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Demon Sword (Part 2)

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Demon Sword Ragnarok

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Volume 2

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Episode 8

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Demon Sword Arc

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With Soul Eater bleeding to death, Maka Albarn is seemingly defenseless against the demon sword meister Crona. But Maka is rescued by Franken Stein, armed with the Death Scythe Spirit Albarn. With Crona defeated, another threat appears: a certain witch.

Demon Sword, published in Japan as Demon Sword Ragnarok, is the fifth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was adapted as Episode 8 of the anime Soul Eater.

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Soul Eater Chapter 5 - Spirit stabs into Crona

Crona., stabbed by Spirit

Soul is struck down by Crona when he protects Maka from the latter. He urges her to escape as Crona moves in to kill them both. However, Maka stays and apologizes to Soul for letting this happen. As Crona raises their sword over them, a scythe slides through the church doors and into Crona's body. The door is then smashed as Stein forces his way through, kicking Crona back. His weapon transfigures into Death Scythe, Maka's father. Hoping to earn Maka's admiration, Death Scythe checks to see Maka's reaction to him saving her. However, Maka has completely ignored him in favor of discussing Soul's condition with Stein.

Death Scythe turns to Crona, surprised that the fight has ended so fast, since their opponent was supposedly a Kishin in the making, but finds that they are still standing. Ragnarok's head pops out of Crona's body, reminding them to thank him for holding the wound together. Maka asks Stein what Ragnarok is. Letting the smoke from his cigarette take the form of a skull, he replies, even though Ragnarok is actually a Demon Sword, with "Kishin"; the reason Death Weapon Meister Academy was made. Stein reflects back to Shinigami assigning him and Death Scythe to prevent the rebirth of the Kishin.

Ragnarok pesters Crona for nearly dying, while Death Scythe equips himself to Stein. As the two parties prepare to battle, Medusa wonders how well Crona can do during a fight against DWMA's strongest warrior and Death Scythe. With Ragnarok back in weapon form, Crona makes a dash at Stein. Crona says that they have never seen a man with a screw in his head and exclaims that they don't understand. Stein blocks Crona's attack, and the vibrations from Ragnarok have no effect on Death Scythe. Crona is surprised, but Stein wastes no time in striking Crona with the handle of the scythe and slamming them onto the ground, where he hits them with his Soul Menace. Crona howls in pain. Stein prepares to hit them again, but a jet of hardened black blood pierces through his torso. Stein recalls seeing the blood at the start of the battle, but is forced to leap back as his enemies launch an array of such jets with their Bloody Needle attack.

Death Scythe and Stein have never seen such an ability. Stein is now certain that if he doesn't stop Crona soon, Crona will become a Kishin. He gets the feeling Crona is being forced to use the weapon. Stein looks at his opponents' souls. In the middle is Crona's normal sized one. Surrounding it is Ragnarok's large one. Coiling around them is a black liquid-like snake. At the moment, Crona is in control of Ragnarok, Stein thinks. If Ragnarok was to consume his meister's soul completely, they would be dangerous. He starts to wonder about the snake. Meanwhile, Ragnarok continues to taunt Crona.

Stein dashes at Crona again, who blocks the scythe with Ragnarok, but Stein punches him in the stomach with his left hand, delivering another Soul Menace. Crona is thrown out the door to outside the church, but drops of blood fly back at Stein. He leaps back, dodging the worst of it. Ragnarok sticks his head out of Crona's body, yelling at Stein to die. Drops of blood float around Stein and hit him in different places, breaking his glasses.

Stein laughs and shouts that he's going to dissect Ragnarok. The drops of blood come together and launch another Bloody Needle attack. Stein and Death Scythe brace themselves. Stein spins the scythe around and they initiate their Soul Resonance, Experimental Ectoplasm. An ectoplasmic dummy body forms around Stein. The body takes after Stein, as its covered in patchwork and pierced with screws. The body deflects all the needles.

After the protective body fades away, Stein disappears too, leaving just the scythe. Ragnarok asks "Screw-Head" where he went. Stein then plummets down from above them, kicking Crona in the head. Crona is left dazed and Ragnarok desperately tries to wake him, before the next Soul Resonance. The Demon Sword is unsuccessful and they both get hit by Stein's Two Palm Soul Menace - Twin Spears.

Blood splatters from Crona's body in all directions. Maka yells that the needles will come again, but Stein assures that it's really over.

Outside, Medusa looks down on the battle and considers the test to have become boring. Crona is lifted into the air and spikes of blood jolt out of the body in all directions. Stein infers that Crona is being rejected. The blood was holding them together, but now Crona has been tore apart by the Soul Resonance.

Soul Eater Chapter 5 - Medusa appears

Medusa appears

Medusa calls off her soul protection and appears before Stein, Death Scythe and Maka. Her massive soul encapsulates her body and has crocked arrows flowing out around the circumference. Stein understands that she's responsible for putting the weapon inside Crona's body. Maka doesn't understand why she couldn't see the witch's soul earlier and Stein explains that she was using Soul Protect, which is a spell used by witches to neutralize their soul's wavelength, camouflaging it. In the presence of a witch, Maka starts to panic and wonders if Medusa is like the witch that her parents defeated.

Displeased with Crona's performance, Medusa prepares to send the child back home to be punished later, but before that the rest of them shall be punished. She launches a Vector Arrow at the party, but Stein and Death Scythe quickly perform a Witch Hunt, blocking the barrage of arrows, as Medusa expected. She then causes the snake around her arm to unravel and transfigure into a real snake which grabs Crona. Deciding to call it a day, she takes off with Crona.

Death Scythe screams after Medusa to wait up, but Stein decides that they had better tend to Soul, rather than chase her.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

In the ladies' shower room at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a group of girls discuss extra classes. Tsubaki overhears them say that Soul Eater had been hospitalized and starts to worry.

Outside the infirmary, Stein finds Maka waiting outside. Commenting on how she spends a lot of time there, he suggests that she take a shower instead. Maka inquires how Soul is doing. Stein replies that the procedure was a success. Maka thanks him and requests to see Soul.

After Maka enters, Death Scythe comments that that was an unusual way to make someone smile and asks what Soul's condition is truthfully. Regarding the wound, the surgery was fine, Stein replies, however there is a also a curse; the black blood of Ragnarok has invaded Soul's bloodstream. At the moment, he can't tell if Soul will be okay or not.

Inside the dispensary, Maka weeps over Soul's bed. She apologizes and vows that she and Soul will become very strong. Just then the door bursts open, coming off its hinges as Black☆Star enters, followed by Tsubaki. Black☆Star gets on top of Soul's bed and starts to shake him frantically, demanding he pull himself together and open his eyes. Maka gives a Maka Chop to Black☆Star, leaving him lie injured in the bed next to Soul. Tsubaki apologises for Black☆Star's behavior, but Maka titters.

Medusa enters the room, dressed as the nurse, saying that they are lively, after spotting the broken door. Maka does not realize that she was the witch manipulating Crona previously and addresses her as Medusa-sensei. Before discussing Soul, Medusa shows Maka that her father is clinging to her leg and asks her to help get him off. Maka chops Death Scythe, leaving him in the second bed instead of Black☆Star, as he had left it.

Medusa says that Soul has gotten himself into a terrible condition. Maka apologizes, claiming that it was her fault. However, Medusa insists that Maka cheers up, as she has become much stronger.

Soul Eater Chapter 5 - Medusa eyes Maka

Medusa eyes Maka

Looking away from everyone else, Medusa makes a crafty smile, while a small liquid snake streams out of her mouth.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 5, as Medusa flies off with Crona, a dark arrow afterimage marks her path of departure. In Episode 8, this arrow is not present during Medusa's escape.



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