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Episode 7

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Demon Sword Arc

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Chapter 3: "New Student and Soul Observation" Chapter 5: "Demon Sword (Part 2)"
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Outside the Santa Maria Novella Basilica, Maka detects unauthorized soul hunting taking place inside the church. Investigation leads her and Soul into a battle with Crona and the Demon Weapon Ragnarok.

Demon Sword (Part 1) is the fourth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was also reprinted as part of Volume 2. It was adapted as Episode 7 in the anime Soul Eater.

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Florence, ItalyEdit

Chapter 4 - Crona and the Materazzi

The Materazi threatens Crona.

Somewhere in Florence, Italy ontop of the Santa Mario Novella Basilica, a woman sitting on top of a broomstick orders two individuals who embody the "ultimate meister and weapon" to eat many souls. Inside Santa Mario Novella Basilica, a gang of people question the identity of the two intruders. However, the meister ignores their words, speaking to the woman outside and states that they not only have a long way to go...but they will never be a "Kishin". After chanting "Nake,snake,cobra,cobbra" and casting a spell on the meister and comments that "It's alright. Have confidence in yourself. You will become a Kishin, Crona...", the spell shaped as a snake enters their head. Crona then laughs suddenly, to the surprise of the gang questioning his identity, and claim that they're a Kishin. The gang leader tells Crona that they shouldn't expect to be able to walk into their "hideout" and get out alive. However, Crona retorts that the basilica is public and was not given to them. For claiming they own the basilica, Crona decides that Ragnarok will eat them instead. The weapon shouts, surprising the gang members. As the sword shouts, Crona informs them that the doors of the basilica only open to the inside and that their blood is black. The gang members are then slain.

Streets of ItalyEdit

Chapter 4 - Maka senses the souls of the Materazi along with Crona and Ragnarok

Maka senses the soul of the Materazi along with Crona and Ragnarok.

Equipped with Soul Eater as the Demon Scythe, Maka Albarn confronts the Killer of Emerald Lake, Sonson-J, proclaiming she will take his soul. Sonson complains and claims that it's not fair for the student to "get to kill as many people" as they want. Maka then leaps into the air and kills the evil human, revealing they do not kill however many they want. Soul then decides to consume his soul, doing so in a "cool style". As he eats the Soul, Maka questions If they're good. Soul comments that while there's no taste, it is nice, firm, and feels incredibly good going down the throat. Soul then reveals he wonders on how Black☆Star and Tsubaki are faring, though Maka informs Soul that they end up with zeroes and keep taking remedial lessons with one of them saying they feel sorry for Tsubaki. Soul then tells Maka that while he has a lot of energy, it's not directed at collecting souls.

Chapter 4 - Maka and Crona first encounter each other

Maka encounters Crona.

Suddenly, Maka senses something as Soul decides to bring the motorcycle out for them to head home. Though Soul mistakes Maka's actions for sight seeing at the Santa Mario Novella Basilica, Maka is actually sensing the souls of others. Requiring herself to focus more, she then senses the souls of a Meister and Weapon as well as the entire Materazzi gang. As she tells Soul this, she deducts that the souls are of the Materazzi gang that causes trouble at night and though are bad, are not evil enough to be qualified for Shinigami's List. Soul then tells her that despite being a Weapon/Meister pair being there doesn't mean they're hunting for innocent human souls, though Maka tells him not investigating is irresponsible and rather investigate before it's too late. Soul, understanding her stance, agrees to investigate though jokingly states that If it turns out to be one of Black☆Star's antics, he's "going to cry".

Arriving at the basilica, Soul states he loves the gothic architecture and it is a cool building that "stirs the soul". Maka then suddenly becomes surprised with Soul questioning. She reveals the souls of fifty to sixty humans have vanished with only the souls of the Meister and Weapon left. As Maka beings to open the door, she feels she will regret her decision but decides she must as a student of the DWMA. Maka opens the door, finding Crona standing and saying the doors only open to the inside. Soul claims he only see's the Meister but Maka deduces because the Weapon and Meister response is coming from Crona, the weapon is inside Crona.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Chapter 4 - Spirit accidentally hugs Stein

Spirit accidentally hugs Stein.

Within the Nurse's Office, Spirit is fretting on the fact that he did not expect his daughter to be on a extra-curricular activity and having to come to the school in hopes of seeing her. However, he is afraid for that he might also run into Franken Stein as a "major obstacle". But he then exclaims he will not give up and that he will do his best to see her despite the "obstacle" at hand...but first needs the female doctor to "care" for his "wounded heart". As the door opens, Spirit immediately hugs the individual and only finds that he instead hugged his former meister and not the school nurse.

Spirit then freaks out, with Stein greeting his former weapon. While Spirit states he doesn't know why, he claims that the scars from his experimentation on his body is gone and that he's no longer afraid of the Meister despite hiding under the sheets. Stein, not believing the claim, then questions If he was aware that he switched his left and right middle toes, though he then later informs a frantic Spirit that he was joking. Stein then moves the conversation, stating Maka has gotten big and that he didn't think the marriage between Spirit and his wife would work until he saw them snuggling. Spirit then informs Stein that he and his wife divorced a month ago. Stein replies with "I know", prompting Spirit to attempt to fight Stein with Sid intervening in between them. Stein then tells Spirit that "The Demon Sword has appeared".

Inside Santa Mario Novella BasilicaEdit

Chapter 4 - Maka engages Crona with a backfist

Maka strikes Crona with the back of her fist.

Over at the church, Soul has now changed into his weapon form, while Crona's weapon starts to emerge from Crona's own body. Black liquid starts to ooze out of Crona and takes the form of the weapon partner; Ragnarok. Once out, Ragnarok starts to irritate Crona by hammering on their head and performing other annoying antics. Crona later yells at Ragnarok with the Weapon backing off. Maka states that is forbidden to take souls, which are not on Shinigami's list and asks if Crona is a DWMA student. Crona displays no knowledge of the academy and tells her that "she" said it was alright for him to take the souls. Crona then states that they're not very good at talking to girls and blushes and Ragnarok comments that her soul looks tasty. Maka exclaims for Crona to save their excuses for Shinigami-sama and Ragnarok transforms.

Chapter 4 - Soul takes a blow for Maka by Crona

Soul protects Maka from Crona's sword strike.

The two sides engage in a battle. Crona makes a strike at Maka from below, which she easily blocks. With Soul holding down Ragnarok, Crona is left open takes a backfist to the head from Maka. Maka takes a swing at Crona, in which is dodged. Once her scythe touched the ground, Maka used it as a lever to swing herself through the air, delivering a cartwheel-esque kick to her opponent. With Crona down, Maka and Soul take the chance to decapitate their opponent. However using black blood, which is also Ragnarok, Crona's veins to solidify, preventing cuts being made any deeper. Crona informs Maka that such a attack wouldn't cut off their head. As Soul questions what happen, Maka deducts that the blood hardened and prevented them from decapitating Crona. Maka also states she is unsure if the Witch-Hunt Slash would even work and she wishes she had the ability to attack with her wavelength to do internal damage like Black☆Star.

Medusa questions to Crona why they're moving slow, in which Crona replies with that they don't know how to deal with girls. Medusa then instructs Crona that they should kill them. Seeing that it is "okay" to kill girls, Crona then has Ragnarok perform a "Scream Resonance" and then performs Screech Alpha, in which Maka dodges. Maka moves again as Crona then performs a downward arc slash and moves to stab. Maka blocks with the Demon Scythe but blocking causes Soul pain. Maka manages to kick Crona back, giving Soul sufficient time to explain that the vibrations from the sword's screams cause it to act like an electric saw. Although Soul tells Maka not to worry about him, as he's prepared to die for his meister, Maka looks for an alternative to blocking, as it would injure Soul, and tries to escape as she backs up to the door and attempts to break it down. However as Crona explains, the doors only open inwards and Maka is cornered. Soul urges Maka to block, but she refuses to let him get harmed, so Soul changes to his human form and gets struck by Ragnarok, in order to protect Maka.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In Chapter 4, Sid Barrett enters the dispensary as Spirit explains his divorce from Maka's mother, then intervenes when Spirit seizes Stein by his shirt. At this point, Stein begins to chuckle. In Episode 7, Sid does not appear at all, and when Spirit takes Stein by his shirt, Stein is not laughing.


  • Maka reveals in this chapter that only souls on Shinigami's List may be taken and that it is prohibited to over-hunt for souls. Maka also explains that while individuals may be bad, not everyone bad is added onto Shinigami's List such as the Materazzi.
  • Maka's comment that she wishes she could strike Crona with her wavelength offensively hints that individuals with the Black Blood is susceptible to internal attacks from the wavelength. This is later confirmed in future chapters.