Soul Eater - Chapter -9
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Persevering Soul

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頑張れる 魂

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The Soul That Persisted

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Volume 3

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Anime Correspondent

Courage That Beats Out Fear – Maka Albarn's Great Resolution?

Story Arc

Black Blood Arc

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Chapter 8: "Uncanny Sword (Part 2)" Chapter 10: "The Experiment (Part 1)"
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After the Demon Sword occurrence, Soul is getting his condition checked out which is more or less stable, except with a horrific nightmare that eventually ties in with Maka Albarn wanting to face the things she fears too see as well: the snake in the grass is closer to our hearts than at first glance.

Persevering Soul (頑張れる 魂, Ganbareru Tamashī) is the ninth chapter and overall twelfth installment of the original Soul Eater Manga. The anime equivalent of this chapter is 'Courage That Beats Out Fear – Maka Albarn's Great Resolution?'

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Soul Eater Chapter 9 - Image Shot 1

"Medusa strikes."

Medusa is being harassed by two witches by the name of Eruka Frog and Mizune, the respective frog and mouse witches fed up with Medusa endangering all witch kind by being under the grim reapers presence.

Shibusen students have their own difficulties. Soul is dealing with the effects of his black blood infection, as he has nightmares of a strange red impMaka cannot stand to see his chest scar she thinks she caused. Meanwhile, Maka and Black☆Star are receiving means to make themselves stronger to rise to their personal challenges as Maka is throwing a party to celebrate Black☆Star and Tsubaki's first captured Soul.

That evening, Medusa is confronted with the previous witches in a death city alleyway and push to annoyance, Medusa explodes Mizune with the snakes she had hidden in both the young magic casters.

Eruka escapes, while Medusa maintaining her cover as Maka and Stein appear after detecting a witch's presence. Medusa later catches up with Eruka and forces her if she values her life to break out the man who stole Maba's left eye in the witches' jail.


Witches' Realm

Soul Eater Chapter 9 - Image Shot 2

"The witches meeting."

Medusa accompanied by Crona and Demon Sword Ragnarök, are the target of Eruka Frog and Mizune who express their discontent with Medusa's cover as the Shibusen nurse. The two attempt to intimidate her but Medusa stops them in their plight by sticking her hands down their mouths before she takes her leave.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Dispensary

The next day at the academy, Soul is getting his check up from Medusa's cover as a nurse, he informs her of the dream about a little demon whom shows up dancing off beat to a jazz tune playing throughout Soul's "Black Room", the place where this imaginations take place. Medusa is surprised to her the effects of what she indirectly caused, Maka walks into the infirmary only leave just as fast at the sight of Soul's scar.

Class Crescent Moon

Later that day, She, Soul, Death the Kid and his weapons alongside the guests of honor, Black☆Star and Tsubaki have just finished eating at the celebration when Blair shows up to "check up" on things.

Death City

Soul Eater Chapter 9 - Image Shot 3

"Mizune being torn to shreds from the inside."

Meanwhile, Medusa still under her cover is walking a lone alleyway until Eruka and Mizune appear from the shadows to have a word with the snake, Eruka is there to kill Medusa under the guise that Eruka's plan will succeed, Eruka will use magic to briefly assult Medusa and if the Gorgon releases the Soul Protect she uses, the failsafe is to transform into their respective animal themes and leave undetected. This plan backfires quickly, however: Medusa destroys the Mizune from inside out with the snakes she implanted in both witches from before; this particular snake was Medusa's tattoo. Eruka Frog transforms and scampers as Maka and Stein appears to assess the situation.

They come to Medusa side after Maka had initially sensed Eruka and Mizune's wavelengths, Professor Stein indirectly hints at Medusa being the same witch that was there during the battle with crona as Soul brings up the back behind them to ask Maka to step running off so recklessly. Maka faces Soul's chest to metaphorically face her fears and figures out a way to become stronger in the process. At Stein's request, Maka and Soul will come to the professor's office the next day with Medusa seemingly in the clear.

Desert, away from Death City

That evening, Eruka escapes only to be hunted down by Medusa who informs her of a man in the thirteenth cell of the witch's jail. This man took the head witch's left eye and is locked up because of such a deed.

Witch Prison

Soul Eater Chapter 9 - Image Shot 4


A criminal is adding numbers, claiming to multiplying them. He is silenced by the man who stole Maba's eye, who then says that he wishes he could see a fine comedy.


  • When Eruka begins confront Medusa for the second time, she uses the term "Gekokujō", which means to overthrow or surpass one's superiors.
  • The mention of 'Free' the character who would get a definite name next chapter, is located in the thirteenth cell of a jail, which could be a reference the number 13 having often significant roles in cultures for dealing with luck or unluckiness.

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