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The Dark Side of the Moon III

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Dark Side of the Moon Arc

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Chapter 105: "The Dark of the Moon II" Chapter 107: "The Dark of the Moon IV"
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Crona's thorny attacks are too much for Maka Albarn and Black☆Star to bypass to rescue their weapons, Soul Eater and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, who are trapped by Crona's Rose Thorns Storm. As neither meister can wield a weapon because Crona disrupted their soul wavelengths, Spirit Albarn demands Maka wield him and successfully rescues Soul and Tsubaki. Upon learning that a child can wield their parent's weapon form regardless of wavelength disruption, Crona becomes overwhelmed by guilt for killing their mother, Medusa. From within Crona's body, Asura uses this opportunity to reassert control, re-emerging and consuming Crona.

The Dark of the Moon III is the one hundred sixth chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was collected as part of Volume 24.

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With their Rose Thorns Storm, Crona has seized Soul Eater and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in their weapon forms, tearing them away from their meisters Maka Albarn and Black Star. While Black Star promises to retrieve both weapons, Maka worries that Crona's attack has disabled the meisters' Soul Resonance with their weapons. Crona grins, forming an almost inhuman expression, telling the meisters, "There's no need to force yourself to align with anyone else anymore. Connections are nothing but pain."

Black Star says he cares not for Crona's argument, dashing forward and attacking Crona's thorns with Soul Menace. Crona merely repeats, "There is no point," sending Thorn Vectors, arrow-shaped thorns, to slice at Black Star. As Tsubaki calls out to her meister, Black Star manages to dodge the attacks, but as he is unable to move forward, he retreats back to his position next to Maka. He explains that while he can avoid getting hit by the thorns, he doubts he do so while also retrieving the weapons.

Meanwhile, Soul is still trying to play his piano, yet no sound is released. Maka reminds herself that, as she has come this far with her weapon, she refuses to have both of them "broken apart this easily." Crona again grins, telling Maka, "You can be torn apart this easily. Every person is alone!! It's only order that forces you together!! But this is nature!" Crona propels more thorns at Maka. The initial set of thorns just miss Maka, seeming to rip part of her jacket. Black Star realizes Crona is attacking Maka because they cannot catch up with the ninja. Soul calls out to Maka as more thorns come towards Maka.

Black Star runs to stand before Maka and, with one kick of his left leg, knocks one vine into the air, preventing it from piercing Maka. But another vine snakes across the ground, slashing against his right ankle. Crona brags that they were aiming for Black Star's legs all along, mocking him for "dealing with others" when such selflessness is "only holding you back." Tsubaki again calls out to her meister as he now uses his injured right leg to kick another vine before it can injure him or Maka. But the force of his kick knocks him back, causing him to slide along the ground until he can upright himself.

Chapter 105 - Crona fires thorns at Maka

Crona fires Thorn Vectors at Maka

Crona again mocks Black Star, sending two more vines along the ground, which wrap around Black Star's ankles, lifting him until he is upside down. Crona sends more Thorn Vectors at Maka, which snake across her body. Crona shoots more vines upward until they wrap around each other to form a thicker set of vines to finally kill Maka. But as the vines drop towards Maka, the attack is blocked by two blades emerging from the hands of Spirit Albarn, who now stands in front of his daughter. While Maka and Crona are surprised, Spirit admonishes his daughter for rushing ahead.

Spirit then turns his attention to Crona, recognizing the problem at hand. He begins to transform his entire body into a Death Scythe, ordering his daughter to wield him. Both Maka and Crona explain that Spirit still will not be able to resonate with his daughter because Crona's abilities prevent the meister's soul wavelength from resonating with any weapons. But as he transforms into her hand, Spirit explains that he is Maka's father. Maka is surprised to find that her father's weapon form does not burn her hand as Soul's had, which means her wavelength is indeed aligned with her father's. Soul is surprised, based on how easily Crona could disrupt his resonance with Maka.

Chapter 106 - Crona uses Thorn Defense against Maka and Spirit

Maka wields Spirit against Crona's Thorn Defense

Crona claims they are tired of his distraction, sending more vines towards Maka. But with one swing of her father's weapon form, Maka slashes away the vines. Although she finds her father's weapon form to be heavy, she realizes that weight carries more power. Crona finds Spirit's actions "ridiculous," but Spirit persists, telling his daughter to attack. Crona forms Thorn Defense, forming vines from their base upward like fenceposts to block Maka's attack. But Spirit's blade slices at those vines, knocking the barrier back towards the struggling Crona. Crona is confused why Maka and Spirit are able to match their soul wavelengths despite their own powerful disruption. Spirit explains, "It's not a matter of wavelength." Maka continues with slices and kicks, knocking the Thorn Defense further back towards Crona, who can only ask, "Why? This is the world where nothing aligns!" Maka perform Witch-Hunt with Spirit then Demon Hunt, finally destroying Thorn Defense to release Soul and Tsubaki, who revert to their human forms to stand beside Black Star.

Crona's face has returned to their previous more human appearance, again asking why it is that Maka and Spirit were able to resonate when their power should have disrupted their soul wavelengths. Spirit explains, "Because Maka and I are family." Crona repeats that word, "family." Spirit elaborates that the bond between a parent and a child cannot be severed, regardless what happens to soul wavelengths.

Crona covers their face, which reverts to its more inhuman appearance, demanding Spirit stop talking. "I...I killed her," Crona says. "I don't hear this." As Spirit is confused by Crona's remarks, Maka explains that Crona killed Medusa. Crona continues: "I cut that solitary bond..the one person I can never replace...She was my everything..She was my order." Crona removes the hands from their face, tears falling down--at the same time that Crona is laughing. Maka expresses concern.

Someone shouts, "I am madness incarnate!" A thumping sound is heard. Crona begins to scream. Everyone looks in shock as Crona seems to be choking. "You cannot change," someone calls. "Order is born...and when order is shattered...madness is born."

In the sky, Death the Kid is approaching the Moon. But he senses a wavelength.

Soul Eater Chapter 106 - Asura traps Crona

Asura traps Crona

Out of Crona's back emerge scarves resembling the skin scarves of Asura. As Maka calls out to her friend, those scarves wrap around Crona, a bit of blackness like blood squirting out the top of this ball of scarves. Spirit is confused, then all see the ball of scarves undulate. The scarves begin to crack open, and from within, Asura looks out.



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