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The Dark Side of the Moon I

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Dark Side of the Moon Arc

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Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, and their weapons ready themselves as they face a familiar opponent, Crona. However, Crona is more powerful than before, as they have succeeded in absorbing the Kishin Asura.

The Dark of the Moon I is the one hundred fourth chapter of the manga Soul Eater It is collected as part of Volume 24.

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Inside the Moon

Chapter 104 - Crona absorbing Asura and Noah with the Black Blood.

Crona absorbing Noah and Asura.

As Noah has Asura at his clutches, Black Blood drips from above the sorcerer, prompting him to look up. He finds Crona above him as they proceed to cover both the Sorcerer and the Kishin in their black blood. The Table of Contents, Sid Barrett, Akane☆Hoshi, and Clay Sizemore can only watch in horror as Crona surrounds the combatants in their black blood, causing it to coalesce. As a result, Crona has absorbed both Asura, Noah (Wrath), and the Book of Eibon in which contained The Table of Contents.

Reforming back to normal, Akane questions what just happen, in which Sid informs the meister that he swallowed them whole. Ragnarok then appears and spits out Noah, who lies unconscious, commenting he doesn't need him. Gopher then runs to his master, concern for the sorcerer's wellbeing. Crona then states that they will destroy the word now that their madness along with the Kishin's madness are one.

Outside the Moon

Chapter 104 - Everyone notices a change

Everyone notes of the sudden change.

Maka noticed a change from within the moon via Soul Perception. Her weapon promptly notices a change within her and questions her what is wrong, in which she replies the wavelength of the kishin was swallowed whole. Maka then recognizes the wavelength as Crona's own. As Crona walks out of the insides of the Moon, Sid hesitantly questions If Crona is okay, in which the latter responds to Sid to not only touch them but they will all soon meet a similar fate. When Sid question Crona again on what they mean, Crona tells Sid that he just doesn't "get it" and that he'd never understand them in the first place.

Chapter 104 - Rangarok's scream crushing a soldier's wavelength.

Ragnarok's scream crushing a soldier's wavelength.

As the soldiers of the DWMA notes of the change, Spirit warns them to not to let their guard down. Kid and Black Star questions Maka on what's going on, though Maka herself is clueless on what's happening. Suddenly, Kid yells to look at the Moon's mouth, as torn-like tendrils emerge from the mouth. Maka yells out Crona is seen. Ragnarok, popping out of Crona's stomach, screams loudly. As a result, a powerful gust of wind is blown, blowing away the soldiers.

Kid surmises that the scream is crushing the individuals with weaker wavelengths and orders everyone who cannot withstand it to evacuate back to earth. Ox Ford reminds Kid that they cannot escape without the Demon Airship, and Gen says there is no way he could fix the destroyed Airship in less than 30 seconds. Kilik Rung suggests jumping from the Moon into the ocean below, which Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré reminds him is suicidal. Eruka Frog says she is at her magical limit and suggests Free could use Spatial Magic. Free admits his control is poor, but he can try to teleport them. As he sees madness overwhelm one soldier, and after he, Maka, Black☆Star, Zubaidah, Alexandre, and their weapons agree to remain, Kid orders Free to teleport the rest.

The Earth's Surface

Kid relaxes, knowing his friends have returned to the Earth—while he assumes he is still on the Moon. That is, until Patty looks confused and Liz says it sounds quieter now. Kid then notices Free teleported the right people—but also, by mistake, Franken Stein, Alexandre, Zubaidah, their Death Weapons, and of course Kid and his teammates. When Kid sees the Moon, he clutches Free and angrily demands to be teleported back. Free refuses, saying he may send Kid too far from the Moon. Kid summons Beelzebub and promises to execute Free when he returns. Free scoffs, reminding him of his immortality. Upon departing, Kid screams that Free is an idiot and hopes none of his teammates on the Moon have died.

The Moon

Spirit and Black☆Star are surprised to find Stein and Kid missing. But Maka is focused on Crona, who remembers her by name. Maka senses Crona has absorbed Asura. Crona explains their madness can now intermingle with that of Asura, resonating to completely gain his power. "There is no turning back now," Crona warns: "My Black Blood cannot be stopped."

Black☆Star asks Maka what to do: while he was willing to knock by Asura, he worries about attacking Crona, their friend. Maka is uncertain as well, but she also knows that it is unlikely that they can talk down Crona. She looks to Spirit, who promises it is not his place to get involved in Maka's fight. Maka worries "this daughter's fight" can determine the world's fate. Spirit reassures her that, even if the world is at stake, he will always choose Maka: this is her battle, not his. Black☆Star offers his and Tsubaki's services as well, saying three-on-one is still a fair fight because "Crona's got plenty of crap in that blood," a remark that seems to surprise Spirit. Maka finally asks Soul, who wonders why she has to ask: "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth."

Maka faces Crona and promises that, as "Medusa once beat the sense out of you," she will now "beat some good sense back into you!" Crona simply laughs.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Whereas Crona is successful in absorbing the Kishin as planned, Crona in the anime rebels against Medusa (Episode 44) and is nearly killed in doing so (Episode 45).



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