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War on the Moon II (Part 1)

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Volume 23

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War on the Moon Arc

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The battle is now in favor of the DWMA: Maka Albarn and Black☆Star's skills destroy multiple witches, and Death the Kid's gamble pays off with the arrival of Maba and other witches to prevent the Clowns' regeneration.

War on the Moon II (Part 1) is the one hundred first serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 23.

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The Moon

Asura's madness is in the depths of the Moon, seeping upward in the form of stalks that then form into clowns. Yet Death the Kid is convinced the witches will come to assist the DWMA in this battle against Asura. As the Demon Airship plummets for the Moon, the corpse of one Clown is touched by a tendril of madness, causing the resurrected Clown to open one of its eyes.

On the surface, Maka Albarn continues slicing Clowns left and right, blocking their attacks with Soul Eater. Yet as she still controls Moonlight's lasers with Soul Hack, she clears all Clowns away from her and makes one comment to the Clowns: "Next!!" Alexandre is shocked at Maka's ability.

Elsewhere, Black☆Star is disappointed how pathetic are the numerous Clowns he is fighting, hardly "a decent warm-up before I take on the Kishin." Zubaidah asks Franken Stein whether Black☆Star is just a student of the DWMA, prompting Stein to claim these students are not just exceptions: "They're freaks." Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, however, is worried how quickly the Clowns are regenerating, but Black☆Star encourages her to keep fighting until Kid's team arrives.

Demon Airship

The crew send Kid a warning that, as they are within firing range of Asura's forces on the Moon, they will not be able to dodge. Kid orders the crew to press forward.

Moonlight's remaining airborne blades begin firing lasers at the Airship. As the clown is surprised that the Airship is not dodging, he intends to fire a laser directly through the Airship. He and Kaguya fly to come closer to the Airship, as Kaguya fires her Beauty Bamboo Blaster, a power laser that she promises will prevent the Airship from "penetrat[ing]" her.

The Bridge Commander shouts to Kid that Kaguya's laser is coming. Kid orders everyone to brace for impact, as Liz Thompson grips the bridge's banister—and Patty Thompson grips her sister. As the laser gets closer to the Airship, Kid calls to the witches to witness the DWMA's faith in them to come to their rescue.

Kaguya's laser blasts through the Airship, tearing it apart. As the Airship depresserizes, Kilik Rung clutches Fire and Thunder close to him, as Ox Ford, Harvar D. Éclair, and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré struggle to stay put. The Bridge Commander announces that the Demon Airship is crashing. As Liz holds onto Kid, he realizes the witches are not coming, until he shouts that he still has faith in their arrival.

Suddenly, the head witch Maba teleports next to Kid.

Soul Eater Chapter 101 - Witches arrive on the Moon

The Witches arrive

In the sky, the Demon Airship explodes again—but around that explosion there are serpentine forms that create a portal into the Witches' Realm. From this portal emerge numerous witches, including the Witch Judge, the five Mizune Sisters, Taruho Firefly, Tabasa Butterfly, and both Eruka Frog and Kim Diehl atop Tadpole Jackson. Kim apologizes that something on the Moon was preventing Maba from allowing their earlier arrival, while the Witch Judge reminds all she still does not trust the DWMA. Kid, as well as Marie Mjolnir and a surprisingly gleeful Azusa Yumi, is pleased with Maba's arrival, while Kilik is shocked to find Free immediately behind him. Liz tells her colleagues to stop celebrating and prepare for the crash.

The Moon

The remains of the Airship crash, sliding across the surface. While the Airship itself is destroyed, Maba forms an Independent Cube around the witches and DWMA members that leaves even Free impressed. Above, Kim expresses relief while Eruka says they need to begin this mission.

Kim and Eruka review the plan. First, A-Team (led by the Witch Judge) will cast Soul Protect while B-Team (Kim and Eruka) will use Magic Calculation to locate the Clowns. Once the Clowns are located, Maba and Free will transfer the Soul Protect to halt the Clown's regeneration. With their Demon Eyes, Free, now transformed into a Wolfman, and Maba both begin Forwarding Protection. The Witch Assistant notices how the Soul Protect is being pulled like a blade of energy out of the bodies of her and all witches present, drawn forward to the Moon's surface and encasing each Clown in a bubble of energy. The Witch Judge orders her peers to make more Soul Protect Bullets.

As the witches begin their work, Kaguya is blushing at the prospect of women, especially witches, are now after her body—a remark that only confuses Moonlight. Stein and Alexandre, however, are surprised at the witches' arrival, while Spirit Albarn smiles at "history in the making." Soul grins, aware that the witches' arrival secures victory against the Clowns, as Maka begins slicing away Clowns. Kaguya notices one such Clown floored, as Asura's madness again seeps upward—but cannot penetrate the Soul Protect orb to regenerate that Clown. As that floored Clown therefore crackles and evaporates, Moonlight complains that he cannot regenerate his peers. Therefore, Kid calls for Kilik Rung and Ox Ford to begin their counter-attack.

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