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Dark Side of the Moon V

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Volume 25

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United States: March 23, 2015

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Dark Side of the Moon

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Asura reveals significant information about Death the Kid that turns this war on the Moon into a battle between shinigami.

Dark Side of the Moon V is the one hundred eighth serialized chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It was reprinted in tankōbon form in Volume 25.

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Death RoomEdit

Excalibur remarks how the battle between Asura and Death the Kid will achieve "the birth of a new shinigami," before he mocks Death for the foolish decision to remove all of his fear to become one fragment. Death says that "the others and I" wanted to create order, yet they may have failed to recognize that Fear and Madness are the same thing. Death then says it therefore would be hypocritical for him to criticize what Medusa did to make her child Crona into an experiment. Although Death admits Asura's actions are his own fault, he cannot do anything but let Kid and his colleagues engage this battle on their own. Excalibur reminds Death that he will soon die; when his friend is quiet, one of them promises to "stand witness to the very end to see which will become the new shinigami."

The EarthEdit

Although far from the Moon, Franken Stein still feels the Madness overwhelming. Marie Mjolnir asks whether their peers will be safe.

The MoonEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 108 - Asura faces three meisters

Asura faces Maka's team

Smoke emerges from the mouth of the Moon, one of its teeth missing. Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, and Death the Kid face Asura, who calls out his "brother" to fight to determine who among them is the true Shinigami. Nervous, Spirit Albarn calls to Kid, who realizes what Asura's statement means: that they are both the fragments—children—of Death. Liz and Patty Thompson then notice the physical resemblance between the brothers. But Kid refuses to believe, as he fires shots at Asura, who blocks with his scarves. Skull-shaped lapels float above Kid's shoulders, allowing him to fly towards Asura to attack him up close. Even crashing into the Kishin, Kid inflicts no damage. So the young shinigami tells Asura, "You could never be my father's son!"

Asura explains that Death, to be the god of Order, removed his fear, which become Asura himself. And it was that action that gave birth to the Madness that Kid hates so much. Kid still refuses to believe, pointing out that he himself has fear, which he should not have inherited if his father purged all fear from himself. Asura, however, has an explanation: Kid was not born as a full shinigami but born in an immature state, like a human. This inexperience would allow Kid to learn fear, rather than inherit it. Asura then mocks Kid, for having have the father-son relationship he himself did not. Kid is furious, refusing to believe his Lines of Sanzu were made incomplete on purpose. Asura claims that Death, "Master," created Kid in this immature state in fear that Kid would become just like the Kishin.

Black Star God-Slaying Attack 002

Black☆Star initiates Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune Technique - God Slaying Attack

Asura is interrupted by attacks from the airborne Maka and Black☆Star, who claim Kid is nothing like Asura. Asura swipes at the two meisters with his scarves, reminding these pesky humans that Death created both the so-called normal world they enjoy, and the world of madness that they despise. Hence, for all of their lives, humans have been nothing more than Death's puppets.

Black☆Star propels himself through the path of scarves, saying he could care less about Asura's talk. The ninja slices and kicks at Asura, managing to knock the Kishin down from the sky into the Moon's surface. Asura is impressed that a human could have such ability. Black☆Star then charges his powers, screaming in confusion at who decided humans were ever weaker than gods. Energy emerges from Black☆Star, assuming the form of an oni, its power crashing into Asura.

Maka and Kid shield themselves from the power emanating from this battle, as Black☆Star continues to battle Asura hand-to-hand. Asura is confused, asking why someone as powerful as Black☆Star would be so foolish as to trust Death so willingly. Black☆Star replies, "Because me, Kid, and Shinigami are tight...and you piss me off!" For this reason, Black☆Star may lack evidence to trust Death, but the ninja has faith in the shinigami. Black☆Star mocks Asura's status as fear incarnate, trying to spread that fear yet without trying to understand the fear of others. Asura responds that such behavior is typical of gods: they are above needing to understand humans.

Black☆Star adds that he made a promise to the Will of Nakatsukasa "to bear the regrets of those who were crushed in their pursuit of ultimate strength," and for this reason, he will oppose Asura. Asura responds that, as Death decides who lives and who dies on his own whim, the two are no different from each other.

Asura wraps his scarves around Black☆Star before he charges energy around his hands. Asura then shoves his hands at Black☆Star's chest, Madness piercing into the ninja and out his back. As Black☆Star gasps and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa calls out Black☆Star's name, Maka dives towards Asura, demanding the Kishin let go of her colleague. Before Maka can slice Asura, he throws her away with a field of energy around himself.

Asura chuckles, as he draws forth his weapon Vajra from his mouth. Although momentarily surprised, Black☆Star quickly opens his mouth to hold Vajra back with his own teeth. Undeterred, from his mouth, Asura still charges the laser from Vajra, blasting it into Black☆Star's mouth. As the laser fires into Black☆Star's body, his eyes flare and, despite being constricted by Asura's scarves, his body twitches. Satisfied, Asura lets the limp body of the ninja fall towards the ground.

Soul Eater Chapter 108 - Black Star vomits Asura's laser

Black☆Star fires back Vajra's laser

Maka races to catch Black☆Star's body, but the ninja stops in mid-air. His cheeks puff before Black☆Star opens his mouth, aims towards the Moon's surface, and allows the laser to emerge from his mouth, flying downward then exploding upon hitting the ground. Maka and Kid are shocked, while Asura trembles upon seeing a human do something so horrifying. Black☆Star laughs at the Kishin, claiming he can do anything a god may do—except he speaks in such a roundabout way that he confuses Patty Thompson and leaves Liz Thompson wondering why Black☆Star did not speak more simply. Although Black☆Star managed to live to mock Asura, he still coughs up blood. While Kid expresses concern for his friend, Black☆Star complains that the other meisters are leaving all the work to him—not that he cannot handle the task alone, he brags.

Kid reflects on Asura's claim that Death created this Kishin. If a shinigami could become someone like Asura, Kid wonders, what will he become when he attains his full power as a shinigami? As if predicting what Kid is thinking, Black☆Star admonishes Kid not to be distracted by Asura's words and to focus on defeating the Kishin.

On the Moon's surface, Sid Barrett and Akane Hoshi reunite with Spirit Albarn, asking the Death Scythe where Crona has gone. But Spirit is too distracted with worries over his daughter's safety in this battle.

Asura remarks that he sees "the blood is draining," hence his opponents will be "crushed by your fear, just like me." Maka and Kid realize that Medusa Gorgon's Black Blood within Asura makes the already powerful Kishin far more difficult to defeat. Hearing this remark, Soul Eater realizes what must be done: the Little Ogre calls to him that it is time to counteract Asura with Soul's own Black Blood. "It's the gig we've been waiting for," the Ogre remarks.

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  • In the Yen Press English translation, Excalibur tells Death, "The retired soldier never dies, he just wastes away." This remark is similar to a ballad that United States five-star general Douglas MacArthur quotes in his 1951 farewell address to Congress upon his retirement: "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." In Japan, MacArthur is well known for leading the United States military against Japanese military forces during World War II, where he accepted Japan's defeat and, during the United States' occupation of Japan from 1945 to 1951, led numerous changes to Japan in economics, politics, and society.[1]

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