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War on the Moon II (Part 3)

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War on the Moon II Arc

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With the Clown Army defeated by the combined might of witches and humans, the Kishin Asura awakens, prompting the DWMA to prepare for the ultimate battle of Order. Meanwhile, Noah decides to be Asura's first opponent.

War on the Moon II (Part 3) is the 103rd chapter of Soul Eater.

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Death RoomEdit

Chapter 103 - Excalibur spins his cane onto a piece of the Death Room

Excalibur spins his cane onto a piece of the Death Room.

Tezca Tlipoca muses to Death that, with the help of the Witches, the Clown Army has been defeated and all that remains is Asura. Death replies, "I sowed the seeds of this fate". As Excalibur spins his cane, he accidentally hits a piece of the ground of the Death Room into the air. He finds that order itself is already crumbling. Death then reveals that the Death Room is a space in which reflects the order of the world and that it is sensitive to the Madness. Excalibur then says that the effects will later be felt on the external world. Death then comes to the conclusion that the Kishin has awaken.

The MoonEdit

(Note: In these particular scenes, the panels sometimes switch around from two or three locations on one page. To clarify, Sid Barrett, Noah (Wrath), Gopher, Akane☆Hoshi, and Clay Sizemore are inside the Moon. Meanwhile, Black☆Star, Maka Albarn, Death the Kid, and their weapons, along with Spirit Albarn, Franken Stein, Ox Ford, Kilik Rung, Fire and Thunder, Kim Diehl, Harvar D. Éclair, Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, and other DWMA forces are on the Moon's surface. Excalibur, Death, and Tezca remain in the Death Room on Earth.)

Chapter 103 - Sid, Akane, Noah, and Gopher watch for the Kishin in the dark

Noah, Sid, Akane, Gopher, and Clay watch for the Kishin in the darkness.

Inside the Moon, Sid, Akane, and Clay, along with Noah and Gopher, continue their search for the Kishin, Sid sensing the kishin being ahead of them. All of them would then feel the madness of the kishin, prompting them to become nervous.

Meanwhile, on the surface of the moon, Maka, Black☆Star, and Death the Kid also feel the Madness wavelength, with Maka anticipating that this wavelength will soon hit them.

Sid asks whether Akane feels something, in which he confirms.

From inside the Book of Eibon, the Table of Contents comments that the Kishin has finally stirred.

Sid then reveals that the Kishin is closing in on them from the darkness around them. However, despite how close he is sensed, he cannot be located.

Chapter 103 - Stein, Spirit, Akane, and DWMA men feeling the madness attack

The madness attacks those inside and outside the moon.

Both Maka and Kid's Soul Perception began acting strange, sensing the Kishin but unable to actually find him and also getting false readings on his locations. Gopher questions what's going on as Akane counts down in meters of how close to he is until he says "Zero". Kid, Black Star, and Maka look around for Asura. The DWMA soldiers on the moon's surface began going mad from the madness attack. Excalibur explains that the weak-willed will be the first to lost their sanity. As the madness begans giving Spirt and his men a hard time, Stein reminds them to keep their wits within them else they'll be taken.

Chapter 103 - Sid finds Asura standing in front of him

Sid finds Asura standing in front of him.

Soon, Akane, Sid, Noah, and Gopher all feel the effects of the Madness as they're induced to very realistic -like illusions from the madness. Even the likes of Ox and Kilik are going mad. The Little Ogre comments Madness isn't inflicted from the outside and bubbles up from within. As Maka becomes affected by the madness, she calls out for her weapon partner, Soul. Having enough of seeing others being attacked by madness, Soul uses Soul Mediation on every soul on the Moon infected by the Madness, giving them a temporary resistance against the madness. However, by doin so, Sid finds the Kishin standing right at his face.

Icon of Wrath vs The KishinEdit

Chapter 103 - Noah jets towards Asura

Noah "jets" towards Asura to fight him.

Sid jumps back in surprise, wondering If it was another illusion. However, Noah then launches himself towards the Kishin, using the Book of Eibon to "jet" himself to him, telling Asura he traveled all the way to the moon to acquire him. He's then in front of Asura and attempts to summon a demon to get Asura, in which grabs his arm. Asura easily creates a Shinigami Shockwave with a swipe of his arm, killing the demon and damaging Noah and causing him to miss an eye. Noah notes of Asura's power from just swiping his arm and creating a shockwave and says it makes him want Asura even more. When Gopher yells out for his master, he tells him he doesn't wanna hear whining and proceeds to summon Magic Ants familiars.

Chapter 103 - Index uses BREW to fuse Noah with an ant.

The Table of Contents uses BREW to transform Noah into a Magical Ant

Sid is impressed, stating that "Its impossible. He's on a different level then us!", to which Gopher disagrees and says "It's not impossible!". As the ants surround Asura and he crushes them, The Table of Contents tells him to do it as many times as he likes, for the Book of Eibon is a "Treasure of Knowledge that has no end" (meaning the familiars can be summon endlessly). Noah then summons another ant and The Table of Contents then uses BREW, revealing it's true power in it's ability to fuse two being into one and "create new knowledge" As Gopher expresses concern for the fusion due to the pain created, Noah finally fuses with the ant, becoming more powerful as a result.

Chapter 103 - Noah and Asura battle

Noah and Asura battle.

Noah then charges straight to the Kishin with the usage of Ant's legs, Gopher commenting on how his shoulders are "sharper then ever before!!". Both Noah and Asura engage in a heated battle. Noah swings the mandibles upward, sending Asura into the air. As he comes back down, he then stomps onto Asura while he's in the air and sends him to the ground, creating a large crater. Asura then sends his skin scarves towards him, though the ant-fused Noah is unaffected by it as it bounces back and he grabs Asura with the use of the mandibles again, having quickly gained the upperhand of the battle. Both Sid and Akane are surprised at the turn of events from the power of BREW, in which Akane says that getting Asura would't be as hard as they thought. The Table of Contents, pleased with the turn of events, states that with BREW and the Kishin becoming one he could create new knowledge in which would be "rippling with fertile imagination".


Chapter 103 - Crona appears as Noah aquires Asura

As Noah has pinned Asura to a corner, Crona appears.

Asura then questions why is Noah prodding him and wonders whether he is seeking madness. He tells him that madness "he" seeks is at the bottom, not here. Noah asks what the hell is he talking about and tells him to shut up. Asura then states "Within...the very bottom...It was order that birthed me." Crona then appears from a pool of Black Blood behind Noah, who doesn't notice the individual on him. Asura then speaks to Crona, wondering whether Crona still wants to take his place and whether Crona is even capable of doing so.


  • Asura hints that, as will be revealed later, that he is a son of Death, as he says his birth originates from Order, which Death represents.
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