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The Dark Side of the Moon IV

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Dark Side of the Moon Arc

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As Crona is overtaken by Asura, Maka, Black Star, Kid and their weapons start their final battle with the Kishin, Asura.

The Dark Side of the Moon IV is the one hundred seventh chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was collected as part of Volume 24.

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Asura's SoulEdit

Crona hears Asura call to them: "You knew, didn't you? Why did you seek me? Did you think you could take it upon yourself? That you could take the place of madness?"

The MoonEdit

Draped in his skin scarves, Asura looks out, Black Blood wafting through the air out of the opening in his ball of scarves. From afar, Maka Albarn, still wielding Spirit Albarn in his weapon form, calls out to Crona, unable to detect their soul response. Soul Eater, freed from Crona's grip and in his human form, asks whether Asura took over Crona. Despite Spirit's warning, Maka hardens her grip on her father's weapon form and dashes to slice the ball of scarves. The skin scarves simply knock Maka back. Maka again attempts to slash at the scarves, confused why her father's blade cannot penetrate. She is knocked back again towards Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, while from the scarves, Asura finally emerges.

Asura covers his face again with his skin scarves, asking whether these "agents of Shinigami" intend to kill him. Fire burns around Asura as he says, "How frightening."

Riding Beelzebub, Death the Kid finally approaches the Moon's mouth. While Liz and Patty Thompson complain that this third trip to the Moon is "not so special anymore," Kid senses Asura's wavelength. He recalls Beelzebub and, wielding the Thompsons, lands in front of his classmates. Kid then turns to Asura, claiming he has "come to settle the score in my father's stead." Asura responds by ordering his enemies to leave the Moon.

Spirit reverts to his human form, explaining to Maka he has done all that he can: his and Maka's resonance as family will not be enough to defeat Asura's "wall of suspicion and paranoia." Spirit adds, "As long as order exists, madness cannot be purged." Spirit continues: "The only way to defeat the Kishin is with resonance that goes beyond gender, race, personality--everything!" Soul seems to understand, explaining, "You can't build the ultimate rhythm with a bunch of the same personalities!"

Asura sends his skin scarves at Spirit, who despite forming blades on his body is hit. Spirit calls to his daughter that Asura will always attempt to put wavelengths out of alignment, but meisters and weapons can reconnect them. "That's how you've grown so strong over the years, Maka!" Spirit yells. Spirit then adds that, as he and Maka's mother could not reconnect their wavelengths, it is up to Maka "to make a Death Weapon better than me!" Maka and Soul take hold of each other's hands, tilting their heads towards each other as the two prepare to "show Crona our souls."

Asura summons Vajra from his mouth, launching a fiery blast at his opponents. Fire explodes out of the Moon's mouth, knocking portions of its teeth and mouth down its lips. But Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid stand unharmed, each blocking Vajra's fire with their now transformed weapons. Asura tilts his head in surprise to find "someone worthy of my fears." He screams.

Kid is already by Asura's side, preparing as shinigami to attack this madness incarnate. Asura claims to be "all aquiver" at such "valor," yet he easily kicks Kid in his abdomen, knocks him to the ground, then leaning on his own scarves knocks him across the ground back towards his teammates. Soul demands the "idiot" Kid not "rush in alone."

But Black☆Star, excited at the prospect to fight the Kishin and remembering how easily Asura defeated him before, decides not to hold back his power. Wielding Tsubaki in her Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune Infinity, Black☆Star moves so fast towards Asura that he leaves dissolving after-images. One swing of Tsubaki appears to produce multiple blade swipes at Asura, followed by multiple incisions into the Kishin.

Soul Eater Chapter 107 - Maka awakens Black Star from hallucination

Maka and Soul awaken Black Star from Asura's hallucination

Even as Black Blood bleeds from his injured torso and mouth, Asura grins, terrified at how Black☆Star's strength reminds him of the Great Old One of Power. Asura repels Black☆Star with a skin scarve, knocking back the ninja. Crouched to the ground, Black☆Star quickly looks up to find Asura within inches of his face, and the Kishin says, "You're even scarier up close!" Black☆Star's eyes widen as his face and chest are knocked back with a loud "Splat!" dissolving away in the air.

Then Black☆Star feels Maka's hand touch his shoulder, as Soul's piano dispels Asura's hallucination: Black☆Star has not been killed, Maka assures "Mr. God of Combat." Black☆Star grins, reminding himself that he will need Maka and Soul to fight Asura, "but there's still strength left for me to gain!"

Maka asks whether Soul can hear Crona's rhythm, but he cannot, even with Maka's Soul Perception. Soul also worries whether he can counteract Asura's madness. Within the Black Room, the Little Ogre calls to Soul that his own Black Blood could empower "that tiny keyboard" into a piano, "all tuned up and ready to blast."

Asura has not moved. He realizes he can no longer hide. He removes the scarves from his mask and faces Kid. "I will use this madness to erase everything," Asura decides. Kid stares, connecting two of his Lines of Sanzu as he intends to "awaken as a true Shinigami and restore order!"

Death RoomEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 107 - Lord Death's mask cracks

Another crack forms in Death's mask

Another crack forms in Death's mask. Excalibur, sensing a new shinigami will soon be born, asks Death what he thinks about Kid gaining his true power. "He can be neurotic and a bit hopeless in some ways," Death says, "but even more than that, he treasures his friends and all human beings." He concludes, "Kid will be just fine! He's already a splendid shinigami." Excalibur admits Kid had a good "example to follow" in Death.

Excalibur concludes, "Are you afraid of dying? You, a god?" Death answers, "No. I've already given away my fear along with everything else."

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Soul Eater Chapter 107 - Kid and Asura

Kid and Asura's resemblance

  • This chapter foreshadows the reveal in the next chapter that Asura is a fragment of Death, hence Asura and Kid are siblings.
    • The final pages to this chapter emphasize the sibling relationship between Kid and Asura with, appropriate for Kid, a symmetrical two-page spread. Kid and Asura appear in panels of similar size and shape, mirroring each other on opposite pages, thereby showing their family resemblance and the similar white lines in their hair.
    • In this chapter, Asura intends to "erase everything" with his Madness of Fear. In the Salvage Arc, Asura's brother, Kid, intended to erase everything as well, only with the Madness of Power.
    • Death tells Excalibur he gave away his fear. Chapter 108 shows that Death formed Asura as a fragment of all of his own fears.


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