside the classroom, some students notice Soul, Black☆Star and Kid fighting. After Maka recalls that if two meisters fight on school grounds it requires more than one staff member's attention, Stein calls Maka and Tsubaki to come with him.

Chapter 3 - Kid faces off against Soul and Black Star with Liz and Patty

Soul and Black Star Kid as he uses the Demon Twin Guns.

The three arrive outside, where they find Kid having no problem dealing with Soul and Black☆Star. Stein has Maka take a quick lesson, where she must read the soul wavelengths of Kid and his weapons. Maka finds the souls are perfectly synced, despite this being difficult for someone who possesses two weapons. She then compares it to that of Soul and Black☆Star; whose are totally out of sync. Soul transforms into his scythe form, but Black☆Star fails to catch him and takes a cut to the head. With blood pumping out of his, Black☆Star tries to pick Soul up, but finds him much too heavy. Soul finds this unusual, as Maka never had any difficulty swinging him. Frustrated at not being able to lift the scythe, he accidentally unleashes his soul wavelength on it, causing Soul to spit blood from his mouth.

Soul returns to his human form to suggest that he and Black☆Star break-up. The closer he gets to Black☆Star, the more he fears he'll end up hating him. After accepting this, they hug and agree that they're still friends. Kid shoots them both in the face, explaining that his finger slipped. Since Soul and Black☆Star have already started the fight they decide that they'll at least remain a team until the end of the fight.

The duo attack Kid from opposite sides, but Kid blocks Black☆Star's kick and shoots them both. However the kick was just a ruse for Black☆Star to tie some rope to Kid's leg. Yanking it, he knocks Kid onto the ground, leaving him open for Soul in his scythe form. Soul comes spinning towards him but barely misses. Kid takes advantage of his situation and pulls the rope, sending Black☆Star flying face first into the scythe.

Chapter 3 - Black Star fails to catch Soul

Black Star failing to catch Soul.

Kid gets up to initiate his Soul Resonance. Liz and Patty change into Execution Mode, enabling him to use his Death Cannon attack, blasting his adversaries away. However after the explosion, Kid collapses, spewing blood out of his mouth. With everyone puzzled by what happened, Maka explains that Soul's last attack cut off a portion of Kid's hair. During the explosion Kid noticed this and that his symmetry had been ruined, causing him to spit blood and faint. Still fairly battered, Soul and Black☆Star get up to brag. Maka starts to tell Soul off for getting into a "sad fight", but after looking over at Tsubaki and Black☆Star, they agree that Tsubaki is the only one for him and that she and Soul are a team.

Chapter 3 - Kid, Soul, and Black Star defeated

All the three boys defeated.

Shinigami-sama arrives to check up on Kid on his first day. Finding him unconscious, he remarks that Kid can be a handful and prepares to leave with him Maka takes the chance to glance at his Soul, but sees nothing. What she didn't realize is that Shinigami's soul wavelength is so large that it encompasses all of Death City.

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  • It is explained within the Yen Press Chapter that after the battle, Kid was in bed for a week and missed school and has since been going to school promptly on time as well as take counseling sessions.
  • This chapter showcases the extrmely powerful soul of Death, who's soul covers the entirety of Death City.
  • This chapter reveals the DWMA's rules: 2 or more Meisters fighitng on campus must be supervised.
  • It seems teachers have special exceptions and could get around dissecting a rare species without getting in legal trouble.

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