SEN! - Chapter 9.5B
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I'm Tight All Over!

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Watashi mo* ari, tafuamu! *

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I Am Tough, Also *There!*

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Episode 5 (NOT!): "Invitation Fighting!"

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Traitors arc

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Jacqueline finds something about Kim just 'magical' and trys to figure out why this attraction exists. She is on a conquest to become her Weapon partner as Girls Force! offers to help her in her achieve her goal!

I Am Tough, Also *There!* (私も*あり、タフアム!*, Watashi mo* ari, tafuamu! *) is a continuation of Chapter 9 of the manga Soul Eater Not! Sometimes referred to as "Chapter 9.5," and unlike other chapters of both the manga Soul Eater and the manga Soul Eater Not! this chapter is considered to part of Chapter 9 despite being released in a separate serialized addition. It was combined with Chapter 9 under the title "I'm Tight All Over!" in Volume 2. It was also adapted as part of Episode 5, "Invitation Fighting!" in the anime Soul Eater Not!

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Girls' Dormitory

Tsugumi Harudori and other residents of the girls' dormitory plan how to convince Kim Diehl to partner with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré as a meister-weapon pair. Realizing that they need to lure a tanuki, Eternal Feather advises making tamago-yaki: she has been able to gather information from "a large underground fan club" of Kim's admirers who have provided her with significant information about the likes and dislikes of the Witch of the Girls' Dorm.

While Jacqueline doubts whether she can prepare this meal, Tsugumi offers to help because of her extensive experience cooking meals for her family. Tsugumi's cooking skills impress Anya and Meme. But Eternal Feather says Tsugumi's culinary skills will make her a "dedicated" wife, Anya and Meme are less than convinced, seeing as Tsugumi is hardly "dedicated" enough to pick a meister already. Tsugumi yells at her meisters that "romance and partners are different things!" prompting a nervous Jacqueline to agree. Curious at Jacqueline's outburst, Tsugumi ask why she wants Kim as a partner. Jacqueline ponders why as well, worried she has fallen in love with this boyish person with a nice body. As Jacqueline panics over the fact that they are both girls, her scalp catches fire.

In the kitchen, Jacqueline finishes cooking her and Tsugumi's omelettes just as Kim peeks around the corner smelling the cuisine, as she takes a bite Anya proclaims that is the one she made as Kim spits out the seemly nasty omelette and runs away.

As a plan B, Tsugumi tells Jacqueline the most important thing for a girl is beauty and as such, She plans to show off Jacqueline's gorgeous hair with Jacqueline questioning the situation. While in the girls' dorm bath house, Tsugumi points out the fact that Kim just arrived and initiates the 'hair plan' by telling Jacqueline her hair's amazing, what are the difference between rinse, conditioner, and treatment. Jacqueline explains,but Kim takes it as an insult to her short hairstyle and leaves the area complaining that it's to noisy, Tsugumi proclaims that girls love anniversaries with Jacqueline giving a reluctant blessing; Tsugumi seeks the help of Eternal Feather who is also in the bath.

The group meets in a darken room where they discuss Kim's secret information they've acquired through the 'fan club' of Kim's, a school personnel who is believed to be in this club but in reality is Miss Misery. Curious about the strange information listed in the documents, the group ask students in the girls' dorm what they know about Kim, until Jacqueline says it is enough.

Shaula Gorgon's Headquarters

Meanwhile, Shaula Gorgon meets with her minion to discuss the how close the DWMA is on their trail. Shaula says that witches are the school's perfect enemy, thus cannot be found out and leaves on this words: "We will crush the DWMA!!"

Death City

In an alleyway, Kim is taking a breather, as she wishes that she wasn't born as a witch. A stray dog approaches, taking a liking to Kim as she coldly tells it get lost: she is alone because she wants to be. But at that moment, a rogue moped driver bumps into some wooden blocks, which topple onto the stray.

Kim uses her Regeneration Magic on the pup making it as good as new, Jacqueline is right behind her and sees everything with Kim swiftly denying the act in question. Kim explains that she hating the withes and their realm and fleed, calling Jacqueline a stubborn woman in the process. After seeing the kind person she truly is, Jacqueline swears never to tell and as an extra reason to make her "hush", Jacqueline proposes they go a date.

Ice Cream Parlor

Jacqueline has brought Kim to the ice cream parlor she had mentioned after they finished cleaning the pool. But they find Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme present as well. Kim ends up having to pay for their ice cream, as Tsugumi reminds her that she took their money from the pool cleaning job. While Kim is distracted by the trio, Jacqueline regrets that she could not be alone with Kim but now understands that what she feels for Kim is not romantic. However, Kim interrupts Jacqueline's thoughts, poking her and, blushing, asks that Jacqueline keep her Regenerative Magic "our little secret." Jacqueline is lovestruck. As each girl is embarrassed, they turn their back to the other, Kim giving a backhanded compliment that Jacqueline's "tightness is [her] only saving grace," so she expects Jacqueline can keep a promise.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • When Jacqueline doubts whether she can cook, Kana is holding likely fabricated Tarot Cards, the one on the left saying "I Heart" and the one on the right showing "The Egg." This scene does not appear in Episode 5.
  • In Episode 5, when Tsugumi asks whether Jacqueline is attracted to Kim, Jacqueline imagines Kim in varies in the dorm and at the Death Weapon Meister Academy classroom, including running track in her usual attire. In this chapter, Tsugumi instead asks why Jacqueline wants to be a partner with Kim and does not imagine Kim's activities.
  • In Episode 5, when Jacqueline's head catches fire in the kitchen, Tsugumi, Meme, and Eternal Feather debate whether to dose her with water. In this chapter, Jacqueline may not be in the kitchen, and no one suggests dosing her with water. As well, in Episode 5, Jacqueline wears an apron, whereas in this chapter, she does not.
  • In Episode 5, when in the kitchen, Anya wears a different outfit than her usual attire, as she happily prepares omelettes, at which point it is seen that she left the eggshell in her mixture, which Kim later eats. In this chapter, Anya dresses as usual, and the chapter only shows Kim eating Anya's poorly made omelette, not her making it.
  • In this chapter, when Kim visits the kitchen, she wears a plaid jacket, shorts, skull-decorated slippers, and a t-shirt with the word "KILL." In Episode 5, Kim instead wears her usual sports jacket and skirt attire.
  • In Episode 5, at the bathhouse, Kim's hands are shown removing her clothing to place into her basket. This scene is not present in this chapter.
  • In the initial Japanese and United States release of Episode 5, while the students are in the bathhouse, nudity was censored with light flares, which was removed upon home video release. In this chapter, little nudity was obscured.
  • In Episode 5, after Kim storms out of the bathhouse, Kana holds up her Tarot Card, the Fool. Kana is then shown sitting before a fan, opening her mouth and calling into it to hear the vibration of her voice. These scenes are not included in this chapter.
  • In Episode 5, after seeing Kim's measurements, Tsugumi refers to her as having a nice body. In this chapter, Tsugumi makes no such comment.
  • In this chapter, Eternal Feather claims that Kim's fan club includes some faculty members, prompting Tsugumi to worry Sid Barett is part of this club. Misery is then shown to be the faculty member part of the fan club. In Episode 5, no mention of Sid being part of any Kim fan club is mentioned.
  • Whereas in this chapter planks fall upon the stray dog, in Episode 5, pipes fall onto the dog.
  • At the end of Episode 5, Jacqueline turns back to look at Kim, who now has her back to her. While holding her ice cream, Jacqueline smiles widely while Kim squirms, embarrassed. In this chapter, Jacqueline is no longer holding her ice cream, and neither person faces the other.


  • Kim's file refers to her measurements as 5'1", B32-W22-H31.
  • This chapter's title about Jacqueline being "tight" refers to what Kim identifies at the end of the chapter as the lantern weapon's propensity to be so studious as to always keep her promises, including keeping secret Kim's identity as a witch.

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