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Holy Sword

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Episode 9

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Demon Sword Arc

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While Soul Eater struggles to recover from nightmares brought on not only by his nearly fatal battle but also an infection of Ragnarok's Black Blood, Maka Albarn speaks with her father about their roles at the Death Weapon Meister Academy and the threat of a being called a Kishin. Meanwhile, Black☆Star skips a school assignment to join Death the Kid in hunting for the powerful (and symmetrical) Holy Sword, Excalibur.

Holy Sword is the sixth chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was adapted as Episode 9 of the anime Soul Eater.

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Soul's DreamEdit

Soul dreams of falling down into a dark space, complaining about the pain of his wound, which is leaking a lot of blood. He suddenly sees a light from a distance, and hears Maka's voice telling him to stop. After pursuing it, Soul sees himself coming out of Maka's abdomen, presumably killing her.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, DispensaryEdit

Soul abruptly wakes up, screaming, in his bed in the academy's dispensary. By his bed is Maka, who is holding his hand. The academy's physician, Medusa, is summoned by Soul's screaming. But the weapon calms down, assuring both of them that he only had a nightmare. Medusa asks Soul to inform her of any more problems he is experiencing before turning her back to depart. With the students unable to see her, Medusa smiles because of the success thus far with her experiment: she recognizes that Ragnarok's Black Blood has blended with Soul's, making him an ideal research subject.

Later, Maka tells Soul that she will be going home for now and asks him if she should buy or get anything for him, but he declined her suggestions. Soul sees her depressed expression and told her that everything is his fault, and that she shouldn't worry. Since Maka left, both of them think that they made one another worry. Spirit then sees Maka and invites her to go up onto the roof to see the sunset.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, LibraryEdit

Meanwhile, Black☆Star is frustrated that Sid Barrett has brought him to the academy's library. Sid explains that he is assigning Black☆Star to clean the library, as punishment for the student's lackluster performance. Ten minutes after Sid departs, Black☆Star, not knowing what to do, instead reads one of his favorite manga, featuring the superhero Charisma Justice.

Death the Kid appears and tells Black☆Star to keep quiet because he's in the library. Kid takes a book titled "Excalibur" which Black☆Star has difficulty pronouncing. It is said in the book that if one pulls the holy sword Excalibur from the ground, they will be called a hero and be admired forever. Both Black☆Star and Kid become enthusiastic. Stein shows up and told them that he can't even pull the sword from the ground himself.

Maka and Spirit are on Shibusen's rooftop, and the latter makes a comment on how funny The Sun looks. Spirit cannot think of anything else to say, thus Maka takes out a book and begins to read out of boredom, much to her father's dismay. Spirit ends up lecturing Maka about reading in a place with a good light. Maka suddenly asks him about what he thinks of her mother, and he replies that he loves her; but Maka continues to ask him on why he keeps cheating on her. Spirit is speechless and became panicked. He tells her mindlessly to go back inside because it is already getting cold outside, but Maka insists that they just got there.

The Eternal Cave, British IslesEdit

Black☆Star and Kid have arrived at the Fairy Paradise, the location that the library book claims houses the Holy Sword. Kid summons his flying skateboard Beelzebub to quickly scale the cliff, while the indignant Black☆Star curses Kid's unfairness and climbs up behind Kid. Black☆Star climbs up the cliff with the waterfall next to him, where he finds Kid clinging to a portion of the cave's entrance, too scared to descend and walk through the cavern's water and dirty his shoes. Kid asks Black☆Star to carry him on his back. The ninja initially refuses, yet he ultimately agrees just to stop Kid's whining.

Entering the Eternal Cave, Black☆Star is annoyed how Kid treats this expedition as a perilous one against mere water: Kid claims they are attacked from above and below by water, the stalactites dripping water that risks ruining the meisters' clothes. Kid opens an umbrella that he happened to have on him to shield him from getting wet from the dripping water, while Black☆Star complains that Kid is useless.

As Black☆Star walks through the cavern, he and Kid see a fairy approaching. Kid explains such a magical location would be prone to such creatures, then he asks the fairy whether they are walking the right way to the Holy Sword's location. The fairy's initially cheerful face transforms into one of complete, disgusted exasperation before she flies off. While Kid is confused, Black☆Star calls the fairy rude.

After plodding through the water, the two meisters arrive at a dead end and find Excalibur. Kid is overwhelmed by the symmetrical "beauty" of the holy sword and is about to pull it from the ground. Black☆Star then holds the sword up and gleefully claims that he is the "hero". Kid indignantly pushes it back and takes it out easily, much to Black☆Star's annoyance. Then a void of bright light appears and Excalibur stands before them. Black☆Star remarks that he looks 'lame'.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Spirit continues to try to impress his daughter, walking his fingers like a person's legs. But Maka is annoyed at how her father is treating him like a child and asks him directly: what is the purpose of Shibusen, and why are they not supposed to hunt good souls? Spirit explains that collecting souls is part of their task to fight "evil people," and such a mission is dangerous for the students and staff at the Academy.

This mission to hunt bad souls, which has given to meisters and weapons, actually predates Death's founding of the Academy "a long, long time ago." At that time, Death had one rule: "You must not take the soul fo anyone who is not on Shinigami-sama's list." But one meister was so terrified of death that he consumed the soul of a good person, thinking such an action would empower him. "That meister," Spirit says, "secretly made his weapon eat the souls of people not on the list. And thus a 'Kishin' was born." This birth of a Kishin is what motivated Death to found the Academy, to prevent any other person from ever becoming a Kishin.

Maka then asks Spirit whether Ragnarok has the ability to turn into a kishin, which Spirit confirms. Spirit then tells himself that Soul might have a possibility of turning into a kishin, too.

Elsewhere, Sid returns to the library, impressed at how clean it appears. While he initially thinks Black☆Star has finally put in some actual effort to a task, he sees the work was actually done by Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. While Sid is furious that Black☆Star left his weapon behind to do his own work, Tsubaki politely insists that she does not mind the task because she enjoys cleaning.

Stein interrupts to inform Sid that Black☆Star, along with Kid, is looking for the Holy Sword. Stein then tells Sid that they can probably anticipate what will happen.

The Eternal CaveEdit

After long conversations full of annoyance, Black☆Star and Kid decide to leave Excalibur alone by placing him back on the stone, whereas Excalibur pointlessly tries convincing them to come back. Stein explains that anyone who can match their soul wavelength can pull the sword out easily. It's just that there is NO ONE in the world who can put up with Excalibur's annoying personality. When the fairy from before asks them if they met the holy sword, they give her the exact same expression that she made, and she realizes that they have indeed met him.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Black☆Star is walking through the academy with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa until he stops upon facing Kid, accompanied by Liz and Patty Thompson. The two meisters approach each other—and shake hands, agreeing they have made the right choice when it comes to picking acceptable weapons, which only confuses their partners.

Black☆Star and Kid's talk is interrupted by the arrival of Soul, who gives a high-five to Black☆Star in celebration of his full recovery and discharge from the dispensary. Yet Kid is distracted by their classmates in the hallway, seeming to laugh at him and Black☆Star. From Class Crescent Moon down the hall, Maka exits, waving in Black☆Star and Kid to see why everyone is laughing at them: there is a sign decorated with flowers from Excalibur and the message "I'll be always waiting for you, Black☆Star and Death the Kid." While students are confused at this message, Black☆Star and Kid resume the same disgusted facial expression at Excalibur's annoying demeanor.


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