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War on the Moon II (Part 1)

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Volume 23

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War on the Moon II Arc

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The Witches assist the DWMA in destroying all of Asura's Clown Army, hence concluding their agreement and leading to their departure. While Eruka and Free remain on the the Moon to assist the DWMA, Maka Albarn, Sid Barrett, and The Table of Contents sense the presence of Asura, as well as Crona, their next opponents in this battle against Madness.

War on the Moon II (Part 2) is the one hundred second serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 23.

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The MoonEdit

As Soul Protect blocks Asura's madness from regenerating them, the Clowns' bodies make a guttural noise as their bodies crackle into nothingness: "Gn-guh-gah!!" Therefore, Death the Kid orders his peers to begin the counter-attack. Kilik Rung warns that there are still too many Clowns to fight one-on-one, so Ox Ford advises slicing through multiple Clowns at once towards the center of their path. Ox and Kilik proceed to do so with Lightning King Drill and AFX-T!! (Arm Force Extreme Twin).

As Ox and Kilik stop to survey the damage they have made, they do not react as two Clowns come up behind the two meisters—only to be destroyed in flames. Behind them stands Kim Diehl, wielding Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupreé. While Ox is overjoyed to reunite with her, she slaps his shaved head, as she complains that she can tolerate his horns but a hairless head. Ox nervously replies that he returned to his previous hairstyle because it is a sign of his will.

Atop Otama Jackson, Eruka Frog sighs with relief that she has completed casting Soul Protect on all the Clowns. Hence, the Witch Judge informs Kid that the witches' agreement with Shibusen has concluded, leaving the rest of this task to his group. Kid thanks the witches for saving their lives, but the Judge responds that she was following the will of the Witch World, while she herself does not accept Kid. But she adds that, because of the help the witches provided, he had best defeat the Kishin. Kid says, "I think I can manage that."

Elsewhere, Free is slicing away Clown after Clown. Eruka explains to Maba that, as she and Free are still prisoners of Shibusen, they may not return to the Witches' Realm yet and therefore will stay with the Shibusen Moon forces. Maba replies, "Nyamu."

Meanwhile, Kaguya stares in shock as she hears the Clowns crackle away into nothingness. White Rabbit warns that the witches' arrival is dangerous. Because they cannot hope to defeat Shibusen with divided efforts, Moonlight proposes a plan, which annoys Kaguya that others want "to join their bodies with mine." White Rabbit tells Kaguya to stop complaining, as he sees Maka Albarn approaching to slice them.

Soul Eater Chapter 102 - Kaguya Moonlight White Rabbit merge

The Clowns merge

The three clowns leap above Maka's attack in time, dissolving their bodies into souls that, together, resemble the Kishin's three eyes, before merging into a new form. Undeterred, Maka commands the laser blades she possessed from Moonlight to fire upon the merged Clown. This new Clown resists the lasers, promising not to let Maka anywhere near Asura. Maka blocks the tendrils of this Clown with Soul, but the force still knocks her back.

Black☆Star arrives next to Maka, pleased to finally find in this merged Clown a challenging opponent. He dashes forward to slice the Clown, dodging the tendrils until he is running through the center of them. Yet he fails to see in time that the Clown used the tendrils as a distraction in order to charge a laser blast. The blast fires before Black☆Star can dodge, so he uses Shadow☆Star Second Form: Moonlit Leaf to repel the attack. Black☆Star orders Tsubaki Nakatsukasa to increase her rotation speed, which allows him to throw up the Clown's laser while he leaps and comes down, slicing one of the Clown's tendrils then kicking the Clown in the face before kicking the Clown back across the Moon's surface.

While Stein stands back, smoking and impressed with Black☆Star's rapid-fire attacks, the merged Clown sees the body crumble. Kaguya's voice emerges, complaining everyone will see the insides of their "perfect body." As this Clown is distracted, Maka runs forward with Demon Hunt, prepared to destroy the last Clown on the Moon. With one slice, the merged Clown is bisected: their last words are to ask for Asura's forgiveness.

Inside The MoonEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 102 - Asura's Moon cavern

Sid and Noah's groups find the path to the Kishin

In the darkness, Sid Barrett and Noah's teams can hear a thumping sound. Sid turns on a flashlight, as Akane Hoshi remarks that they cannot go any further down. Then the teams notice pillars throughout this cavern, decorated with the Kishin's eyes. Sid can feel Asura's presence ahead.

From within the Book of Eibon that Noah holds, The Table of Contents speaks to Brew about the opportunity that awaits them to obtain the Kishin.

Darkness resumes. Another thumping sound is heard.

The Moon's SurfaceEdit

While Shibusen forces catch their breaths after a difficult battle, Maka and Kid feel something familiar. The wind blows past them. Maka realizes the presence of Asura, ahead in the Moon's nostrils. But Maka senses someone else: inside those nostrils, Crona stands alone, grinning.

Darkness again resumes, and another thump is heard. Asura's madness is widespread. The thump grows louder. Asura, his eyes opened, stares forward.

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